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From: "Gray Ghosts on the Dumoine - A Chronicle of Time and the River" by Janet Uren

Beaver magazine August \ September 1986

Back row: Jules Sauvé, Woman?, Child in arms?, Sonny Stanislas, Tennis Éthier.

Centre Row: Adélard, Edna Rose Marguerite (Rita) Sauvé, Mary Florence Sauvé, Child in arms?

Front Row: Paul (Rita's Husband), Boy?, Florency

The homestead near Sheerway, Quebec north of Rapides des Joachims, probably circa 1934. Its ten bedrooms which accomodated loggers, hunters, trappers and the family in those days are now used by members of the Dumoine Rod and Gun Club. This picture is said to have been taken after Odeal's funeral.

Back row: Adélard, Adélard, Jules, Albert, Léo

Middle row: Florence, "Rita", "Violet"

Front row; Glenna?, Stan (Sonny), "Florency", Bud, Mae

Léo Adélard Sauvé (my Dad) at the Dumoine house in August of 1994.

Adélard's and Odeal's (Odelia Miron) grave markers at Ste. Anne's Catholic Church in Rapide des Joachims, Quebec.

It seems Odeal was very successful at her hunting, trapping, and fishing endeavors to the extent that she had her own bank account. With the proceeds of her business she purchased a home in Rapides Des Joachims. Not bad for a mother of nine in the early 1900's! This home is the location of the snapshot we have of the family, believed to have been taken after her funeral in 1934. She left the home and her money to her sons when she passed away but Adelard took it for himself. When we visited the "fine old log house" referred to in the Beaver Magazine article we were shown a cane (it actually more resembles a crutch) in the rafters of the meeting room. It is said to have belonged to Adelard. Guests visting the club for the first time are told of "old man Sauve's ghost" returning and walking about in the night with his cane. There follows thumping in the night and the "cane" is mysteriously in a different location come morning. Both Adelard and Odeal are found in the Rapides Des Joachims Catholic Cemetery with two of their young children Pious and Mary. I certainly hope he doesn't have to travel those terrible roads to the farm to do his haunting.

From Nancy Arkles
 I did some checking around to find out about the Rod and Gun Club.  Apparently the land was never Patened which means it is still classed as unorganized by the Quebec Government. They don't have a lot and concession number.  However I did find out that Paul Dufoe my Great Great Grandfather did sell the place to your Great Grandfather around 1900.  The Lands and Forest in Ft. Coulonge or Campbell's Bay have the records of the sale.