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Corell & Correll Miscellaneous Research Records

Retirement Notice of

Caleb Andrew Corell, Locomotive Engineer, Norfolk & Western Railroad

Bro. C. A. Correll, Div. 301

Finis was recently written to the active service of Brother Caleb A. Correll of Div. 301 when he was retired by the Norfolk & Western Railroad.

He had been 40 years in the service of that system, but because of disability found it necessary to retire. The railroad awarded him a 40-year service button which he proudly wears.

He regrets being relieved from active service, he says, as it has been a great pleasure to work with the company and his fellow employees. He wishes the system and its railroad family lots of business in the coming years, and much success.

Membership in the Brotherhood for Brother Correll extends over a period of 35 years, during which time he has been a member of Div. 301 at Roanoke, Va. In all that time he has been a staunch supporter of the Brotherhood and all organized labor in general. His address is Box 460a, Route 2, Roanoke, Va.

To all railroad men he sends a message that his home has nothing but a latch string to hold the door. Any time they wish to come they are notified to pull the string and he will be there to greet them.

[Caleb Andrew Corell had to retire from his position as engineer for the Norfolk & Western Rail Road due to illness. He died on 6 May 1936 of cancer. He is buried beside his wife, Elmira Byrd Corell, in Fairview cemetery, Roanoke, VA.]

Source: Was in the personal effects of his daughter Myrtle Corell Myers & given to me by William Russell East, Jr. Transcription by Susan Shields Sasek.
My notes are in brackets [ ].

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