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Henderson Documents, Manuscripts, Reports, etc.

William Lossen Henderson (1827 - 1871)

Family Record

Note: I received copies of this family record with the pages stapled together into several family groups. I have made a separate web page for each stapled group and have tried to format these web pages similar to the appearance of the typed pages. Some of the pages were typed in a small type font and the others in a large type font -- it appears to me to be 2 separate records, the older being typed with the larger type font (ca the older 10 point "pica" type font), the more recent being typed with the smaller type font (ca the older 12 point "elite" type font).

Both types were interleaved together, making the records appear duplicated; but I believe it is just an older and newer record. For ease of reading on these pages, I have sized the type font according to how it appears on the page & in addition, colored the large type font yellow.

My notes or items I had difficulty reading are enclosed in curly brackets { }.

Handwritten notes on my copy are indicated by being enclosed in square brackets [ ] and colored light purple.

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[6 --] William Lossen Henderson, Born May 18, 1827, Died July 19, 1871
Amelia Ann (Born around 1835)

Lilly O. Henderson, Born June 14, 1856, Died May 29, 1877*
Lizzie E. Henderson, Born June 11, 1860, Died April 1, 1876*
James R. Hendersonn {sic}, Born 1862, Died 1916?
Ida N. Henderson, Born 1864
Harriet I. Henderson (Carrie), Born 1856, Died Nov. 20, 1891 at 25 Yrs. 2 Mo. 2 days*
Minnie E. Henderson, Born April 16, 1869, Died March 28, 1876*
W. O. Henderson, Born 1871, Died {no date listed}

Carrie married D. Bruce Overcash

{Note that on previous pages, the asterisks following the death dates usually referred to a burial place, but none is listed on this page}


William Henderson was a very rich and proud man.  His children were given many advantages.  They had servants and never learned to work.

William died at an early age (about 44 years) leaving a large family.  One of the girls died of pneumonia after attending a party in very bad weather and catching a cold.  Then another teen ager died.

William's children had never learned how to be independent and gradually they lost all their land through mortgages.

Ida Henderson developed a deformity of the face, which the old people said came from taking too much calomel. (a laxative used in 1800's)

William L. Henderson's will and probate are in Mecklenburg County Courthouse.  Will Book K.  Page 62, dated Aug. 27, 1871.  He listed his wife Amelia Ann, and all the children by ages.  Also listed is Jane or James Pelocomia (Who is this)

In Deed book 66, Page 222 Meck. County Courthouse we find Indentures made June 27, 1889 between A. A. Henderson, J. R. Henderson, Ida M. Henderson and W. L. Henderson, D. B. Overcash and his wife Carrie.  This shows how the land was divided between the children.  Mrs. A. A. Henderson lived there at the time.  The place contained 334 acres and was subdivided as follows:
Lot # 4 alloted {sic s/b allotted} to J. R. Henderson - 74-1/2 acres
Lot # 2 Alloted {sic} to Carrie Overcash containing 95 acres
Lot # {no #} alloted {sic} to W. L. 86 acres.
Lot # 3 alloted {sic} to Ida and embraced remainder of farm about 65 acres.

In Deed book 91, Page 646 we see where J. R. and Ida M. are sole heirs and they agreed to the sale of the land in said mortgage.  Land was sold at courthouse in Concord Dec. 5, 1892 and purchased by D. B. Overcash (Carrie's husband) and P. M. Morris.

William Henderson and children are buried in Ramah Cemetery, but no marker was found for his wife Amelia Ann.  We know from the above papers she was dead in 1892.  We do not know if she remarried.  She was a very young woman when her husband Died.  According to the census she would have been about 36 years old when her husband died.

James R. Henderson (Williams surviving son) married a girl from Columbia, S. C. and Moved there.  He had twins.  He died in S. C. about 1916.  We have no records of his descendants.  We do know he married a girl of the Catholic Faith.

(Above information furnished by Mrs. Katie Cathey, niece of William L. Henderson)

Bleaker Mae Henderson tells us she was named for Ida Mae Henderson, that Ida was a great seamstress and was in great demand.  She ran a millinery shop in downtown Charlotte and never married.

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Born Died
6 -- William Lossen Henderson May 18, 1827 July 19, 1871*
Amelia Ann about 1835  

Lilly O. Henderson June 14, 1856 May 29, 1877*
Lizzie E. Henderson June 11, 1860 April 1, 1876
James R. Henderson about 1862 1916?
Ida [M] Henderson about 1864  
Harriet I. Henderson (Carrie) September 18, 1866 November 20, 1891*
Minnie E. Henderson April 16, 1869 March 28, 1876
W. O. Henderson about 1871

Carrie Henderson married D. B. Overcash. No. children
James R. Henderson married in Columbia, S.C. and had twins. No records

* Buried at Ramah Presbyterian Church, Huntersville, N. C.

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Source: Based on notes found in the record, this was probably compiled by Peggy Henderson Phillips and Raymell H. Williams, with additional research by Marilyn Simpson.

Submitted by: Helen Skerry

Online transcription by Susan Shields Sasek.

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