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Pierre is said to have been born in 1652 at Libourne, Bordeaux, France. The location of his birth is from the marriage record but the date of birth, although widely published, does not seem to be documented. Some listings in the IGI give his date of birth as "about 1671", "about 1675" etc. At the time of his marriage he was in the military. My guess is that he was part of the force put in place by the King of France after the Lachine Massacre. Some later birth records of his children indicate he became a labourer after he left the military. His parents were François SAUVÉ and Marie MALLERET. His father François was a master tailor. Pierre died May 4th, 1737 at Bout-de-l'Ile, Montréal. According to Jean Sauvé Pierre was "Inhumé sous l'église.."

Marie-Renée was born June 18, 1677 at Montréal. Her parents were Jean MICHEL and Marie Marchesseau. She passed away November 19th, 1750.



There has been some new information which may not be reflected in this family summary. See the marriage index for more details.

Pierre-Jacques christened February 24th, 1697 at Lachine; married Marie MERLOT January 10, 1736 at Bout-de-l'Ile; died December 21, 1751 at Bout-de -l'Ile

François-Marie christened August 27th, 1698 at Lachine; married Marie-Elisabeth MADELEINE dit Ladouceur April 4th, 1731 at Bout-de-l'Ile; died 1768 (IGI)

Pierre christened May 9th, 1700 at Lachine; married Louise-Angélique RANGER October 21st, 1726 at Ste. Anne du Bout-de -l'Ile

Marie-Angélique christened February 24th, 1702 at Lachine (from IGI - not listed at Tanguay); married Charles d'Auost November 21st, 1723 at Bellevue (from IGI)

Louis christened March 12th, 1704 at Bout-de-l'Ile; married Elisabeth MADELEINE November 3rd, 1729 at Bout-de-l'Ile

Suzanne christened June 20th, 1705 at Lachine; married Joseph RANGER October 20th, 1726 at Bout-de-l'Ile; died 1784 at Vaudreuil (IGI)

Marie-Joseph christened November 13th, 1707 at Montreal; married Pierre-Joseph TABAUT April 4th, 1731 at Bout-de-l'Ile; died February 9th, 1759 at Bout-de-l'Ile

Félicité christened April 8th, 1709 at Bout-de-l'Ile; married Antoine Lalonde April 26th, 1735 at Bout-de-l'Ile

Charles born 1712; married Marie-Josephte Léger February 10th, 1738 at Bout-de-l'Ile

Antoine christened April 13th, 1714 at Pointe-Claire; married 1. Marie-Joseph Ducharme February 15th, 1743 at Lachine (location from Leboef) 2. Charlotte Charlebois January 17th, 1757 at Bout-de-l'Ile; died May 19th, 1760 at Bout-de-l'Ile

Anne christened May 17th,1717 at Bout-de-l'Ile; died January 4th, 1724 (IGI)

Madeleine born about 1719 (IGI) married Pierre Robillard November 3rd 1745 at Bout-de-l'Ile

All information from Tanguay unless indicated otherwise.