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Shields Documents, Manuscripts, Reports, etc.

Family Record
Shields and Stewart Families

Family Record Authentically Edited by W. C. Shields, 1860

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George Allison Shields, Died February 13, 1858 in Cherokee Co. Alabama.  His disease was Bronchitis Consumption, which had lingered until it became Chronic.  He was an orderly and consistent member of the Baptist Church for a number of years before his decease.  His remains were deposited in the cemetery of the Mount Zion Baptist Church Cherokee, Co. Ala. at which Church his membership was when he deceased Aged 81 years 2 months, 24 days

Mary {handwritten insert "Shields"} Shields, wife of George Allison Shields died, June 28, 1853, in Carrol {sic s/b Carroll} County, Georgia.  Her disease was Chronic, but she suffered more from a collection of water about the heart, just before she died, more than anything else.  Her mortal remains lie intered {sic s/b interred} in the cemetery of Bethany Baptist Church, Carrol {sic s/b Carroll} Co. Ga.  Aged 70 years, 4 months, 1 day.

Their children and grandchildren.

John A. Shields died at his residence near Fort Adams, in Mississippi near the Mississippi River, August 13, 1830.  Aged 29, years 5 months 28 days

David H. Shields died at his residence in Kansas Territory, Anderson County, March 14, 1860.  He was taken suddenly with pneumonia the 13th and died at 2 o'clock 14th p.m.  Aged 50 years 1 month 24 days

Francis M. Cooper died at his residence in Cherokee County, Alabama, June 14, 1854.  He had been long a pius {sic s/b pious} member of the Baptist Church and his membership was with the Mt. Zion Baptist Church, Cherokee Co. Ala, at the time of his death.  His mortal remains were intered {sic s/b interred} in the cemetery of the Lebanon Camp-ground of Episcopal Methodists, above county and state.
He left two children Sarah Louisa, and Anna Eliza to mourn the loss of a kind father.

Sarah Smith Shields, wife of Chapman S. Shields, died in Cherokee County, Alabama, 50 minutes past 4 o'clock a.m. April 21. 1860.  Her disease was consumption with which she was afflicted for several years.  She however was confined to her bed but about three weeks previous to her death.  She was a pius {sic s/b pious} and devoted member of the Baptist Church for about thirty years, having been baptized Oct. 9. 1830 in Louisa County. Va.  She died perfectly calm and in the full triumphs of a living faith in the Redeemer of mankind.  Her mortal remains were intered {sic s/b interred} in the cemetery of the Mt. Zion Baptist Church. Cherokee County, Ala. April 22, 1860.  Aged 52 yrs 11 mo. 12 days

Chapman Simpson Shields died at his residence in Cherokee Co. Ala. April 6. 6-1/2 o'clock p.m. 1862.  His desease {sic s/b disease} was Billious {sic s/b bilious} pneumonia with which he was afflicted nine days.  He was born in Hanover Co. Virginia July 30, 1803. His parents being very poor and having the care of a large family, he had no advantages of education.  During all of his minority he worked from home supporting him self and helping to support the family.  He was hired to work in a cotton factory in Richmond when nine years old, and in his tenth year he worked at the armory in Richmond helping to make guns for {next page} the war of 1812.  When about 17 or 18 years old he began to build houses, for which he became so distinguished in after life {sic}.  He chose house carpentry for a profession and became a very good mechanic.  In fact he was a natural mechanic.  He continued to work for the support of his father's family till his 27th year, when on the 15th of July 1830, he married Miss Sallie S. Stewart.

He was married by Eld. John Bird of the Baptist Church.  In a few days after the marriage they both joined the Church and were buried {sic}  with Christ in baptism in Louisa Co. Va.

In a short time afterwards to started on the move to Nashville, Tenn. Where he lived 3 years following his proffession {sic s/b profession}.  While there he assisted in the building of the Memphis, a boat on Cumberland River.  Leaving Nashville he removed to McMinn Co. in East Tenn. where he built a mill.  But he soon sold his mill and moved to Cassville Ga. about 1834.  He built the first house in that place.  He moved from Cassville to Rome, where he constructed the first framed building ever built in the place.  From Rome he moved to Cave Spring in Van's Valley.  He followed his profession ridgedly {sic s/b rigidly} -- building many of the finest houses in Van's and Cedar Valleys until 1846.  When building the Baptist Church at Cedar Town he fell from the house and broke his back.

In 1847 he bought a farm 8 miles on Cedar Creek near Cave Spring.  After getting the fall at Cedar Town he abandoned his profession being almost disabled.  He settled himself on his farm for seven years when he sold and bought another farm on Tarsipin Creek in Ala. where he built another mill and where he lived eight years and till his death.

Being a Christian and a model Citizen to known him was but to love him. He lived a pius {sic s/b pious} member of the Baptist Church for 35 years.

His mortal remains were intered {sic s/b interred} in the cemetery of the Mt. Zion where his membership was at his death.  Aged 58 years, 8 mo. 6 days

Ann Eliza Westbrook, daughter of C. S. Shields and Sarah S. Shields, and wife of T. {sic ?s.b. P. for Pinkney ?} A. Westbrook died in Cherokee Co. Ala. 2 o'clock a.m. June 15, 1862.  Her disease was pneumonia with congestion of the lungs.  She embraced religion in ___ and was baptized into the fellowship of the Cedar Creek Baptist.  Floyd Co. Ga.  Rev. John Hendrix administered the rite.  After her marriage with Mr. Westbrook he {sic s/b her} faith became subverted {sic!} and she united with the Episcopal Methodist Society.

Her remains were intered {sic s/b interred} in the cemetery of the Mt. Lebanon Camp ground beside those of a departed daughter.  Her other daughter Mary Elizabeth followed her June 20, just five days after the death of her mother.  Aged 24 years 10 mo. 2 days.

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Evalela Florence Carr -- Infant daughter of William C. and Sarah V. Carr.  was born 23, October 1862, and died June 3, 1864.  Her little body was committed to its resting place near her Fathers residence on top of the hill in the family cemetery.  Aged 1 year, 7 mo. 10 days

Jesse Warren Carr, -- Son of Jesse G. and Piety Carr Died at his Fathers residence in Floyd Co. Ga. June 4th, 1864.  His disease was diorhea {sic s/b diarrhea}.  His remains were intered {sic s/b interred} in the family cemetery, June 6.  Aged 8 years, 8 mo. 1 day

Elizabeth Carr.  wife of William Carr, and mother of J. G. Carr, died at her residence in Floyd Co. Ga. September 7th 1864.  She was buried at Livingstone Cemetery near her home.  Sept. 8.

William Carr, Died at the residence of his son-in-law Harrison Camp in Floyd Co. Ga. Nov. 6. 1867, was buried at Livingston cemetery.  Aged 92 years 5 mo. 1 day.

Mrs. Rebecca Jane Murphy died in Crittenden Co. Ky. 3 o'clock p.m. Monday February 23, 1874. Aged 68 years 2 mo. 14 days.

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A copy of 12 unnumbered pages of this family record was in my Shields file -- I donít know where I got it from. James Shields sent me a page on the Carr family that was missing (which has been added to this online transcription) and stated that this record is on file at the LDS library. See Notes about W. C. Shields Biography, Campaign Sketches and Family Record by James Russell Shields, great grandson of W. C. and Amanda Carr Shields.

Revised Online transcription by Susan Shields Sasek, 5 Feb 2004.

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