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Rhoda Luck, mother of Joyce Pemberton, was the fifth child of Frances and Sarah Luck.  She was married to William Pemberton in or about 1775 and died in Adams County, Ohio, Jan. 1, 1845.

(The compiler is in possession of a piece of linen which was spun and woven by Rhoda Luck Pemberton.  The linen was part of the lining of a quilt.  It was given to Ninna Arnold by her aunt, India Anne Arnold.  Miss Arnold came into possession of the relic through her mother, Katie Luck Pemberton, daughter of Rhoda Luck Pemberton and wife of Josephus Arnold.  Miss Ninna Arnold, then of Peebles, Ohio, presented the piece to the compiled in 1925.)

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Francis Luck was a captain of Pittsylvania Militia in the Revolution.  Luck and twenty-six other men were nominated as captain by the Committee of Safety on Sept. 27, 1775.  The list was returned to court and ordered to be recorded Feb. 27, 1777 (Pittsylvania County Records, Vol. 19, p. 307.  See also Carter, The History of Pittsylvania County Virginia, p. 143)

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Isaac East was compelled to dispose of the land he inherited from his father to satisfy a debt.  A public record entry dated June 11, 1805 reads as follows:

"Isaac East of Pittsylvania County, in order to secure the payment of his debt to Samuel Panniel (merchant) of Campbell County, for which execution has been issued, Isaac doth hereby grant and sell 36 acres in Pittsylvania County on Staunton River, being part of the land of Thomas East, deceased, which was allotted to Isaac East by commission appointed to divide the lands of said Thomas East, deceased, which said 36 acres of land was lot No. 2 and bounded by the lands of Elizabeth East, Joseph East, and land of Obedience East's entry on land of Thomas East."

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Isaac East removed to Adams County, Ohio, early in the 19th century but the year is unknown to the compiler.  He last appears of record in Pittsylvania County in 1805.  It is known that he was in Adams County in 1813.  William Pemberton went to Ohio in 1808 and it is not unlikely that Isaac East went at the same time.

Isaac East lived one and one-half miles west of Locust Grove, Ohio, on what is now known as the "Old Dunbar farm."  He was buried in Locust Grove cemetery on the highway between Peebles and Locust Grove.  His gravestone bears this inscription:  "Isaac East died Aug. 29, 1830 in the 54th year of his age."

Miss Beatrice Davis, who visited the grave in March, 1925, at the request of the compiler, wrote:  "I found Isaac East's grave in Locust Grove cemetery.  The grave is well kept and had a good monument.  The monument is old and leaning some yet it is in fairly good condition."

Joyce East died in Adams county some time after 1850 for her name appears in the United States census report for that year.  Her age then is stated to be 70 years and her place of birth Virginia.  Her name was not found in the 1860 census.  L. N. Conaway of Peebles, Ohio, born in 1846, told Miss Beatrice Davis that he remembered the funeral of Joyce East and that he was then 11 or 12 years old.  This would place her death at 1857 or 1858.

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"Joyce was a lively and congenial woman," wrote Miss Davis in her report.  "She had a disease, in those days known as 'wild-fire' and had to have one leg amputated above the knee.  Yet she delighted to show the youngsters that she could jump over a log as well as they."

A copy of a tintype picture of Joyce Pemberton East is in possession of this compiler.  The original was owned in 1932 by Abigail Tener, {street address omitted for privacy}, Sabina, Ohio.  In response to an inquiry, Miss Tener wrote: "The kodak print of Joyce Pemberton East taken from an original picture in my possession was, as you say, a tintype.  There is no mark whatever on it.  When I was a small child and looking through the small album I would ask who certain pictures were and can remember father as speaking of this as 'Granny East.'  As you know, Sarah East Tener and Joshua Tener were my grandparents.

Joyce Pemberton East lived for many years with her daughter, Sarah and the latter's husband, Joshua Tener.  She was buried in Locust Grove cemetery near her husband but her grave is unmarked.

Isaac East bought land in Adams County and appears to have farmed until he died.

The Third Generation

Isaac and Joyce (Pemberton) East had:

{1}  Elizabeth b probably in Pittsylvania County d May 1884 at Bainbridge /?/ Ohio; m James Bennett b 23 Sept 1824 in Adams county Ohio, d 12 July 1817 in same

{2}  Catherine m 12 July 1817 in Adams County Ohio Joseph Tarr

{3}  Thomas b 1808 d 1809

{4}  Nancy m in Adams County Ohio 15 Feb 1819 William Nickols (Nickolas or Nichols)

{5}  Sarah Katherine b 3 Sept 1808 d 20 Aug 1858 probably near Locust Grove Ohio; m 29 Dec 1825 in Adams County Joshua Porter Tener b 17 Apr 1800 d 4 Mar 1865

{6}  Rhoda m 9 Dec 1824 in Adams County James Cox

{7}  Julia Ann b 8 Jan 1811 in Adams County d 8 Jan 1859 buried in Dunn's Chapel /?/ cemetery near Hillsboro Ohio; m 19 Aug 1827 in Adams County James Frost b 13 Jan 1807 d 14 Dec 1876

{8}  Thomas b 24 April 1813 near Locust Grove, Ohio d 28 Sept 1864 near Milmine, Ill.; m 17 Nov 1833 /1832?/ in Adams County Priscilla McCracken b 5 May 1817 in Adams County of Henry and Ann (Holman) McCracken, d 18 Sept 1897 (both buried Decatur, (Ill. / cemetery)

{9}  William

{10}  John Milton b 27 Aug 1817 near Locust Grove Ohio d 2 Oct 1896 at Dunlap, Kansas; m 2 Aug 1842 Drusilla A. King b 3 Aug in Virginia d 2 June 1885

{11}  Isaac d aged about 27

{Page 11}

Isaac East (senior) seems to have supplied the names for his sons and Joyce the names for their daughters.  All the boys had East names and most of the girls Pemberton family names.  Rhoda was the name of the mother of Joyce, and Sarah of her grandmother, Sarah Luck.  Nancy was the name of the wife of Joseph Pemberton.  Joyce's father named his second daughter Caty (possibly from Caterine LeSeur) but she died young and he named his third daughter Caty Luck Pemberton.

Thomas East, son of Isaac, engaged in farming in Adams County and as such was listed in the census of 1850.  A value of $732 was placed on his real estate by the census enumerator.  In the autumn of 1851 Thomas East moved to Christian County, Illinois.  He lived in Taylorville during the winter and moved in the spring to a farm 2-1/2 miles west of Taylorville.  He later moved to a farm in the northern part of Christian County near the town of Pawnee.  He moved some time after 1860 to a farm one mile south and one-quarter mile west of Milmine, Illinois.

Thomas, who also had a large family, appears to have acquired little property although he bought several places when land was cheap.  Priscilla, his wife, complained some about moving from Ohio to Illinois/  She was the daughter of Henry McCracken b March 22, 1781 in Pennsylvania; died after 1830 in Adams County, Ohio, and Ann (Holman) McCracken, born July 4, 1786 in Pennsylvania; died Sept. 9, 1878 at Clermont, Mo.  Her parents had twelve children and a number were "bound out" to other families.  Priscilla was "bound" to a family named Cannon.  She had seven sons under 21 years old when her husband died but managed to hold her family well together and made special sacrifices to insure her children's education.

The compiler is in possession of the original "Schedule of a Common School" for the Milmine district in the school year which began Oct. 3, 1864, shortly after the death of Thomas East.  H. A. Stark was the teacher.  Five sons of Priscilla East attended school during the term.  Ulrich, 8 years old, and Oscar, 6, started on Oct. 3 and continued until school closed on March 21, 1865.  Wheatly, 14, and Frank, 10, entered on Nov. 4.  Joseph, 16, began on Dec. 5.  Stillman Barber, the compiler's maternal grandfather, was treasurer of the school board.  Attending as a pupil was Sarah C. Barber, daughter of Stillman, who became the wife of Wheatly East.

Thomas East was a good carpenter and cabinet-maker and plied this craft to enlarge his income.  He made baskets, chairs, handles for tools, and many articles of wood.  Oscar N. East, son of Thomas, preserved a large chiffonier which his father made.  Thomas East was a Methodist, and quite devout, as also was his wife, Priscilla.

Priscilla East in the late years of her life lived alone in a cottage in Milmine next door to her son, Oscar.  The compiler well remembers that when a boy his father directed him to stop on his way home from the village school and carry in for his grandmother a bucket of coal.  She frequently rewarded him with a penny for his labor.  Wheatly East took his mother half a hog after he had butchered in the autumn of one year, the compiler remembers.

{Page 12}

Thomas and Mildred (Timberlake) East had:

{1}  Lorenzo Dow  unmarried; died aged about 90 years

{2}  Jackson b 1813 died in Virginia; m (1) unknown; m (2) 3 April 1865 Anna Dove.

{3}  Leland T/imberlake?/ died in Virginia; m

{4}  Thomas C b near Altavista, Va. ab 1809 d 8 April 1871 near Chatham, Va.  m 1837 Matilda (Watson) Shackleford

{5}  John East  d 1838 in Virginia; m Clarisa ___ who d 1883

Joseph and Polly (Bell) East had:

{1}  Thomas b 25 Dec 1803 d 2 Oct 1890 near Fincastle, Tenn.; m Elizabeth West of Joseph and Catherine (McAney) West, b 1807 d 8 Dec 1894 in Tennessee

{2}  Joseph b 1815 d 1881 in Virginia

{3}  Isaac b 1817 removed to Sinking Spring, Ohio and died there, 1894.

{4}  Elizabeth Louise m William Bernet 16 Jan 1839 in Pittsylvania County

   Nathaniel W. East of Whittles Depot, Va., of John O. East, of Thomas and Elizabeth (West) East, wrote in 1925 that his grandfather, before 1848, removed from Pittsylvania County to Mercer County, Virginia.  In 1867 Thomas removed to Fincastle, Tenn., with his wife and nine of his eleven children.  Nathaniel W. East forwarded to the compiler a page from his father's Bible containing essential family data.

Ezekiel and Elizabeth (Worsham) East had:

{1}  Thomas East b 1802 d 1867 in Virginia, probably on part of his father's plantation; m Parthaenia Lane who is buried in Lane cemetery near Straightstone

{2}  Wesley

{3}  Agnes  unmarried

{4}  Obedience m James King

{5}  Permelia m Thomas Eason or Eastham

{6}  Henry b (twin) about 1817 in Pittsylvania County d April 1866 near Latham, Ohio.  Removed in 1855 from Pittsylvania to Wilmington, Clinton County, Ohio; removed to Locust Grove, Adams County, Ohio in 1856; removed soon to Pike County, Ohio; m Susanna Lay b 14 Oct 1822 d 16 June 1861 buried in Jones Chapple cemetery 5 miles south of Bainbridge, Ohio

{7}  Ezekiel b (twin) about 1817 in Pittsylvania d there about 1887

{8}  John East

{9}  Sarah East

Pages 1 - 4 Pages 5 - 8

Source: Virginia State Library Archives, Richmond, VA; Accession #22660.
Transcription by Susan Shields Sasek, 6 Jan 2004.

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