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Corell and Correll Marriage Records

Montgomery Co., VA Marriage Records

License # Bk # Date Groom Age Marital Stat PO Birth Residence Occupation Parents Bride Age Marital Stat PO Birth Residence Parents or Guardian Service by Witness Remarks
[blank]A - 1318 Nov 1811Joseph Carrell[blank][blank][blank][blank][blank][blank]Polly Booth[blank][blank][blank][blank]Abijah Booth[blank]Abijah Booth[blank]
[blank]A - 3056 Dec 1847John B. Corell[blank][blank][blank][blank][blank]Henry Correll, g'd'nAnn C.E.F. Sampler[blank][blank][blank][blank]Reubin Sampler, dec'd father
Henry Correll[blank]
201 - 1722 Dec 1866Jas. P. Correll22singleMontgomery Co., VAMont. Co., VA[blank]George V. Correll & MalindaOctavia O. Willard30singlePrince Edward Co., VAMont. Co., VASamuel & Delia WillardJno R. Roark[blank][blank]
991 - 1922 Nov 1866John H. Correll24singleMont. Co., VAFloyd Co., VAfarmerGeo. & Malinda CorrellMary T. Mullins16singleMont Co., VAMont. Co., VAWm. & Harriet MullinsE. R. Anderson[blank][blank]
1421 - 194 Jan 1866George V. Correll22singleMont. Co., VAMont. Co., VA[blank]Geo & Malinda CorrellHannah I. Wickham22singleFloyd Co., VAMont. Co., VAL. C. & Mary WickhamJohn M. Gibson[blank][blank]
1321 - 4721 Dec 1876J. Lee Correll26singleMont. Co., VAMont. Co., VAcarpenterJohn B. & Ann C. F. CorrellMary F. Wilson22singleMont. Co., VAMont. Co., VAJ. P. & C. A. WilsonA. WellerOscar Wilson[blank]
151 - 527 Feb 1878Lewis E. Correll29singleMont. Co., VAMont. Co., VAfarmerGeo & Malinda CorrellSarah Jane Walters17singleMont. Co., VAMont. Co., VAJno M. & Mary E. WaltersCharles A. Mitter[blank][blank]
341 - 524 Apr 1878Henry Correll24singleMont. Co., VAFloyd Co., VAfarmerJacob & Susan CorrellCatherine King22singleMont. Co., VAMont. Co., VARobert W. & Jane KingJ. H. Blackwell[blank][blank]
151 - 5530 Jan 1879Robert H. Correll22singleFloyd Co., VAFloyd Co., VAfarmerJas & Sarah CorrellMary E. Hanks18singleMont. Co., VAMont. Co., VAW. M. & C. HanksJ. H. Blackwell[blank][blank]
981 - 6025 Nov 1880Noah V. Correll28singleMont. Co., VAMont. Co., VAfarmerGeo. & Malinda CorrellRebecca Walters18singleMont. Co., VAMont. Co., VAGeo A. & Mary A. WaltersJ. H. Blackwell[blank][blank]
901 - 772 Dec 1886Elias E. Correll19singleMont. Co., VAMont. Co., VAfarmerG. V. & H. J. CorrellMary E. Moses22singleMont. Co., VAMont. Co., VAW. H. & A. Moses[blank][blank][blank]
1141 - 8417 Nov 1888J. K. Correll28singleMont. Co., VAMont. Co., VAfarmerHenry & Sarah CorrellM. L. Palmer25singleMont. Co., VAMont. Co., VAGeo & Mary PalmerJ. L. Weaver[blank]oath of G. E. Palmer
1451 - 9624 Dec 1891William W. Correll25singleMont. Co., VAMont. Co., VAfarmerJas. P. & Perlina CorrellManerva Miles22singleMont. Co., VAMont. Co., VAGeo W. & Mary C. MilesL. C. Wickham[blank]father of bride present
831 - 10116 Oct 1893Giles R. Correll25singleMont. Co., VAMont. Co., VAfarmerHenry & Sarah CorrellAddie A. Feather26singleMont. Co., VAMont. Co., VAJos D. & Abbie FeatherJno McGill[blank]affidavid [sic] - brother of bride
1051 - 10413 Dec 1894Henry Correll37widowedMont. Co., VAFloyd Co., VAcarpenterJacob & Susan CorrellMamie C. Baxter22singleMont. Co., VAMont. Co., VAThomas & Louesa BaxterG. Dorsey White[blank]father of bride present
661 - 12115 Jun 1900Henry Correll46widowerMont. Co., VAMont. Co., VAfarmer {notice above he was a carpenter}Jacob & Susan CorrellNannie E. Lawrence25singleMont. Co., VAMont. Co., VANoah & Sarah LawrenceJohn Sharyber[blank][blank]
1012 - 48 Oct 1903Henry J. Correll21singleMont. Co., VAMont. Co., VARR employeeN. V. & Rebecca CorrellMillie Wade18singleMont. Co., VAMont. Co., VAMonroe & Drucilla WadeT. W. Hooper[blank][blank]
372 - 249 Apr 1907Archer C. Correll30singleMont. Co., VAMont. Co., VAfarmerJohn B. & A. C. CorrellMyrtle J. Petter {or Pelter}29singleMont. Co., VAMont. Co., VAJ. P. & E. J. PetterR. K. Sutherland[blank][blank]
682 - 3614 Jul 1909George V. Correll64widowerMont. Co., VAMont. Co., VAfarmerGeorge & Malinda CorrellLizzie Weaver60singleFloyd Co., VAMont. Co., VAJacob Weaver & LucyA. Lee Barnett[blank][blank]

{"The oldest Marriage Book in Montgomery Co., VA is Book A (in two parts) I found this one and it looked like it is probably yours:"}

Bk A - Page 399 - 7 Jan 1836 - George CARELL and Nancy Hornbarger.
{"this is all they have in the oldest book - date and names only"}

{"Jacob Weaver and Lucy Bishop Weaver are the parents of John William Weaver who married Mary Frances Wickham, the sister of Hannah J. Wickham. . . . I have info on Lizzie Weaver as born 30 June 1850 - full name Elizabeth C. Weaver - born: Locust Grove District of Floyd Co., VA the youngest of five children. . . ."}

Source: Montgomery Co., Death Records. Extracts by Evelyn Musselman Robertson (3 Jun 1986).

SSS Note - Items in curly brackets { } are those that Evelyn either had difficulty reading or are her notes; Items in brackets [ ] are those that I either had difficulty reading or are my notes.

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