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Gardner Bible Records


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Exhibit No. 1

The following is a copy of family data on Henry Arrington that came to me from my aunt Velora Arrington Stallins, now 81 years old, and whose present health and state of mind would not be conducive to dependable confirmation as to where she obtained it. The data is: --

"Henry Arrington was born
the 29th of September 1776
Elizabeth My Wife was born
born {sic} the 18 of March 1781.
We was married the 26th
September 1799.
Sally Arrington daughter
of Henry Arrington and
Elizabeth his wife was born
Tuesday the 7th
August 1801
James Arrington son of
Henry Arrington and
Elizabeth his wife was born
February 26th on Sunday
1804. And died '


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Source: Probably transcribed by Ernest E. Arrington. Note on last page of written transcription: "Note: I affirm that the foregoing data Re: Henry Arrington is a copy of the data in my posession {sic} that came to me as having been written by Henry Arrington himself -- Ernest E. Arrington -- Notary Public, 3/8/70, My Commission Expires Jan. 6, 1974. {Different handwriting}: contributed by: Mrs. Murray L. Crosse, {address deleted for privacy}, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87108"

Submitted by:  Ken Wilson

Online transcription by Susan Shields Sasek. My notes are in curly brackets { }.

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