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Corell and Correll Marriage Records

William A. Blake and Pearl A. Correll
1906 Marriage License


Virginia, Montgomery County to wit:

To any Person Licensed to Celebrate Marriages:

You are hereby authorized to join together in the Holy State of Matrimony, according to the rites and ceremonies of your Church, or religious denomination, and the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia,
Wm A. Blake
and Pearl A. Correll Given under my hand, as Clerk of the Circuit Court
of Montgomery this 2[5] day of May 1906

[Geo W] Wilson Clerk

Certificate to obtain a marriage license, to be annexed to the license, required by section 2229 of the code of Virginia, as amended by act of February 3, 1900

Time of Marriage, 31 May 1906
Place of Marriage, Montgomery County
Full Names of Parties Married, Wm A Blake & Pearl A. Correll
Color, White
Age of Husband, 36 yrs
Age of Wife, 21 7/12 yrs
Condition of Husband, widowed
Condition of Wife, single

Place of Husband's Birth, Franklin Co Va
Place of Wife's Birth, Montgomery Co Va
Place of Husband's Residence, Montgomery Co Va
Place of Wife's Residence, Montgomery Co Va
Names of Husband's Parents, RA. & EJ Blake
Names of Wife's Parents, GWV. & HJ Correll
Occupation of Husband, Telegraphy

Given under my hand this 29 day of May 1906

[Geo W] Wilson Clerk.

Certificate of Time and Place of Marriage.

I, N. C. Burnett, a Minister of the Baptist Church, or religious order of that name, do certify that on the 31st day of May 1906, at Big Tunnell, under authority of the above License, I united in Marriage the persons named and described therein.

Given under my hand this [_]st day of June 1906

N. C. Burnett

The Minister celebrating a marriage is required, within two months thereafter, to return the License to the Office of the Clerk who issued the same, with an endorsement thereon of the FACT of such marriage, and of the TIME and PLACE of celebrating the same.

Source: Submitted by Evelyn M. Robertson, transcription by Susan Shields Sasek.

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