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Shields Wills and Probate Records

Julia Alexander Shields
Mecklenburg Co., NC

On account that the will of the late Cowen [sic] Lemley Shields has only partly been carried out by T. L. Shields Sr. who remained on the place to take care of his Mother. The other children helped as much or more than he did.

Also because the money my Father left for me was put in this Estate so I wish that everything after my death be divided evenly among all of the children namely -- W. A. Shields, Houston, Texas. -- G. A. Shields, Detroit, Mich. - W. G. Shields, [__________] -- T. L. Shields Sr., Huntersville -- J. L. Shields, Charlotte -- B. C. Shields, Charlotte, -- Julia S. Kesler, Salisbury, N.C. -- Sadie S. Amyx, Piedmont, S. C.

Also the Estate does not owe T. L. Shields Sr. anything for improvements made on the old Shields home as I did not know anything about it 'till the work was finished.

Also B. C. Shields does not oew T. L. Shields Sr. anything on the car he made B. C. Shields take back.

[This next sentence marked out with a line through it: "Also Do not charge W. G. Shields 6 per cent interest on the on the [sic] money he borrowed if any just what the Bank would have payed."] W. G. Shields on Dec. 18th 1953 payed [sic] in full his note.

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This is written by Julia A. Shields widow of Cowan Lemley Shields who wishes to have the Estate settled honorably and peacefully without any partiality to any one. One of the clauses in the Will of Cowan Lemley Shields is "I wish my property to be divided equally between my children - except in the case of Thomas L. Shields or the one who stays on the place to take care of his or her parents. Tom has stayed on the place but I can truthfully say that the other children have helped me as much or more than he has. Besides he got a cow, two mules, wagon, mowing machine, rake, barrow & c. also use of the family car to ride to work at the Ford plant after using Bens. Tom had some work done on the old house without asking me anything about it so the Estate don't owe anything [sic] for that. If the Estate is not divided evenly I feel that Tom should pay the other children for letting everything go to r[a]ck & the farm to run down [sic] as it has. Thos. L. Shields Sr. is paying $342.00 in cash & the Tax on the place as rent yearly.

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Before the will was made Ben Shields bought a car, made a down payment then borrowed $450.00 from his brother Tom Shields to finish paying for it. In the meantime Ben was Hospitilitized [sic] with T. B. and had turned his car over to Tom in payment in full of his debt. Tom took his Father to Cornelius to make his will and Tom had this clause put in the will -- "Those of my children who have loaned money to others of my children are to be paid by the ones who borrowed when my property is divided." After the will was made Tom had Ben take the car back and sign a note for the full amount $450.00 with interest at 6 per cent after he had been using it. Ben sold it right away for Junk - got $25.00 for it. I think that is all Ben owes Tom without any interest if he owes him anything.

No one asked me to write this -- I only want justice for all. Tom wore out the Family car which would stand against Ben's if all are willing.

[This next sentence marked out with a line through it: "On the money Billie borrowed don't charge him in Interest more than Bank would have brought."] Paid

[End of will -- no signature or date]

Source: Copy of will submitted by Sandra Shields Griffin. Transcription by Susan Shields Sasek

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