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Clay Documents, Manuscripts, Reports, etc.

Clay Research Manuscript

Prepared by Frances Powell Otken
Dated 1951

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Hotten's List of Emigrants to America 1600-1700 p. 211
Nugent's Cavaliers & Pioneers 1622-1666 Vol. 1 pp. 27[,] 52, 114, 115, 144, 305, 306
Virginia Historical Magazine Vol. LII pp. 50, 60, 61
History of Clay Family by Mary Rogers Clay pp. 66-68 (Filson Club of Louisville, Ky. Publication 14, 1899)
Early Settlers of Alabama by Col. J. E. Saunders pp. 271-283
Virginia Colonial Abstracts Vol. X p. 19, Vol. XI pp 78, 94, 245[,] Vol. XII pp 42, 43, 64, 70[,] Vol. XIII pp 27, 67
William & Mary Quarterly 1st. Ser. Vol. XXIV pp. 131, 262
Hennings Statutes at Large of Virginia Vol. 11 p. 433
Henrico County, Va. records in Collections of Virginia Historical Society, Richmond, Virginia
History of Halifax County, Va. by Wirt Johnson Carrington
Courthouse Records, Chesterfield County, Virginia
Courthouse Records, Rutledge, Grainger County, Tennessee
Courthouse Records, Knox County, Knoxville, Tennessee
Courthouse Records, Anderson County, Clinton, Tennessee
Courthouse Records, Amite County, Liberty, Mississippi
Courthouse Records, various counties, compiled by WPA in University of Tennessee Library at Knoxville, Tennessee
Genealogical Section, Lawson McGee Library, Knoxville, Tenn.
Gravestones in James Lea Burying Ground, Amite County, Miss.
Gravestones in George Roddy Lea Burying Ground Amite Co. Miss.
Dr. Albert E. Casey, [ADDRESS DELETED BY SSS FOR PRIVACY], Birmingham, Ala.
Judge John S. Clay, Farmington, Missouri
Miss Claudia McMurry, Fayette, Missouri
Bible Records and Private correspondence.

Compiled by
Frances Powell Otken
McComb, Mississippi 1951

Source:  [I need to locate my original copies to determine who sent this to me]

Transcription by Susan Shields Sasek.  Although this manuscript is old, I still deleted addresses for internet safety/privacy from the online transcript and images.

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