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Alexander Correspondence

Shields Correspondence

Letter from Julia Nancy Alexander Shields
to Guy Alexander Shields

dated 6 Nov 1918

Huntersville, N. C.
Nov. 6th 1918

Dear Guy:-

I believe they have the armistice ready for the Germans now and I [g]uess we will know in a day or two whether the war will la[s]t any longer than this week or not do hope it is over. Well Guy Dady and Jim pulling and hauling corn Ben plowing and Tom drilling wheat I have almost made Judy a dress. Judy and Sadie went to Jim Douglasses and got me some white wash then they helped unload corn so you see every body is busy. Got a letter from [B]illie this morning was written Friday night & Sat. morning still bound for somewhere had passed through Richmond Va so he was'ent going to Norfolk said it was getting pretty cold up there -- he was expecting to have to cook Sat. Had a card from Wade yesterday and I guess he was all right -- it was written Sunday Just said he was enjoying himself in Nashville that day. I had been afraid he had the "flu". Guy I am anxious to hear from you again for from a letter I saw in the paper -- I believe your Division went back in battle on Oct 8th -- if you did do hope you come out without a scratch but surely they wouldn't put you in when you could'ent walk good hope your foot is better by this time -- if not get

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something done for it -- Just common blue [ennd] is good bandanged on it. Lillian got a letter from Frank today he said he was living on a dug out up close to the front but the Huns were not bothering them much -- have you even got to see any of them yet. Nell has a little boy going to call it Loyd Sloan. They haven't got in the full returns from the election yet [_] C. went Democratic though was'ent much stir about it here. Guy the weather is most cold enough to [kill] hogs then we are going to have some pork haven't bought any [_____] this year but it is about done now -- have 6 pretty good sized hogs to kill this year -- they eat the velvet beans after they eat all the corn in the orchard -- getting dark will finish in the morning.           Mama

Thursday morning just sun up -- Sadie not up yet rest all busy -- d[ri]ll not working right so are working on it and plowing -- Judy has churned one churn and I have washed dishes &c. Lutie just now called said she was writing to you this morning so guess you will get 2 letters anyway. Don't know whether the bo[y]s are going to get along well enough to get to start to school next week or not -- if they do well have to stop along a few days at a time. Uncle Jim is one [horse] less old Mand got in the crib Monday and eat her months share of meal and died that night done like old [girlee] I reckon. Uncle Jim says he won'[t] have her to [_____]. Well Guy I would like to know what I expect you all know over there this morning -- hope you are celebrating the war over. If it is I know there will be rejoicing Hope you are well and all right, write when you can. Best wishes from all your [_____] [_____] all right. Good bye and "Good luck"           Mama

[written upside down at top of 2nd page]

Guy, Judy is sending you some chewing gum, I will send you that boys letter that I think must be in your Division he is Mr. Lafayette Alexander's son. Pa left me at his Father's store the first time I ever went to Charlotte and he made a big cat jump through a hoop for my entertainment.           Mama

Source: Submitted by Sandra Shields Griffin. Transcription by Susan Shields Sasek

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