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Tanner Wills and Probate Records

Abstracts of Tanner Wills

Branch Tanner
Amelia Co., VA

Will Dated: 9 Jan 1794
Will Recorded: 25 Sep 1794
Executors: John Clayton [refused 23 Oct 1794] , Branch Osborn [refused 25 Sep 1794] & Archer Jones [refused 23 Oct 1794]
Administrator: Peterfield Archer
Amount of Bond: 20,000 pounds
Witnesses: T B Willson & Henry Walthall
Codicil Dated: 15 Jul 1794
Witnesses to Codicil: T B Willson & James Scott
Heirs and Others Mentioned:
Friends: John Clayton, Branch Osborn & Archer Jones
Daughter: Mary Page Tanner Bolling [underage & not married -- in his will, he referred to her as his "natural, natural daughter" & the 2nd word "natural" was underlined]
Nephew: William Archer [referred to as his "sisters son"]
Brother-in-law: Peter Field Archer [referred to as his "sisters present husband"]
Nephew: Branch Tanner Archer [referred to as his "sisters son"]
Relationship not Stated: James Scott [referred to as the "brother to Waller Scott"]
Sister: Frances Archer
Negro: Daniel & his family
Negro: Betty
Negro: [can't read name]
Negro: Sandy
Negro: Hanner
Negro: Daniel
Negro: Stepshort Amy
Negro: Ussa [Corcaw] & his family
Negro: Barbery
Negro: Frank
Negro: Colie
Negro: Molly
Negro: Anahie
Negro: Ella
Negro: Daphna
Negro: Juno
Negro: Jessa
Negro: Patt
Negro: Venus
Negro: T[___}m
Negro: Jessa Murriur & hir [sic] family
Negro: Arther
Negro: [___]it
Negro: Nat
Negro: Sam
Negro: Charles
Negro: Elsa & her family
Negro: Agga
Negro: Lin
Negro: Paton
Negroes: Cartar & his son Lewis
Negro: Gilbert & "his Smith towles"
Negro: Carpenter Will
Negroes: Crucie & her child Nancy
Negroes: Fill, his wife Barbery, & her children Will, Frank, Surry & Davie
Negro: York
Negro: great Samma
Negro: Sall & children
Negro: Edmond
Negro: Bob
Negro: Bartly
Negroes: Abraham & his son Charles
Negro: "old Annichie the Cook" [freed from her services, "forever free"]
Negroes: Barbara & Sall
Negroes: "Rest of my Negroes"

Source: Will - Amelia Co., VA Will Book 5, Page 172

Amelia Co., VA Appraisal:
By: T B Willson, Robert Marshall & [Daniel or David] Willson
Dated: 19 Jan 1795
Recorded: 22 Jan 1795
Source: Amelia Co., VA Will Book 5, Page 172

Chesterfield Co., VA Property Inventory:
By: Jon Bafs, Samuel Hatcher & Edwd Branch
Dated: 20 Apr 1795
Recorded: 25 Sep 1795
Source: Amelia Co., VA Will Book 5, Page 201

Edward Tanner
Henrico Co., VA

Will Dated: 13 Aug 1719
Will Recorded: 2 Nov 1719
Executor: Wife
Witnesses: Thomas Knibb, William Cheatham & William Ligon
Heirs and Others Mentioned:
Son: Edward
Son: John
Son: Joseph
Grandson: Edward Tanner
Daughter: Ann Tanner
Daughter: Martha Tanner
Daughter: Mary Tanner
Daughter: Elizabeth Tanner

Source: Miscellaneous Henrico Court Records, 1650-1807, Vol. 1, Page 443

Edward Tanner, of Raighley [sic] Parrish
Amelia Co., VA

Will Dated: 12 Dec 1769
Will Recorded: 26 Jul 176[_]
Executors: Son Jeremiah Tanner & Robert Tanner
Witnesses: Joseph Coleman, John Coleman & Francis Coleman
Securities: Charles Clay & Joseph Coleman
Heirs and Others Mentioned:
Son: Robert
Son: Field
Son: Jeremiah
Son: Edward
Daughter: Elizabeth Coleman
Daughter: Jane Coleman
Daughter: Ann Clay
Daughter: Milly
Daughter: Martha

Estate Valued: 24 Jan 1771, Amelia Co., VA Will Book 2X, Page 337

Sources: Amelia Co., VA Will Book 2X, p. 323; Abstracts of Amelia Co. Wills, 1734-1811; also sent to me my Jean E. Strand

Joseph Tanner
Henrico Co., VA

Administration Began: 1 Apr 1699
Administrator: Sarah Tanner, relict of Joseph Tanner

Appraisal Dated: 25 Jan 1698/99
Estate Value: [pounds] 148/16/4-1/2
Appraised By: Thos Edwards, Phill Turpin, Thos Osborne & Seth Ward
Appraisal Recorded: 1 Feb 1698/99

Source: Henrico Co. Wills & Deeds, 1697-1704; Pages 134 & 144

Thomas Tanner, of Nottoway Parish
Amelia Co., VA

Will Dated: 26 Mar 176[3/5]
Will Recorded: 26 Sep 1765
Administrators: Joel Tanner & John Johns (son-in-law)
Security: Samuel Sheriver
Heirs and Others Mentioned:
Son: Nathaniel
Son: Joseph
Son: Joel
Daughter: Martha Brown
Daughter: Judith Johns
Grandson: Joseph Brown
Grandson: Archelaus Tanner
Granddaughter: Elizabeth Johns
Friend: Susanna Baldwin, widow
Son: Joshua

Sources: Amelia Co., VA Will Book 2X, p. 101; Abstracts of Amelia Co. Wills, 1734-1811; also sent to me my Jean E. Strand

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