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Shields Miscellaneous Research Records

Shield Family Sampler

by Ann P. Shield, 24 July 1823

[upper quarter decorated with cross-stitch designs]

Aser Shield the son of Peter Shield.    Mary his wife was
born Feb.... the 22 1779    Rachel Blxom the daughter of
Southa Bloxom and Elizabeth his wife    was born Feb....
28 1779.     William Shield the son of Aser Shield - Rachel
his Wife was born Jan....19 - 1802    Paggy Shield the daughter
of Aser Shield Rachel his Wife was born Octo... 11 180[4]
Ann P Shield was born Septem... 7 180[7]. Peter Shield. was
born Mar... 24 180[9]..     Elizabeth Shield. was born Jan....
22 1811..     Rachel Shield. was born June. 11 1813x     x
Aser Shield. was born April x 11 18 15.     Ann P Shield
the daughter of James Shield x and Elizabeth x his
wife was born     August x 15   18   27

[Upper case alphabet cross-stitched on following 2 lines]

When I am dead and in my grave and all my
bones are rotten     When this you see remember     me
lest I should be Forgotten +     Ann P Shield

[lower quarter decorated with cross-stitch designs]

this Was Performed by     Ann P Shield[5]    July 24 x 1823

Source: Virginia State Library Archives Accession #30372. Transcription by Susan Shields Sasek.
My notes or items I am not sure about are in brackets [ ].

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