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Shields Military Records

William Chapman Shields Civil War Diary (1863 - 1864)


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Campaign Sketches
Diary Kept by W. C. Shields
in Confederate Service

30th - Parts of Companies A and B were detached under command of Lieutenant Pelham to escort the wagon train into Georgia.  Passed down through Rockford to Maryville and paid $1.00 for supper at Mrs. Tool's.

Dec. 1 - Crossed Tennessee River at Motley Ford and at 11 o'clock met the wagon train from Loudon.

2nd - Moved by Tellico Plains and Tellico furnace to top of Tellico Mountain and was on picket at night.  Got breakfast this morning from Mrs. B. Harp for $1.00.

3rd - Moved by Unicorn (Unaka ?) Pike into Cherokee Co-y., No. Carolina.  Having been without anything to eat since the morning of the 2nd, in company of two comrades, we took a bee gum, which afforded us a fine supper.

4th - Went into Murphy Valley River just above its junction with Hiwassee = went 7 miles and camped.

5th - Moved on through Towns Co-y., Ga. into Union Co-y.  Swapped cartridges for apples - Camped near Mr. Nix's.

6th - Sunday - Crossed Blue Ridge at Tesenda Gap into White Co-y., Ga.  Was sent forward for forage.  Got forage near Town Creek meeting house.  Swapped cart­ridges for apples.

7th - Moved on through Dahlongega and Knucklesville and camped three miles of latter place at fork of roads.

8th - Crossed Etowah River at Palmour's Mills and camped in Savannah Church house in Dawson Co., Ga.

9th - Moved on through Frog Town in Forsyth Co. and camped near Board Tree in Cherokee Co., Ga.

10th - Moved through Canton and camped near Fields Bridge on Estowah River, llth - Wagon train resting - detachment lay in camp all day.

12th - Was on guard at fork of road near Mr McKinneys.  At Night rained, moved saddle into Fields Chappel and slept in McKinney's barn till midnight, when we were aroused by a report that the enemy were at Blairsville in pursuit of the wagon train - was put on picket at Fields Bridge.

13th - Sunday - was relieved from picket at 12 o'clock and returned to Fields Chappel.

14th - lay in camp all day - foraged from the farm of Gov. J. E. Brown.

15th - Left camp at 11 o'clock a.m. and moved on by Etowah Iron Works and Carter-ville to 1 mile west of bridge over Etowah River in Barton Co., Ga.

Campaign Sketches
Diary Kept by W. C. Shields
in Confederate Service

16th - On camp guard - ordered to report as courier to Major McCarthy, at Cartersville, the major having sent dispatches to Clayton, Ga., by mail, ordered me back to camp.  Lay in an outhouse at night, it being raining.

17th and 18th - Lay in camp all day.  Having concluded to take Christmas at home, in company with some 18 or 20 men in the detachment, we left camp in the night of the 18th and went to Mr. B. F. Smith's and got breakfast free of charge, he being a Baptist.

19th - Passed through Cherokee, Ala., at 7 o'clock p.m.

20th - Left Warren's at 10 o'clock a.m.  Crossed Coosa River at McClelland's Ferry and arrived at home at sundown.  Remained at home at sundown.  Remained at home 'till the first of March, 1864.  The Cavalry Corps remained in East Tennessee through the winter and being cut off by the fall of Loudon and the retreat of the Confederate Army to Dalton.  I remained quietly at home.  All absent and furloughed men were ordered to report to Captain Reece, commanding Wheeler's escort recruiting at Ala.


March 1 - Left home at 2 o'clock p.m.  Crossed Coosa River at McClelland's Ferry and staid at night at Uncle G. H. Shields in Cherokee Co., Ala.

2nd - Met Capt. Reece and the escort near Ladigo, Ala. to whom I reported and fell into ranks.  Camped near Ed Wright's on Coosa River, Floyd Co., Ga.

3rd - Passed up by Thomas Mills and Rome and camped 1 mile N.W. of Rome.

4th - Moved up 20 miles on road to Dalton.

5th - Passed up through Dalton (saw Gen'ls. J. E. Johnston and Hardee) to Tunnel Hill (Ga.)  Lay in camp all day.  Wrote letter home.   (Note:  This was Sunday, the 6th)

7th - Witnessed review of Kelly's Division, also the execution, by hanging,
of Private Lem Womack, Co. K, 3rd Confederate Cav. for desertion to the enemy -on guard in town, guarding a prisoner.

8th - Relieved from guard and returned to camp. 9th - Went to town on pass.

10th - Went to Headqtrs. with Private C. R. Sanford and got permission to send him to hospital - wrote letter home - took walk, with J. L. Thompson, through the tunnel and back.

11th - Was on courier duty at Headquarters.  Carried dispatch to Cap. Powell. Carried Col. Reid to Dalton and returned with horse by 8 o'clock at night. At 12 o'clock bought 24 small ginger cakes for $4 and 1 pint peanuts for 50 cents, which made by dinner.

13th - Sunday.  In camp all day.

Campaign Sketches
Diary Kept by W. C. Shields
in Confederate Service

14th - in camp all day.

15th - Went to town and bought 2 quarts of peanuts for $2.  Went on drill in evening under La. Sample.

16th - In camp all day.

17th - Hired shirt and socks washed for $1.10.

18th - Wrote letter home.

19th - Was on camp guard - report of the enemy's advance caused considerable stir.  Saddle up was blown and the escort moved out, but returned to camp by dark.

20th - Sunday - Still on guard - was sent to depot to load a wagon with forage.

21st - Lay about camp.

22nd - The Cavalry Corps having returned from E. Tenn. and going to Alabama to recruit, the stragglers were sent back in command of  to their regiments. We left Tunnel Hill in a snow storm, passed down through Dalton and camped 1/2 mile from Resacca at Mr. Craig's place.  Bought 2 small ginger cakes from Mrs. Sloan near Resacca for $2.

23rd - Passed down through Calhoun and Kingston and camped at old artillery quarters near latter place.

24th - Passed down through Cass Station and Cartersville (GA.) to camp of 51st Ala. Regiment, where we met the boys who had lately come out of the E. Tennessee Campaign.

25th - In camp all day - wrote letter home.

26th - Drew suit of clothes - jacket, pants, drawers, shirt, shoes, and socks.

27th - In camp all day.  Drew a blanket - wrote a letter to G.H. and J.N. Stewart in Army in Va.

28th - Left Camp at 10 o'clock and moved to camp 10 miles below Stilesboro. 29th - The command moved 5 miles below Cedartown.

30th - Command moved.  I stopped and got dinner at Mr. Robt. Hutchins, 9 miles SW of Cedartown.  There I boarded when I went to school at Esom Plains, Ala. By permission I went and staid all night at Mr. Peter Larison's near Spring Garden.

31st - Returned to the command by 9 o'clock a.m. - passed down through Jackson­ville, Ala. and camped on Cane Creek near Wyley Glover's.

April 1 - Lay in camp 2nd - In camp.

Campaign Sketches
Diary Kept by W. C. Shields
in Confederate Service

3rd - Sunday - Command moved down through Blue Mountain and Oxford (Ala.) and camped near Hudson Alien's 4 miles from Oxford. Made application for recruiting detail.

4th - 5th - 6th - 7th - In camp.

8th - Received a recruiting details for 10 days - Left camp at 7 o'clock a.m. and passed up via White Plains to H. Bugger's and got dinner; then by Ladigo to H. C. Sanford's in Cherokee Co., and staid all night.

9th - Arrived at home at 1 o'clock p.m. Remained at home till the 21st when my horse, being stifled and too lame to travel, I left home a foot to return to camp. Staid all night at W. B. Warren's in Cherokee Co., Ala.

22nd - Staid all night at Wilson Gilmer's near Henderson's Mills on Nance Creek, Calhoun Co., Ala.

23d - Arrived at camp at 3 o'clock p.m. worn out from my long walk.  Received my first letter from home written weeks ago.

24th - Sunday - Lay in camp all day.

25th - In camp - wrote letter to G.H. and J.N. Stewart in Army of Va.

26th - Witnessed the shooting of Private A. Clark, Co. F., 51st Ala. Regt., charged with desertion.

27th -    In camp all day.

28th -    On detail to issue forage.

29th -    Being still dismounted, was transferred to Wiggins battery.

30th Built a log hut for quarters.  Went to Choccolocco Creek and went in bathing.  Had hair cut.

May 1    - Sunday.  Wrote letter home.

2nd -    Was on camp guard.

3rd -    Relieved from guard.

4th -    On police detail.

5th - Sent to Oxford and paid $3 for 8 sheets of notepaper - assisted in packing a timber chest with ammunition.

6th - Paid 50 cts for washing shirt, socks, and towel.

7th - Went to creek and washed - wrote letter home.

8th - Sunday - Rev't. E. T. Smythe came to camp and preached from Rom. 14 c., 7 vs.  Was on guard at night at commissary.

Campaign Sketches
Diary Kept by W. C. Shields
in Confederate Service

9th - The artillery battalion left for the front north of Marietta, Ga., and I was left with others in command of Lieutenant in charge of the camp equipage and commissaries.  Worked all day in fixing up ammunition com­missaries to be shipped to the front.

10th - Still working on detail.  Went to Eld. E. T. Smythe's and got a jug of milk.

llth - In camp all day in charge camp guard.

12th - Relieved from guard at 6 p.m.

13th - On guard.

14th - Relieved from guard.

15th - Sunday - On guard.

16th - Relieved from guard.

17th - On guard.

18th - Relieved from guard and worked in packing up harness for artillery horses. Detailed with 3 other men to cook 4 days' rations for 17 men - at night patched pants and sold some powder for a shirt and drawers.

19th - Left Oxford on train at 8 o'clock a.m.  Arrived at Selma at 3 o'clock p.m. - went in bathing in Alabama River.

20th - Got pass from Provost Marshall and took a walk over the city.

21st - On guard at the warf (?) over the artillery freight.  Paid 50 cts. for the washing of shirt and drawers.

22nd - Lay over all day Sunday.

23d - Left Selma at 5 o'clock p.m. on the Commodore Farrand and arrived in Montgomery at 12 noon on the 24th - went in post commissary and drew rations.

25th - Lay over in Montgomery all day.  Visited the Capitol and cemetery.  Left Montgomery at 9 o'clock p.m. and arrived at West Point, Ga., at 6 a.m. on the

26th - Lay over in West Point all day.  Left on evening train and arrived in Atlanta at daylight.

27th - Moved out and camped near the female college 1 mile east of the car shed. 28th - Lay in camp all day - paid $2 for washing jacket, shirt, drawers, socks and towel.

29th - Sunday.  At night went to Presbyterian Church.

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Pages 1 - 5 Pages 11 - 14

Submitted by: James Shields. See Notes about W. C. Shields Biography, Campaign Sketches and Family Record

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