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Shields Documents, Manuscripts, Reports, etc.

Notes re William Chapman Shields (1841 - 1881) Biography, Campaign Sketches & Family Record

By James Russell Shields
(A great grandson of William C. and Amanda Carr Shields)

Notes about the Transcriptions

22 June 2003 rev. 10/29/03

W C Shields Biography and Campaign Sketches

I came into possession of the typed transcriptions of the W C Shields Biography and Campaign Sketches on 1 May 2003. Patty Gimon Horton, a great granddaughter of W C and Amanda and my 1st cousin sent them to me.  She presently lives in Alexandria, VA.  She has done some research to try to support the contention that Christopher Shields worked at Mount Vernon, but to date she has not found any firm documentation.

Virginia Sue Malone Wilson, a great granddaughter of W C Shields transcribed them from the original hand written documents several years ago.  Virginia is my 2nd cousin.  

I do not know where the original documents are.  Virginia advised me that they have been lost.

I scanned them into electronic format to make them easier to distribute and assure that they will be available to future generations.

I have found a date discrepancy in the Biography on page 6 in the last paragraph.  I believe that the reference to January 1869 should in fact be January 1867, based on the letters between W C Shields and his wife Amanda in 1867.

The transcription of Campaign Sketches says that William joined “Company A 37th Ala. Regt.,” but all of the facts point to it being the 51st Alabama Regiment, which is the unit his brother James belonged to.  I believe this was a case of the handwritten original being hard to read and it was misread by the transcriber.  The Biography transcription says that he joined the 5th Regiment.    

The Letters {SSS note -- I do not have copies or transcriptions of these letters, so they are not online}

Shiela Shields MacArthur, my 1st cousin and a great granddaughter of W C and Amanda transcribed the letters.  That project was completed in May of 2003.  She has the original letters, along with the newspaper clipping about the C J Shields and Minnie C Maynor wedding which she also transcribed.  

The Family Record

I do not know who transcribed the Family Record, but it has been circulated among Shields researchers for several years, as it is on file at the LDS Genealogical Society.  I assume that one of the Malone ladies transcribed it, but Virginia Malone Wilson tells me that she does not know who it was or who the Mrs Paul J Schwarz is that is shown on the cover sheet.

The Family Record transcription has page numbers stamped on the upper right corner of each page.  I think these page numbers were assign in an arbitrary manner by the LDS Genealogical Society at the time the document went into that system.  I don’t think the page numbers reflect the order in which the pages were originally written.  Most likely the order was the Shields Family and then the Stewart Family, at which point the document was edited in 1860 according to the cover sheet.  Some time after March of 1861, when William and Amanda married, the Carr and Brantley families were added, followed by the various additions and events that occurred up until William’s death in 1881.  I do not know for a certainty, but I suspect that the original manuscript was a bound notebook of some sort and when it was transcribed it became loose leaf, thus allowing the order of things to be upset.  I do not know who was responsible for the hand written additions and corrections to the transcript.        

Submitted by: James Shields.

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