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Correll (Corell) Birth Records

Montgomery Co., VA Register of Births & Deaths, 1853-1868

Name Born Color Sex Born Birthplace Father Occupation Residence Mother # of children born Informant Rel. of Inf. Page
Elizabeth Correll 18 Feb 1853 W F A Mont. Co. Henry Correll Farmer Mont. Co. Sarah Correll 1 Valentine Correll grandfather 1
Henry L. Correll 19 Dec 1853 W M Alive Mont. Co. Jacob Correll farmer Mont. Susanah Correll [not listed] Jacob father 2
John W. Correll 9 Jan 1853 W M A Mont. Co. John B. Correll farmer [not listed] Ann E. F. Correll [not listed] John B. father 2
Mary [I. or J.] Correll 18 Aug 1854 W F A [not listed] George Correll farmer Mont. Melinda Correll [not listed] Geo. father 9
Calvin Keas[ol] Correll 14 Jan 1855 W M A [not listed] John Correll farmer Mont Co. An[e]ralong Elizabeth [L]odic[___] [not listed] [not listed] [not listed] 16
Sarah An [sic] Correll 21 Jun 1855 W F [not listed] Mont. Co. Jacob farmer Mont. Co. Susan 1 J. Correll father 18
Haden B. Correll Mar 1857 W M dead Mont. Co. George Correll farmer Mont. Co. [not listed] [not listed] [not listed] [not listed] 18
July A. M. (Ann) Correll Oct 1858 W F A Mont. Co. George Correll farmer Mont. Co. Malinda 1 [not listed] [not listed] 22
Charles Correll 15 May 1866 W M A Mont. Co. Jn. B. Correll farmer Mont. Co. Ann E. 1 [not listed] [not listed] 47
Henry E. Correll 31 Jul 1866 W M A Mont. Co. [not listed] [not listed] [not listed] Sarah Correll 1 [not listed] [not listed] 47
Giles R. Correll 16 Aug 1868 W M A Mont. Co. Henry H. Correll farmer [not listed] Sarah Correll [not listed] [not listed] [not listed] 55
Mary [S.] Correll 17 Oct 1868 W F A Mont. Co. [Ed]win P. Corrill farmer [not listed] Octavia Correll [not listed] [not listed] [not listed] 55

Source: Montgomery Co., Register of Births & Deaths, 1853-1868; microfilm reel 32 at the Virginia State Library Archives (VSLA), Richmond, VA. Extracts by Susan Shields Sasek (28 Jul 1987).

SSS Note - I typed the notes above as I transcribed them (which explains variants in spelling, etc.).  Items in brackets are those that I either had difficulty reading or are my notes.

Montgomery Co., VA Birth Records

Surname Name Page Line Date Sex Father Occupation Mother
CorrellHenry2119 Dec 1853sonJacob CorrellfarmerSusannah
CorrellJno {John} W.269 Jan 1853sonJohn B. CorrellfarmerAnn E. F.
CorrelCalvin {?Keasd?}161014 Jan 1855sonJohn CorrellfarmerAncraton Elizabeth {?Trelvn?}
CorrelSarah An163821 Jun 1855dauJacob CorrellfarmerSusan
CorrellHaden1833Mar 1857sonGeorge Correllfarmer[blank]
CorrellJuly Am2223Oct 1858sonGeorge Correll[blank]Malinda
CorrellCharles471515 May 1866son[blank][blank]Sarah
CorrellGiles R.552016 Aug 1866sonHenry H CorrellfarmerSarah
CorrellMary D552214 Aug 1868dauJames P. CorrellfarmerOctava

Source: Montgomery Co., Birth Records. Extracts by Evelyn Musselman Robertson (3 Jun 1986).

SSS Note - Items in curly brackets { } are those that Evelyn either had difficulty reading or are her notes; Items in brackets [ ] are those that I either had difficulty reading or are my notes.

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