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Shields Documents, Manuscripts, Reports, etc.

Family Record
Shields and Stewart Families

Family Record Authentically Edited by W. C. Shields, 1860

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Wm. C. Shields

February 7th A.D. 1858

Shields and Stewart Families

Family Record Authentically Edited by W. C. Shields

Origional {sic s/b Original} Book now owned by
Mrs. Paul J. Schwarz
{address deleted for privacy}

Correspondence invited on earlier
or later generations

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{This page has a large "1" stamped in upper right corner (not typed) -- I did not have this page w/ my copy of the Family Record -- it was sent to me by James Shields}


William Carr was born in Georgia June 5, 1775, several years before the revolution.  He married Miss Elizabeth Tate who was a native of Virginia but who emigrated to Georgia with an uncle, She had nineteen brothers and sisters.  They had seven children towit:

1.  Jesse Graham Carr born Dec. 27. 1804.  In Wilkes Co. Ga.

Leanna H. Carr born October 30, 1806.  She died when about 10 years old.

3.  Matilda Tate Carr, - born October 14, 1808, She married Harrispon Camp and became the mother of a numerous offspring.

4.  William R.Carr. born Aug. 19, 1810.  He died when about 16 years of age.

5.  Elijah Crawford Carr, born Aug. 13. 1814, He married a Miss Mary Woods who had three daughters and died.  He then married Miss Nancy Mathis

6.  America Carr.  born Jan. 7. 1817, Married her cousin John Carr.

7.  Robert Columbus Carr, born July 7, 1819.  Married Miss Isabella Miller, Died at his residence near Rome Ga.  September 4th, 1861.  Remains intered {sic s/b interred} at Livingston Cemetery Floyd Co. Ga.

8.  Syrena R. Carr, born April 14, {1823 marked through & 1812 handwritten over it}, burned to death when small.

Robert Carr, married Miss Leanna Regan in Oglethrop {sic s/b Oglethorpe} Co. Ga.  He was a captain in the American Army in the Revolutionary war, and while at home on furlough was surprised and murdered by the Indians and Torys.  His father came from Wales and settled in Georgia.  He lived and was killed and buried in Wilkes Co. Ga. near where Washington now stands.

William Carr; his son was born in Wilkes Co. Ga. June 5, 1775.  He was married to Miss Elizabeth Tate, at the residence of Enos Tate in Elbert Co. Ga. by the Rev. John {can't read 1st letter of name}eals, at candle light January 6, 1803.

Mrs. Leanna Carr wife of Robert Carr married a Mr. Graham (John S.) by whom she had two children John and Elizabeth.  She came to Floyd Co. Ga. and died August 5, 1840.  93 years of age and was buried on the plantation of her son William Carr near Livingston on the Corsa River.  John S. Graham died in Walton Co. Ga.

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Joshua Brantley married Miss Temperance Ann Radford -- probably about 1812.  He was a widower having two children;

There {sic s/b Their} children are as follows.

(James -- who married a Miss Sentrel  2. ___ 3, Miss Haney)
(Elizabeth -- married Mr. Shade Turner, now dead)

1.  Piety Brantley born Aug. 28, 1813, married J. G. Carr
2.  William married Miss Rebecca Tanner
3.  Thomas married Sarah Kilgore
4.  Henry married Miss Sallie Hendrix
5.  Levi, married Miss Martha Studivant
6.  John married Miss Ruth McCulloch
7.  Wesley married Miss Elmina Coker
8.  James Ervin accidentally shot when at 18 years of age
9   Mary married Mr. Joseph Harrison
10.  Temperance Ann married Mr. Retherford

Jesse G. Carr and Piety Brantley were married January 26, 1832, by the Rev. James Fare in Walton Co. Ga.

Their children:

1.  Minerva Jane, born Dec. 18. 1832
[2.  Mary Syrena, born April 24, 1835] {handwritten insert & following children renumbered accordingly}
3.  William Columbus born, April 10. 1837
4.  Elizabeth Tate, born October 5, 1839
5.  Amanda Ann T. born January 20, 1842
6.  Sicily Missouri born February 6, 1844
7.  Marcus Lafayette born February 19, 1846
8.  Zacary Taylor born May 27, 1848
9.  Leanna Piety born October 30, 1850
10.  Levi Bowers born August 16, 1853
11.  Jesse Warren, born August 3, 1855


George Albert Hall and Sicily M. Carr were married in Floyd Co. Ga. April 15, 1869, by Rev. McNeely of the Methodist Church

Z. T. Carr and Miss Mary G. Comer were married in Cherokee Co. Ala. Aug. 10, 1870 by Eld. W. W. Livinston, Baptist.

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Mary S. Carr and James M. Shields were married January 15. 1854, by Esq Comer

Minerva J. Carr and Henry Walker were married December 27. 1855.  She had two children by him a daughter and Son.  The daughter died when about a year old, and the Son born May 8, 1859,
Walker died in the hospital in Richmond in 1861

Amanda Ann T. Carr and W. C. Shields were married 14, Mar. 1861

William C. Carr and Sarah V. Shields were married 17, Mar. 1861

Elizabeth T. Carr and Francis B. Miller were married by Esq. Sam C. Wrag. October 5, 1855

Marcus Lafayette Carr died Oct. 4. 1854.  was buried at Salem Church Cherokee Co. Ala.

Chapman S. Shields and Sarah S. Stewart, were married July 15, 1830

Their Children:

1.  Francis Marion Cooper and Mary J. Shields, were married, Sept. 26, 1848

2.  James M. Shields and Miss Mary Carr were married Jan. 15. 1854

William B. Warren and Mary J. Cooper, widow of Francis M. Cooper were married April 26, 1855

3.  Pinkney A. Westbrook and Ann Eliza Shields were married July 26, 1855.

William C. Shields and Amanda A. T. Carr were married 5 o'Clock p.m. March 14. 1861

William C. Carr and Sarah V. Shields were married March. 17. 1861

George A. Shields and Mary Harris were married about 1799 or 1800

John L. Mountain and Martha H. Shields were married at Missionary Station Church Cherokee Co. Ala. by Eld. William Mountain (Baptist) Nov. 21. 1865

Anna Eliza Cooper was married in Hunt Co. Texas January 25, 1871 to Mr. Thomas C. Jones, by Eld. R. G. Gardener (Baptist)

Sarah Louisa Cooper was married to Mr. George W. Malone in Hunt Co. Texas December 24, 1872. by Eld. ___ Harris (Baptist) {handwritten note beside entry states "divorced"}

May P. Shields was married to G. W. Malone Sunday, Aug. 14. 1881 by Esquire J. F. Puckett at the age of 19. {hand drawn arrow from the name George W. Malone above to this G. W. Malone}

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A copy of 12 unnumbered pages of this family record was in my Shields file -- I donít know where I got it from. James Shields sent me a page on the Carr family that was missing (which has been added to this online transcription) and stated that this record is on file at the LDS library. See Notes about W. C. Shields Biography, Campaign Sketches and Family Record by James Russell Shields, great grandson of W. C. and Amanda Carr Shields.

Revised Online transcription by Susan Shields Sasek, 5 Feb 2004.

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