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Shields Obituaries

Alexander Cowan Shields of Mecklenburg Co., NC

3 death notices from newspaper clippings


Well-Known Citizen of Mecklenburg Passes Away.

Mr. A. C. Shields, whose illness has been noted in the News, died at his home in Hopewell Saturday night at 9:30 o'clock. Mr. Shields had been in declining health for more than two years. His trouble was a complication of diseases that gradually wore him out. He fought bravely but being of an advanced age his constitution could not bear up under the ravages of the disease.

Mr. Shields has been a well known figure in Mecklenburg for many years. He was a native of this county and was well thought of by all. He was 72 years old and was a member of the Hopewell Church, also of the Masonic fraternity. He leaves six children, Messrs. Thomas, David Lemuel and Hugh Shields, Miss Maggie Shields and Mrs. T. A. McDonald.

The funeral services were conducted from the home of the deceased yesterday afternoon at 4:30 o'clock. The interment was at Hopewell Church. Rev. Mr. Stimson conducted the service.

Source:  Charlotte News; Sept. 10, 1899

Mr. A. C. Shields, of Long Creek, Passing Away.

Policeman Shields received tidings last night by Messrs. Frank Blythe and Lonnie Wilson, of Long Creek, that his father, Mr. Alexander Cowan Shields, was in a dying condition and would hardly last until morning. Mr. Shields went back with Messrs. Blythe and Wilson, but hardly hoped to see his father alive. Mr. Shields, Sr., is 75 years of age. He is one of the most prominent men in the upper part of the county. He has not bee a well man since the dreadful experience he had six or seven years ago with the negro Monroe Johnson, who burglarized his house and shot him and came near killing his daughter. The nervous shock to an old man was great, and Mr. Shields has never recovered from either the injury or the shock. He was in his usual health, however, up to yesterday, when he suddenly fell ill, and began sinking rapidly.

Source:  Charlotte Observer; September 10, 1899


Mr. A. C. Shields Passed Away Ere the Sabbath Dawned.

Mr. A. C. Shields, of Long Creek, passed away Saturday night ere the messengers who came after his son, Policeman Shields, reached the city. The clock was striking 9 as his spirit went forth from the darkness of night to the dawn of a glorious day. Mr. Shields was one of the best men in the county. He was honest, upright, reliable and a good man and citizen in every respect. For fifty years he was a member of Hopewell Church (Presbyterian) and stood high in its councils. As mentioned Sunday morning, he had never recovered from the shock of this experience with Monroe Johnson, the burglar, his nervous system being shattered by the illness resulting from the pistol shot wound, which he received that night. The illness which ended in death came on Saturday morning and he sank rapidly. He leaves four sons -- Messrs. T. L., D. H., R. H. and C. L. Shields; and two daughters -- Mrs. Mary J. McDonald and Miss Maggie Shields. The funeral services were conducted Sunday afternoon at the house by Rev. Mr. Stimson, pastor of Hopewell Church.

Source:  Charlotte Observer; Sept. 12, 1899

Submitted by Sandy Shields Griffin; transcribed by Susan Shields Sasek

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