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McGahey, McGahee (McGeachey) Wills and Probate Records

Milton McGahey Estate Papers

Mecklenburg Co., NC

Part 3

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Court order to sell real estate of Milton McGahey, 29 Jul 1873

Superior Court Mecklenburg County

Joseph M. Wilson Adm
of Milton McGahey decd
Mary N Alexander wife of Ezekiel Alexander
Laura Good{man} wife of Milton Good{man}
William McGahey, James &          }
Marg't McGahey & James Brown } Infants

This cause coming on to be heard upon the petition answer{s} proof of publication and exhibits and is appearing to the Court that the personal Estate of Milton McGahey decd is insufficient to pay his debt and the charges of administration -- It is therefore ordered and decreed that Joseph M. Wilson Administrator of said deceased have lisence {sic} to sell the real Estate of said Deceased which is described in the petition in order to pay the debts of said Intestate and charges of administration unpaid by the personal Estate -- It is further ordered that the said Joseph M. Wilson after due advertisement according to law proceed to sell said land upon the premises at the residence of late Milton McGahey decd to highest bidder at public auction on a credit of six months and that he take bond with good security

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for the purchase money & report to this court.  This cause {rela_ed} for further orders.

July 29 1873

E A Osborne
C.S.C. & P.J.

Court order, 29 Sep 1873

State of North Carolina,

To the Sheriff of Mecklenburg County {Greeting}

Whereas Ann McGaha widow of M. McGahee, lately filed her petition in our Superior Court against Mary A. Alexander & others heirs at law of said M. McGaha, and it was ordered that a writ of {dower} should issue in her behalf as to the following lands tenements and hereditaments to wit, a tract of one hundred acres of land situation {sic} Mecklenburg County adjoining Samuel Black, {Mrs.} R. C. Pott's Dower land, Chas. B. Wilson & others on the public road from Charlotte to Beatties Ford, about 16 miles north of Charlotte, on which said deceased lived and died.

{These are} therefore to command you to summon not more than twelve nor less than five {free} hold {sic} un connected with the parties either by consanguinity nor affinity and entirely disinterested, who, after being duly sworn by you, are to allot and set off to said Ann McGaha by metes and bounds one third of said land, tenements and hereditaments, including therein the dwelling house, and all offices, out houses, buildings and improvements thereunto belonging or in any way appertaining during her natural life, and to put her into the possession of the same and the allotment of {Dower} made by said {j}ury after being {r}educed into writing and signed by them you are to return to our said Court within

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thirty days from the receipt of this writ by you together with this writ,

Witn{ess} E. A. Osborne

Clerk of our said Superior Court at office in Charlotte this the 29th day of Sept 1873.

E. A. Osborne

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I de{pute} John L. Jetton to Execute
this process -- Oct 4

M. E. Alexander S{___}

Executed & {r}eport
filed  Oct 25 187{3}
John L. Jetton

$  {ct}
{fee} {250}

Ann McGahee


Ezekiel Alexander

{___ _____}

Writ of Dower

Notice re Dower, 19 Dec 187{3}


for Dower

Ann McGahey
Ezekiel Alexander & wife Mary N.
M. Goodrum & wife Laura
William McGahey &
James, and Margarette McGahey Infants

The above named defendants are notified that the suport {sic} of the commissioner for laying off the Dower in this case has been filed and will be confirmed unless the same is excepted to within ten days from service of this notice.
Decr 19th 187{3}

E A Osborne

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Source:  Submitted by Jean Ann McKay Taylor, Houston, Texas, great great granddaughter of Mary A.A. Henderson McGahey Dobbins.
Transcribed by Susan Shields Sasek & Jean Ann McKay Taylor.

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