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The "Dictionaire généalogique des familles canadiennes: depuis la foundation de la colonie jusqu'à nos jours." by Cyprien Tanguay. This work is a genealogical listing of Canadians, primarily French, from the founding of the colony to the early 19th century. Tanguay examined over 500,000 baptismal, marriage and burial records found in Canada and Europe for his "Dictionaire".

Supplements to his original publication were issued to cover more parishes, correct any errors in the original work, and to update it, in many cases, to the early 19th century. These are considered must see sources for Quebec genealogy.

Le Boeuf

"Complement au dictionaire genealogique Tanguay". This work provides corrections and additional information to that found in Tanguay's work.


The works of Gabriel Drouin consisting of two volumes of original French-Canadian families. It is more precise with regards to the places of origin in France. A third volume is of family histories. It has been rumoured that this third tome has been embellished to increase sales.


The "Dictionaire Généalogique des Familles du Québec" by René Jetté. This volume contains more personal information such as their occupations and the date of their arrival in Canada.

Loiselle index

A card index created by Père Antoine Loiselle. The index contains references to over one million marriage records for 520 parishes in Quebec covering from 1642 to 1963.

Loiselle index supplement

Was subsequently published covering some of the parishes missed in the original work.

Canadian Biography

The thirteen volume set "Dictionary of Canadian Biography", published by U. of T. press, containing biographies of our Canadian forefathers.

The International Genealogical Index. An index to the enormous holdings of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormons). It includes birth, christening and marriage information from the early 1500's to 1875 as well as information added by church mem bers.