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Corell and Correll Military Records

Index to Completed Service Records of Confederate Soldiers who Served in Organizations from Virginia

Surname Name Co Unit
Enlisted Rank Final Rank Notes
CorrellA. J.B7CavPvtPvtalso A. J. Correll; 26 Ashbys Cav
CorellA. S.G45InfCorpSer
CorellAndrew J.G45InfCorpSer
CorrellDavid H.B10CavPvtPvt
CorellGeorge V.C54InfPvtPvt
CorrellJ. O.G45InfPvtPvt
CorrellJ. W.Capt. Ezell's
Local DefensePvtPvtalso Josiah W. Corell; 29 VA Inf.
CorrellJ. W.L8CavPvtPvt
CorellJames O.G45InfPvtPvt
CorellJames P.C54InfPvt

CorellJohn B.C54InfSerCorp
CorrellJohn B.C54InfSerCorp
CorrellJohn H.A14CavPvtPvt
CorrellJohn H.C54InfPvtPvt
CorrellJohn H.L8CavPvtPvt
CorrellJohn H.L14Cav

CorellJohn W.H29InfPvtPvt
CorrellJohn W.A14CavPvtPvt
CorrellJohn W.B135MilCorpCorp
CorrellJoseph H.B135MilPvtPvt
Corell (Cowell ?)JosiahH29InfSerSer
CorrellR. A.L8CavPvtPvt
CorrellR. M.A14CavPvtPvt
CorrellR. M.B135MilPvtPvt
CorrellRobert F.E60InfPvtPvt
CorrellRobert F.Taylors22InfPvtPvt
CorrellRobert F.

CorrellWm. H.A29InfPvtPvt
CorrellWm. H.C135MilPvtPvt
CorrellWm. L.Capt. Moorman's
CorrellWm. L.K14CavPvtPvt
CorrellWm. N.A14CavPvtPvt
CorrellWm. N.L8Cav------
CorrellWm. P.C54InfPvtPvt

Source: Index to Completed Service Records of Confederate Soldiers who Served in Organizations from Virginia, Coll - Cow, Microfilm Reel #12, Virginia State Library and Archives. Transcription by Susan Shields Sasek.

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