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Henderson Documents, Manuscripts, Reports, etc.

Dallas Alexander Henderson (1860 - 1934)

Family Record

Note: I received copies of this family record with the pages stapled together into several family groups. I have made a separate web page for each stapled group and have tried to format these web pages similar to the appearance of the typed pages. Some of the pages were typed in a small type font and the others in a large type font -- it appears to me to be 2 separate records, the older being typed with the larger type font (ca the older 10 point "pica" type font), the more recent being typed with the smaller type font (ca the older 12 point "elite" type font).

Both types were interleaved together, making the records appear duplicated; but I believe it is just an older and newer record. For ease of reading on these pages, I have sized the type font according to how it appears on the page & in addition, colored the large type font yellow.

My notes or items I had difficulty reading are enclosed in curly brackets { }.

Handwritten notes on my copy are indicated by being enclosed in square brackets [ ] and colored light purple.

[I.  Robert Henderson (1750-55 / 1788)]
[II. James Henderson (1786 - 1863)]
[III. Robert Harvey Henderson]


Dallas Alexander Henderson February 18, 1860 May 13, 1934*
Married December 30, 1884 to:  
Sarah Rocinda Beaver June 3, 1862 July 30, 1938*
Eunice Bell Henderson March 14, 1886 April 2, 1967
Lola Minerva Henderson October 16, 1887 [April 8, 1978]
Robert Henry Henderson January 28, 1890 October 19, 1910*
Bleaker May Henderson[*] May 5, 1892 [March 28, 1985]
John Dowd Henderson November 7, 1894 [February 16, 1979]
Etta Evaline Henderson June 23, 1897 December 23, 1918*
Donald Alexander Henderson July 18, 1900 May 9, 1973
William Charles Lee Henderson September 13, 1904 November 16, 1933*

* Buried in Philadelphia Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Mint Hill, N.C.

Robert Henry Henderson never married.
Etta Evaline Henderson never married.
William Charles Lee Henderson married Frances Lankford January 16, 1932.


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Born Died
Bleaker May Henderson May 5, 1892  
Married April 10, 1912 to:  
John McCamie Wilson October 4, 1890 April 21, 1953*
1 -- Robert Edwin Wilson February 7, 1916  
2 -- John McCamie Wilson, Jr. February 10, 1920 May 17, 1960*
3 -- Helen Henderson Wilson [*] {see Helen Wilson below}
June 30, 1921  
4 -- Kenneth Boyce Wilson May 28, 1929  

* Buried Sharon Memorial Park, Charlotte, N. C.

[* Helen Henderson Wilson
    m. Robert Allen Skerry 8-21-1943
        1.  Barbara Alice Skerry (McFall)
        2.  Margaret Ann Skerry (Wren)
        3.  Robert Allen Skerry, Jr.
        4.  Carol Susan Skerry (Ashford)]

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James Henderson (1786 - 1863)
Robert Harvey Henderson (1817 - 1891)
Hugh Elam Henderson (1819 - 1885)
Jane Ailene Henderson (1824 - 1898)
William Lossen Henderson (1827 - 1871)

Source: Based on notes found in the record, this was probably compiled by Peggy Henderson Phillips and Raymell H. Williams, with additional research by Marilyn Simpson.

Submitted by: Helen Skerry

Online transcription by Susan Shields Sasek.

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