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Cocke Wills and Probate Records

Abstracts of Cocke Wills, Henrico Co., VA

Henry Cocke, of Henrico Parish
Henrico Co., VA

Will Dated: 1 Feb 1714/15 (signed on board the ship "Harrison" bound for Virginia)
Will Recorded: 4 Apr 1714/15
Executors: Brothers William Finney & James Powell Cocke
Witnesses: Thomas Posford, Will Livingston & William Dun
Heirs and Others Mentioned:
Brother: James Powell Cocke - "all my land on White Oak Swamp", 940 acres
Brother: Brassure Cocke - "plantation left to me" by brother Thos. Cocke, 500 acres next to White Oak Swamp
Sister: Elizabeth Cocke - "plantation lying on Maulburn [sic] Hill" & negroes

Rest of estate divided between brothers James Powell Cocke & Brassure Cocke

Source: Henrico Co. Wills & Deeds, 1714-1718, Page 17

Richard Cocke, Sr.
Henrico Co., VA

Will Dated: 4 Oct 1663
Executors: Wife Mary, Sons Richard & Thomas Cocke. "The Justices of the County to be overseers of this will."
Witnesses: Henry Randolph, Joseph Tanner & Henry Isham
Heirs and Others Mentioned:
Wife: Mary [SSS note - not his first wife]
Son: Richard Cocke
Son: Thomas Cocke
Son: Will Cocke
Son: John Cocke
Son: Richard (youngest)
Son: Richard "the older" (SSS note - not Mary's son)
Cousin [spelled "cozen" in will]: Daniel Jordan

Source: Miscellaneous Henrico Court Records, 1650-1807, Vol. I

Thomas Cocke, of Varina Parish
Henrico Co., VA

Will Dated: 29 Aug 1711
Will Recorded: 5 Nov 1711
Executors: Friends Littlebury Epes & Col. Samuel Harwood
Witnesses: John Minge, Robert Glover & John Mosier
Heirs and Others Mentioned:
Brother: James Powell Cocke
Deceased father
Brother: Henry Cocke
Brother: Brashaw Cocke (under age 16)
Grandmother [SSS note - she was living]
Grandfather: Thomas Cocke

Inventory & Appraisal: [pounds] 247/08/2-1/2
Inventory & Appraisal By: Littlebury Epes & Samuel Harwood
Inventory & Appraisal Dated: 12 Jan 1711
Inventory & Appraisal Recorded: 3 Mar 1711

Source: Henrico County Wills & Deeds, 1710-1714 - Will, pg. 102; Inventory & Appraisal, pg. 113

Thomas Cocke
Henrico Co., VA

Will Dated: 16 Jan 1706/7
Will Recorded: 1 Apr 1707
Executors: Son Thomas; "trusty friends" Thomas Farrar, Littlebury Epes & Samuel Harwood, Sr., Gent. "to be overseers"
Witnesses: James Cocke, James Dewlop & Charles Birk
Codicil Dated: 14 Feb 1706/7
Witnesses to Codicil: James Cocke, Robert Povall & James Dewlop
Heirs and Others Mentioned:
Son: Thomas Cocke
Son: James Powell Cocke (under age 16)
Brother: Stephen Cocke
Son: Henry Cocke
Son: Brassuir Cocke (under age 16)
Relationship not Stated: Edward Richardson
Daughter: Mary Cocke (under age 15)
Daughter Elizabeth Cocke (under age 15)
Relationship not Stated: Mr. Thos. Haistwell of London
Wife: Frances

Source: Henrico County Wills & Deeds, 1706-1709, Page 24

Thomas Cocke
Henrico Co., VA

Will Dated: 10 Dec 1691
Will Recorded: 1 Apr 1697
Executors: Wife & Son James Cocke
Witnesses: Jacob Ware, Thomas Smythe & Thomas Topping
Heirs and Others Mentioned:
Wife: Margaret
Stepson: Stephen Cocke & his daughter Agnes (under age 18)
Son: James Cocke & his daughter Elizabeth
Son: Thomas Cocke
Son: William Cocke & his daughter (under age 18)
Daughter: Agnes Harwood
Grandson: Thos. Harwood
Grandson: Joseph Harwood
Grandson: Samuel Harwood
Granddaughter: Joyce Harwood
Daughter: Temperance Harwood [SSS note - not Margaret's daughter]
Grandson: Thomas Cocke
Brother: Richard Cocke
Brother: John Pleasants
Grandson: James Cocke, son of Thos.
Son: Stephen Cocke
Grandson: Henry Cocke
Grandson: [can't read first name] Cocke (under age 18)

Source: Henrico County Wills & Deeds, 1688-1697, Page 684

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