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Descendants of John and Jane Brace Correll
of Canada and Indiana
by David Lee Correll

My great great grandpa John Correll was born in Canada on 1/1/1813, d. on 6/27/1901 in Pleasant Twp. Wabash Co., Niconza, Indiana. He married Jane P. Brace [b. 4/8/1827 in Sheldon, Genesse Co., NY]. To them were born: Avery Brace Correll & Clarence Correll. In Niconza Baptist Church cemetery, there's a headstone with CORELL, John; 1-1-1813; 6-27-1901; Jane; 4-8-1827; 4-24-1903.

Avery Brace Correll married Almedia Miller & to them were born: Arthur Avery, Laura C. & Miller Aaron. Almedia died at the birth of Miller Aaron. Then Avery married Lewellia Barrett and to them were born Charles Elisha & Denman Brace Correll.

Clarence Correll [born in Indiana 5/6/1861 - d. 10/29/1929] married Clara Bails & to them were born: Ralph Herbert, Winning Bert, Harold, Chauncey Vernon, Etta, Elsie Pearl, Ceicil Alta, Forest Edmond & Alva Gay.

Miller Aaron Correll, my grandpa, [b. 1846 - d. 1946] married in 1885 Martha Jane [Brooks] Correll , [b. 3/13/1872 in Dayton, Ohio - d. 2/4/1958]. To them were born 12 children: George, Mearl, Elmer Ray, Arthur Avery, Willard, Virling, Orie [Ora, Orlie ?], Glen, Dayton [who died as a child from lockjaw as a result of being kicked by a horse], Bertha [m. a Weaver], Gertrude [m. Chester Deniston] & Victoria Coletta [m. James Hare].

After Avery Brace Correll married Lewellia Barrett, Miller Aaron was raised by Aaron G. Miller [b. 7/5/1819 - d. 5/23/1890] & Cordellia Fuller Miller [b. 10/24/1819 - d. 6/17/1898]. Beside Miller Aaron's mother Almedia, the Miller's had 4 other children: Frank, Arthur, Myrtle & Mont.

At about 15 yrs old, Aaron Correll went West with his uncle Mont Miller and they worked as cowboys for a Joseph Ferguson who was a wealthy stockman. They rode the open range & helped to open up a trail from Cambridge, Nebraska, to Wyoming. After about 2 yrs, Miller Aaron Correll came back to Indiana and married Martha Jane Brooks in July 1885. They went back West together and returned when their son George was about two & one-half yrs old. The story is told in our family circle of our grandpa having staked out a claim on 1001 acres and he left it all behind to come back to Indiana because grandma didn't like it there. Grandma in her later years would tell of their train ride going out West and how Grandpa, who carried a pistol in his back pocket in those days, threatened to shoot and throw a man off the train for making a pass at her.

Avery Brace Correll had two brothers: John & Frank Correll. John lived in Roann, Ind., & Frank lived about half a mile north of Niconza Church which is 3 miles from Disko, Indiana. They are buried at Niconza cemetery.

Elmer, Sr. [b. 4/1/1894 - d. 1/15/1967] married Dorothy Marie [York] Correll. Their first child was Elmer, Jr. [b. 6/5/1922 - d. 4/12/2001], then Lawrence Donald (deceased in early childhood), Ardean Delores [Dean], Max Dennis, Keith Ervin, Aaron Miller (deceased in early chidhood), David Lee, Nathan Gerald & Stanley Allen. Marie died when Stanley was still on the bottle. Elmer, Sr. married Mary Alice Zimmerman in the mid 1940's & to them were born: Arlice, Coetta Jane, George, Aaron, Allison Matthew & Terry Ray.

Submitted for your enjoyment and posterity by David Lee Correll (7th son of 13 sons of Elmer Ray Correll, Sr.) on July 15, 2003

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