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Shields Documents, Manuscripts, Reports, etc.

Family Record
Shields and Stewart Families

Family Record Authentically Edited by W. C. Shields, 1860

Part 4

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Christopher Shields was born in England, March 11. 1737.  He came to America in Company with several of his brothers at the age of 18 years.  He married a lady, Miss Mary Allison, of English descent.  By her he had one child.  George Allison Shields,  He settled in Virginia, and for several years prior to the revolution he was gardener and overseer of the plantation of George Washington at Mt. Vernon.  But when the war of the revolution broke out, he joined the continential {sic s/b Continental} army and signalized himself for bravery.  His first wife died, soon after she had her first child, in fact he was but a few days old.  Thus he had nothing to bind him to his home, and he could better leave home for the camps and battlefields.  But soon after the close of the war he married a Miss Kenedy, by whom he had the following children, Nathan, William, Elizabeth, Jeremiah, Thomas.  The exact time of his death cannot now be determined, about 1802 or 1803, in Louisa Co. Va.

George Allison Shields son of Christopher Shields, was born November 19, 1776.

Mary Harris, afterwards wife of George A. Shields was born February 27, 1783.

Their Children:

1.  John Allison Shields was born Feb. 15. 1801, Hanover Co. Va.
2.  Chapman Simpson Shields was born July 30, 1803, Hanover Co. Va.
3.  Rebecca Jane Shields was born Dec. 9. 1805, in Hanover Co. Va.
4.  George Harris Shields was born March 8, 1808, in Louisa Co. Va.
5.  David Harris Shields was born Jan. 20, 1810.  Louisa Co. Va.
6.  Mary Cary Shields was born June 11. 1812, in Hanover Co. Va.
7. Sarah Ann Shields was born March 8, 1816. Hanover Co. Va.
8.  Christopher Joseph Shields was born Oct. 5. 1819, Henrico Co. Va.
9.  Frances Harris Shields was born Oct. 20, 1822, in Henrico Co. Va.
10.  Benjamin James Shields was born Sept. 17. 1825. Henrico Co. Va.

Chapman Simpson Shields was born July 30, 1803
His wife Sarah Smith Shields was born May 3, 1807 {sic -- date previously stated as 9 May 1807}.

Their Children:

1.  Mary Jane Shields was born February 28, 1832
2.  James Marion Shields was born October 10, 1834
3.  Ann Eliza Shields was born August 13, 1837
4.  William Chapman Shields was born August 8, 1841
5.  Sarah Virginia Shields was born November 29, 1843
6.  Martha Harris Shields was born September 12, 1848

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John Harris, father of Mary Harris wife of George A. Shields, married Miss Jane Hamilton, Harris was of Welch descent, and his wife is supposed to have been of English decent {sic s/b descent}. They lived in Hanover Co. Va. 24 miles above Richmond.


William Chapman Shields was born in Cave-Spring Georgia 8 o’clock p.m. August 8th, 1841

His wife Amanda Ann Temperance Shields was born near Missionary-Station Georgia.  Jan. 20, 1842

Their Children:

Mary Paulina Shields was born at Shields Mills on Tarrapin Creek Cherokee Co. Ala. 12 o’clock p.m. Monday June 9, 1863.  weighed 10 lbs walked at 11 months.

Charles Judson Shields, was born near Missionary-Station, Floyd Co. Ga. Friday Sept. 1st 5 o’clock a.m. 1865. weighed 9 lbs. walked at 11 mo.

Annie Loula Shields was born in Lime-Stone Co. Ala. 5 miles South of Athens on Tuesday 4 o’clock p.m. March 3, 1868, weighed at birth 4-1/2 lbs  At 12 months she weighed 15 lbs. could sit alone and had 5 teeth.  Stood alone at 15 months and had 7 teeth.  Walked at the age of 16-1/2 months, Began to talk at 23 months and at 24 months weighed 23 lbs.

Sallie Hasseltine Shields, was born 6 miles south of Athens Limestone Co. Ala.  Tuesday Aug. 8, (5 o’clock) 1871.  weighed 5 lbs. at one month weighed 6-1/2 lbs.  At 3 months weighed 11 lbs.  At 5-1/2 months (Jan. 21. 1872) weighed 14 lbs, and had 2 teeth.  The 2 front under teeth, and could sit alone.  At 8 months old cut 2 upper teeth and weighed 16 lbs.  Commenced to crawl April 16, 1872 (8-1/4 mos. old) Began to stand alone at 10-1/2 months.  Walked quite well at one year old and weighed 16 lbs.  Was lean and feeble from teething.  Began to talk at 18 months old and weighed 20 lbs.

Chapman S. Shields was born in Hanover Co. Va.  He became acquainted with Miss Sallie S. Stewart at the house of her Aunt and Uncle Clayton in Louisa Co.  They were married at the residence of her Uncle John Deshazo in King and Queen Co.  They then went back to Louisa Co. near court house, house of John Nunn, and both joined the Baptist Church, and soon after set out for Kentucky.  They stopped in Christian Co. Ky. for a short time and then went to Nashville Tenn. and lived on Mill Creek six or 7 miles S.E. of Nashville, Tenn. about 1 year.  They then moved over to the North side of the Cumberland and lived 1 mile from Nashville one year.  He then moved to McMinn Co. in East Tenn. and bought a mill on Spring Creek in Copartnership {sic} with his brother David put up a distilery {sic s/b distillery}.  In this business he lost money and sold out and again resumed the duties of his profession carpentry.  He then moved to Cassville, Ga.

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in Hanover Co. Va.
In Cherokee Co. Ala
April 6. 1862

Sarah S. Shields
In King and Queen Co. Va.
In Cherokee Co. Ala
April 21. 1860

Inscriptions on Tombstones at Mt. Zion Church Cherokee Co. Ala. erected by their children Nov. 5. 1875.

Inscription on the tomb of Mrs. Anna E. Westbrook at Camp Ground Cherokee Co. Ala.

In Memory of
Mrs. Ann Eliza Westbrook
Died June 15, 1862, aged 25.

Inscription on the tomb of Mrs. Jane Q. Stewart Cave-Springs, Ga.

In Memory of
Jane Q. Stewart
born April 11th, 1780
died Sept. 2nd 1840
In the 61st year of her age.

W. C. Shields died
In Hunt Co. At his own Home Oct. 29, 1831. {handwritten insert “should be 1881, W. C. Shields was born Aug 8, 1841“}
Died of Infirmation caused by amputation of his left arm
Buried at Moxey Hall on the 3rd day of October on Sunday
Age, 40 Years and 2 months old.

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A copy of 12 unnumbered pages of this family record was in my Shields file -- I don’t know where I got it from. James Shields sent me a page on the Carr family that was missing (which has been added to this online transcription) and stated that this record is on file at the LDS library. See Notes about W. C. Shields Biography, Campaign Sketches and Family Record by James Russell Shields, great grandson of W. C. and Amanda Carr Shields.

Revised Online transcription by Susan Shields Sasek, 5 Feb 2004.

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