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Gardner Church and Religious Records

Harmony Church
Nash Co., NC


Harmony (M.P.) Church

deeded by Thomas W. Avent to W. T. Wright, Zack. Draper, T. C. Arrington, Wm. H. Jones, & Tho. W. Avent.

(Circa 1860)

It was dedicated by Dr. W. H. Wills on Sunday, Aug. 17, 1860.

Harmony Church, Nash County, North Carolina

Harmony Church was dedicated by Reverend William H. Wills on Sunday, August 17, 186{missing}

Harmony Church, Hilliardston, was listed in the Business Directory, 1872, with "Whitaker" (probably G. A. T. Whitaker) listed as minister. Also, Directory, 1877=78.

The Tar River Circuit was dropped from the appointments in 1897 and Harmony was then attached to the Halifax Circuit. (Journal, 1897)

Harmony was taken from the Halifax Circuit and moved to the Rocky Mount Circuit in 1903.

The church was declared extinct on October 29, 1937, at a Quarterly Conference held at Bethesda Church.

{handwritten note at bottom of page}

The church building was torn down about 1960.

Harmony Church News Article, (undated)

Harmony. -- We were glad to have with us the past week-end, our pastor and his wife, Rev. and Mrs. D. D. Broome. They were also with us the fourth Sunday of December, and the first of the following week. He preached a splendid sermon for us the fourth and fifth Sundays also.

The smaller children of our Sunday School delivered a Christmas program on Monday night during the Christmas season. Our church also had a Christmas tree. The entire community took part in making this Christmas tree as attractive as possible. A splendid time was enjoyed by everyone who attended.

The Woman's Missionary Society held its regular monthly meeting at the church Saturday afternoon.

We are sorry to report that one of our Sunday School teachers, Miss Sudie Medlock, has been ill at her home for some time. We all wish for her a speedy recovery. Mrs. Charlie Hughes has also been ill for some time. Little Elma Woody, a young member of the Sunday School, was present Sunday for the first time in several Sundays. She has been absent on account of a broken leg. We were all glad to see Elma back.

We were glad to have several visitors with us Sunday.

Our church had a very good record for the past year, but we are all planning to have a still better one for the new year.

Best wishes for the Herald and its readers. A happy and prosperous New Year.


Source: Submitted by:  Ken Wilson

Online transcriptions by Susan Shields Sasek, 19 Feb 2004

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