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Henderson Documents, Manuscripts, Reports, etc.

James Henderson (1786 - 1863)

Family Record

Note: I received copies of this family record with the pages stapled together into several family groups. I have made a separate web page for each stapled group and have tried to format these web pages similar to the appearance of the typed pages. Some of the pages were typed in a small type font and the others in a large type font -- it appears to me to be 2 separate records, the older being typed with the larger type font (ca the older 10 point "pica" type font), the more recent being typed with the smaller type font (ca the older 12 point "elite" type font).

Both types were interleaved together, making the records appear duplicated; but I believe it is just an older and newer record. For ease of reading on these pages, I have sized the type font according to how it appears on the page & in addition, colored the large type font yellow.

My notes or items I had difficulty reading are enclosed in curly brackets { }.

Handwritten notes on my copy are indicated by being enclosed in square brackets [ ] and colored light purple.


James Henderson, Born August 24, 1786, Died Jan. 4, 1863 -- 76 Yrs. 4 Mo. 20 Days

Married to:

Jane Henderson, Born May 15, 1788, Died Nov. 27, 1850.  62 Yr, 6 Mo, 12 days

1 -- Martha Henderson, Born October 5, 1812
2 -- Isabella N. Henderson, Born January 24, 1815
3 -- Robert Harvey Henderson, Born June 10, 1817, Died Apr. 19, 1891, 73 yrs, 10 Mo., 9 days
4 -- Hugh Elam Henderson, Born July 24, 1819, Died April 28, 1885
5 -- Jane Aliene {sic} Henderson, Born October 24, 1824, Died April 22, 1898
6 -- William Losson Henderson, Born May 18, 1827, Died July 19, 1871

There is a James C. Henderson, died May 20, 1844 age 22 years and 19 days, buried with the Hendersons at Ramah Cemetery.  We do not know whether this is a child of James and Jane Henderson above, or a relative.  The age would indicate that he could be a son.

James and Jane Henderson and William Losson Henderson are buried at Ramah Church.  Jane Aliene {sic} Henderson Shields is buried at Hopewell Pres.  Martha, Isabell and Hugh Elam's burial place unknown.

James Henderson, Born 1786

Not much is known about James Henderson.

The 1820 Census list {sic} a James Henderson who was a farmer.  The family consisted of 1 male from 26-45, 1 female from 26-45, 2 males under 10, 2 females under 10 and 1 female slave.  This could be our James Henderson as the ages are correct.

The 1860 Census, Western Division listed William L. Henderson 33, farmer His wife Amelia 25, one child 2 and James 74, farmer.

We know that James Henderson was buried at Ramah Pres. Church Cemetery, near Huntersville, N. C.  We find his wife listed as a member there and his son William L. was an officer there.  So much of the Ramah Church papers are missing we could not tell if he was a member there.

We know that Dr. Walter Smiley Pharr was the minister at Ramah Church in the 1800's.  Dr. Pharr married Robert Harvey Henderson and Harriet J. Dickson.  We think they named their first son after Dr. Pharr.

James Hendersons will is recorded at Mecklenburg County Court House Charlotte, N. C. in Will Book J, Page 157.  From this will we know he owned land, as he willed 124 acres to his son, William.

William Henderson's land was sold at the courthouse in Concord, Dec. 5, 1892 for mortgages and purchased by D. B. Overcash and P. M. Morris for $1520.00  Part of William's land lay in Mecklenburg County and part in Cabarrus County.  This may or may not be the land William inherited from his father, James.  Deed Book 91, Page 546.

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James Henderson August 24, 1786 January 14, 1863*
Jane May 15, 1788 November 27, 1850*
1 -- Martha Henderson October 5, 1812  
2 -- Isabella N. Henderson January 24, 1815  
3 -- Robert Harvey Henderson June 10, 1817 April 19, 1891
4 -- Hugh Elam Henderson July 24, 1819 April 28, 1885
5 -- Jane Aliene {sic} Henderson October 24, 1824 April 22, 1898
6 -- William Losson Henderson May 18, 1827 July 19, 1871

*Buried at Ramah Presbyterian Church, Huntersville, N. C.

There is a James C. Henderson, born 1822, died May 20, 1844 (22 years, 19 days) buried with James and Jane Henderson.  We do not know if this is a child yet.

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Born October 5, 1812.  Married Francis A. Bradley, August 12, 1836 (son of James Bradley and Hannah Bradley).  They had five children:  Jane, James, John, William and Martha.  Bought property from his father in Long Creek Community, N.C.

Born January 24, 1815.  Married Robert N. Henderson (Possibly a relative.) August 19, 1840.  They had four children:  Isabella, Elwin, Jane and Susan.

Born June 10, 1817.  Died April 19, 1891.  Married twice - (1) Harried J. Dickson by whom he had one son William Smiley Pharr Henderson (2) Manurva (also written as Minerva) Crowell.  They had five children:  James Madison (known at Matt), Joseph Eli (known as Eli), Eliza Jane (called Jane), Dallas Alexander (called Dallas) and Michael Monroe.  SEE ROBERT HARVEY HENDERSON FAMILY GROUP.

Born July 24, 1819.  Died April 28, 1885.  Married Jane P. Carrigan.  They had three children:  Mary, Erixney Jane, and James Robert.  Hugh and Jane were married August 22, 1843.  Hugh served in the Civil War as a guard for the Union Soldiers in Salisbury, N. C.  Contacted {sic} T. B. while in service and was ill for a number of years.

Born October 24, 1824.  Died April 22, 1898.  Married Alexander Cowan Shields.  1860 census lists him as a farmer living in West Mecklenburg Co.  They had seven children:  Thomas Lafayette Shields, William Benjamin, David Henderson, Robert Hugh, Cowan Lemley, Mary Jane and Maggie Lane Shields.

Born May 18, 1827.  Died July 19, 1871.  Married Amelia Ann.  William was a very rich and proud man.  His children were given many advantages.  They had servants and never learned to work.  William died at an early age (about 44 years) leaving a large family.  His children had never learned how to be independent and gradually they lost all their land through mortgages.  Their children were:  Lilly, Lizzie, James R., Ida N., Harriett (Carrie), Minnie, and W. O.  According to the will of James Henderson, William Losson inherited 124 acres, the plantation on which James lived.

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Born Died
1.  Martha Henderson October 5, 1812  
Married August 12, 1836 to:  
Francis A. Bradley about 1813  
Jane Bradley About 1837  
James Bradley About 1840  
John Bradley About 1842  
William Bradley About 1845  
Martha Bradley About 1848  

Francis Bradley and childrens ages taken from 1860 census.

2 -- Isabella N. Henderson January 24, 1815  
Married August 19, 1840 to:  
Robert N. Henderson About 1817  
Isabella Henderson About 1843  
Elwin Henderson About 1845  
Jane Henderson About 1847  
Susan Henderson ? About 1848  

Robert N. Henderson and childrens ages taken from 1860 census.  We are not certain this is correct.

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ISABELLA N. HENDERSON, Born January 24, 1815

We find at the register of deeds office in Meck. Co. the following:


This is probable {sic} correct as Robert H. Henderson was Isabella's brother.  It is not known if Robert N. Henderson (Isabella's husband) was a distant relative or unrelated.

This is all we know about Isabella, but there are deeds at the courthouse showing Robert N. Henderson had transactions on land.  William L. Henderson and W. F. Henderson were witnesses.  Book 3, Page 710.  This deed does not list Robert N. Henderson's wife however.

1 -- Martha Henderson, Born October 5, 1812

We know from the will of James Henderson that Martha Henderson married a Bradley.

The Robert Harvey Henderson old records list Martha as Martha Jane Henderson, but this is unlikely as the youngest daughter is named Jane Aliene {sic} Henderson.

The following record of a marriage bond was found at the Carolina Room, Public Library, Charlotte, N. C.:

FRANCIS A BRADLEY MARRIED MARTHA HENDERSON, August 12, 1836.  William W. Price was bondsman and witness.

At the Register of Deeds office in the Mecklenburg County Courthouse we find the following concerning Bradleys.

Book 5, Page 188 -- Francis Bradley bought land from his father James Bradley and Hannah Bradley in Long Creek.

Deed Book 26, Page 202, March 15, 1839.
Francis A. Bradley sold land on waters of Long Creek to John E. Henderson.

Grantee Deed Book 24, Page 527.
Francis A. Bradley sold for $137 to James Henderson and James Bradley the following:
1 gig, 1 bureau, 1 desk, 1 mens and womans saddle, 3 bedsteds {sic}, 2 beds and clothing, 2 bridles, 1 gig whip, 2 side shovel plows, 2 stone hammers, 1 single-tree, 7 head sheep, 6 head of cattle, 1 claw hammer, 3 chisels, wooden vice, 1 barrel, 1 pail, 2 tin buckets, 1 wooden bucket, 1 set fire irons, 2 spinning wheels, 3 tables, 1 family Bible, 2 small Bibles, 1 new testament book, Blakes Philosophy, 2 vol. Browns Dictionary, 5 hymn books, Dunkins- man advice to a young christian, confession of faith -Hines, 1 musicle {sic} book, 2 picks, one draw pin, one instrument for extracting teeth, all my cupboard furniture, 1 spider, 1 fry pan, Also all my crop of wheat, corn, cotten {sic} , oates {sic}, hay and fadder {sic}, etc.  All and every article of the above named property, to James Bradley and James Henderson and defend against the lawful claims of all and every person whatsoever.  In witness whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and test.
F. Doherty, Witness
Francis A. Bradley

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{Copy of will of James Henderson dated 4 April 1855. 
Click here to view a transcription of James Henderson's will.}

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On microfilm at the Carolina Room, Main Library, Charlotte, N. C.

In this county, on the 14th inst, of Apoplexy, James Henderson
Early in life he connected himself with the Presbyterian Church, of which he continued a consistent and exemplary member until his death.  For a number of years he was a Deacon, which office he discharged with honor to himself and acceptance to the church.  He died in a good old age, being 76 years, 4 months and 20 days old, and universally beloved, leaving the church and numerous descendants to mourn their loss.

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Source: Based on notes found in the record, this was probably compiled by Peggy Henderson Phillips and Raymell H. Williams, with additional research by Marilyn Simpson.

Submitted by: Helen Skerry

Online transcription by Susan Shields Sasek.

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