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Corell & Correll Miscellaneous Research Records

Corell and Correll Family Notes

These are notes that I took -- the information may or may not be correct. These are secondary sources and, as with all genealogical data, the information should be verified with an original source when possible.

Notes from telephone conversation with Sara Akers on 3 Jul 1988

George Valentine Corell (a wealthy man), and a brother, only came to the colonies once. He married in Augusta Co., VA (before 1810) to Catherine Weaver, sister of George & daughter of John. Her father was dead by the time she was married.

Valentine left Augusta Co. in 1810. He was a member of the Presbyterian Church in Montgomery Co., VA.

Re the Corrells:

In the 1500's, they were in Spain & oppressed as they rejected the Roman Catholic church & became Christians. They traveled from Spain to France to Germany. 5 groups of them went up into the Pureney [spelling?] mountains in Germany for 2 or 3 generations. When they came out of the mountains, they spoke a mixture of Spanish & German.

Hannah Lemon lived approximately 112 years. Her mother's maiden name was Van Dyke. She's buried near Union Valley.

George W. Correll [who married Malinda] was a member of the Brethren church.

James P. [Correll] married Octavia Patterson.

Notes from telephone conversation with Jane Reid, 9 Jul 1989.

Albert Corell is a cousin of Sarah [Corell Akers ?] & living in Richmond in 1980.

Valentine Corell had a family Bible that was written in German. It burned in a fire.

Valentine Corell married Catherine Weaver. Catherine had a brother named George.

Valentine Corell [adamant about the spelling having just 1 'r'], had a brother named Augustus.

Janes ancestor, Abraham Corell, resided in Winchester, VA -- to MD in 1850. Abraham married Ann Lyder (or Lider), 1824 in Loudoun Co., VA. Marriage record states Nancy Strider.

Valentine Corell came to America ca 1797, age 18. He had lived in Berlin, possibly left for America from Hamberg (not from England -- came over from Germany).

He was an indentured servant & worked at a Norfolk foundry for 18 months to pay for his passage. He left Norfolk & moved to Augusta Co., VA.

In 1810, he left Augusta Co., VA & moved to Montgomery Co., VA.

His younger brother was Augustus. Valentine lost contact with him after he moved to Montgomery Co. In 1830, Augustus was in Norfolk & had 3 children.

Source: Notes from telephone conversations with other Corell and Correll researchers by Susan Shields Sasek.
My notes are in brackets [ ].

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