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Shields Surname Index

Benjamin Cowan Shields, Sr., Baseball Career "Scrapbook"

Boston Red Sox (American League)

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Year Statistics
1930 Ben Shields BOS Stats at Baseball
1930 Ben Shields BOS Stats at Baseball Almanac

Newspaper clipping (no name of newspaper)
"Fanning and Panning"
Article begins with: "Ben Shields is staging a great comeback fight as a rookie with the Boston Red Sox . . ."

Newspaper clipping (no name of newspaper)
"Shields Shines in Sox Drill"
26 Feb 1930

Newspaper clipping (no name of newspaper)
"22 Hurlers Out at Red Sox Camp, Ben Shields, Southpaw with
Yanks in 1926, Makes Good Impression Among New Flingers"

by Jack Malaney
26 Feb 1930

Newspaper clipping (no name of newspaper)
"Red Sox Will Give Ben Shields Tryout, Local Portsider Reports to Club"
by the Associated Press
27 Feb 1930

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Special thanks to my aunt Sandy Shields Griffin and to my father, Benjamin Cowan Shields, Jr. for giving me copies of the newspaper clippings, photos, and other information about my grandfather.

Online reference sources that I used for some of the baseball information:

Baseball Almanac

Historic Baseball

Retrosheet Official Web Page

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