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Brightwell Military Records

Charles Brightwell of Prince Edward County, VA

(d. probably before Feb 1847)

1832 Pension Application
for Revolutionary War Service

This is my transcription of the copy of Charles Brightwell's Revolutionary War file that was sent to me by the National Archives in Jan 1990.

The majority of the file was extremely difficult to read, and the National Archives enclosed a note which read: "We regret that the enclosed photocopies are the best we were able to obtain using our normal reproduction process. This is caused primarily by the aged and faded condition of some of the documents from which these copies were made."

Characters or underlines in brackets [ ] indicates I had difficulty reading or could not read. Data in curly brackets { } are my notes, insertions, etc.

Pgs 4-5 Pgs 6-7 Pgs 8-9

{Page 1}

Charles Brightwell

{Page 2, left column}

Rev War 6767 {handwritten}
File No. 6767
Charles Brightwell
Pri Rev War
Act: June [__]th 32
Index: -- Vol. A Page 45
(Arrangement of 1870.)

{Page 2, right column - handwritten}

1916 May 10 History to
Mrs. [H] S. Kelley MB[_]

{Page 3, left column}

Charles Brightwell
of Pr Edward in the State of Va who was a pri in the --- commanded by Captain --- --- --- of the Regt commanded by Ha[we]s --- in the [V]a un[_____] f[or] 6 months -- 18 -- days --

Inscribed on the Roll of Virginia at the rate of 22 Dollars -- Cents per annum to commence on the [_]th day of March 1831

Certificate of Pension ifsued the 21 day of March 1833 and sent to B. [J./I.] Worsham. Pr. Edward.

Arrears to the 4th of March 1833 44 --
Sem-anl. allowance ending 4 Sep " 11
           55 --

Revolutionary Claim,
Act June 7, 1832.

Recorded by Nathan [R]ice Clerk,
Book E Vol. 6 Page 2

{Page 3, right column}

[_]et [__e__] May 2 [c] 1[836]
" H[ubba] [d] Ga[i]dn[i] same day

Pgs 4-5 Pgs 6-7 Pgs 8-9

Source:  Veteran's declaration, Charles Brightwell, Revolutionary War Pension Application File S-6767, Records of the Veteran's Administration, National Archives Microfilm Publication M804.  Transcribed by Susan Shields Sasek 5 Jun 2002.

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