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Gardner Church and Religious Records

Harmony Church, Nash Co., NC
Membership List 1868 - 1871

Harmony Church, 1868-1871:

Arrington, Dr. Thomas C. M. Class Leader, 1871
Arrington, Anna E. M.  
Avent, Thomas W. W.  
Duke, Mary E. M.  
Avent, James W. M.  
Draper, Zacharah (sic) M. Class Leader, 1869, 1870, 1871
Fox, Mary K. W. Died, Ca. 1871.
Edwards, Harriett W. (Died, 1871)
Rowland, Sallie A. M.  
Rowland, Ditron (Ditson) T. M.  
Tucker, John M. (Died, 1872)
Tucker, Martha E. M.  
Tucker, Martha J. S. (Married Rowland, ca. 1871)
Tucker, Francis Ann S.  
King, Rebecca S.  
Tucker, Wright M.  
Tucker, Lillie A. M. (Died, spring, 1870)
Macklin, Jane M. ("W" in 1870-71)
Macklin, Francis W. S.  
Macklin, Elizabeth H. S.  
Macklin, John S. ("M" in 1870-71)
Cyrus, Elizabeth S.  
Cyrus, Sallie S. (Died, spring, 1870)
Drake, Charity D. M.  
Harper, Rebecca M. W.  
Powell, Anna E. S.  
Odom, Mary F. M.  
Gardner, Mary A. S. (Married Saunders; withdrew, ca. 1871)
Gardner, Pattie S. (Withdrew, ca. 1871)
Hedgepeth, Henry S.  
King, Benjamin M.  
Cook, Annie E. S. (Married Portis)
Tucker, Taylor M.  
Tucker, Amanda M. M.  
Dickens, John King M.  
King, Mary S. (Not listed, 1870-1871)
Harris or Morris, Martha L. W.  
Tucker, Margaret A. W. (Removed to Florida, ca. 1871)
Macklin, Sarah J. S.  
Meadows, Julia Ann S. (Listed as "M" -- Julia A. Macklin, in 1870-71)
Dickens, Rebecca S.  
[Cooly] Coley, Elizabeth S.  
Dickens, Mary Jane W. (Dropped)
Cooper, Nevelson W. M.  
Cooper, Martha M.  
Cooper, Bettie A. S.  
Draper, Benjamin F. S.  
Cook, James H. M. (Died, 1873)
Probationers, Sept. 1869:
Harris, John R. M.  
Gardner, Thomas H. M. (Withdrawn, 1872)
Gardner, Sarah B. M.  

Harmony Church
Continued --

Added. 1870-1871:
Thornton, John J. M.  
Avent, Thomas V. M.  
Freeman, Mary D. M. Prob. September, 1871
Freeman, James M.    "              "               "
Cooper, Tempe A. S.    "              "               "
Vick, Nanny A. S.    "              "               " (Married Braswell, ca. 1871-72)
Williams, Littleberry S. (?)    "              "               "
Cooper, Thomas J. S    "              "               "
Cooper, George B. M.    "              "               "
Cooper, Ellis A. M    "              "              ""
Powell, Virginia A. S    "              "               "
Williams, Cary -- Prob. November, 1871
Howenton, William B. --    "              "               " {arrow "Discontinued 1872"}
Drury, Sally Ann
--     "     September, 1871
Added, ca. 1871:
Pitts, Harriet P. S.  
Pitts, Mary A. L. S.  
Arrington, John M.  
Privete (sic), Anna M.  
Wiggins, Anna W. M.  
Ca. 1871:
Burgess, Tempe    
Draper, Sally B.    
Cooper, Nannie    
Pitts, Hardy    

Source: Submitted by:  Ken Wilson

Online transcriptions by Susan Shields Sasek, 19 Feb 2004

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