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Brightwell Military Records

Thomas Brightwell of Memphis, TN

Documents Relating to His

1917 Pension Application
for Civil War Service

{top of letterhead}

Sixty-Fifth Congress.

William C. Houston, Tenn., Chairman.
John T. Watkins, La.
Scott Ferris, Okla.
Walter A. Watson, Va.
Clement Brumbaugh, Ohio.
Courtney W. Hamlin, Mo.
Jeff: McLemore, Tex.
J. W. Overstreet, Ga.
Walter Kehoe, Fla.
Zebulon Weaver, N. C.
Charles A. Sulzer, Alaska.
Albert Johnson, Wash.
Charles F. Curry, Cal.
Cassius C. Dowell, Iowa.
Ernest Lundeen, Minn.
Edward Voight, Wis.
J. Kuhio Kalanianaole, Hawaii.

Clerk, W. A. Cathcart.

Committee on the Territories,
House of Representatives, United States,
Washington, D. C.

January 16, 1918.

Col. John B. Hickman,
Board of Pension Examiners,
Nashville, Tenn.

My dear John:--

I have a friend from Virginia, Judge Watson, who represents his District here in Congress, who is greatly interested in the application of Thomas H. Bradghtwell {sic s/b Brightwell}, an ex-Confederate soldier of Memphis, for a pension under your state law, and on Judge Watson's account I feel an interest in Mr. Bradghtwell's {sic s/b Brightwell's} case, and am writing to you in the earnest hope that you may find it in your power to be of some assistance to this old gentleman.

He has been a resident of Tennessee many years but was a citizen of Virginia when he joined the Confederate Army, where he served as a volunteer from 61 to 65.  He was a Lieutenant in Company D, 18th Virginia Regiment, Pickett's Division, Longstreet's Corps, C. S. A.  His was as game a regiment as any in Lee's army, and was practically destroyed at Gettysburgh.  Mr. Bradghtwell {sic s/b Brightwell} is 78 years old, has lost his wife, and in recent years made his home with a daughter in Memphis.  He has been comfortably cared for, but recently has been in need of assistance in a pecuniary way as his daughter's means are limited.

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-- 2 --

I understand your Board found no difficulty in allowing his pension claim, except that the State Appropriation of being in-sufficient to meet all demands.  You passed some regulations to send all unmarried men to the soldiers Home in lieu of a pension.  On account of the condition of Mr. Bradghtwell {sic s/b Brightwell} and the manner in which he has been raised, the Soldier's Home would really be of no real benefit to him.  To separate him from his daughter in his present condition would, in fact, be a personal hardship.  I do not know, of course, what can be done for the relief of this old gentleman, but if your Board is making any exceptions to the rule laid down, I wish to say that I have every reason to believe that an exception could not be made in behalf of a soldier more worthy and of a man more deserving.  If it be possible, therefore, that you could help this old man to procure a pension for his few remaining years, it will be greatly appreciated by

Your friend, sincerely,

{signed} W. C. Houston

{handwritten correspondence}

7/4 1921
Memphis Tenn

Board of Pensions
Nashville Tenn

Dear Sirs

Inclosed {sic} find some papers after not granting me a pension consigning me to the soldiers Home which at the time I could not comply with as I could not leave my Daughter who had given up her Son & Daughter to the Eastern War she was almost alone as her husband was a R.R. man and very seldom at Home I have to stay with her and almost support her and her other three Children

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I had to labor hard but did pull through with one Eye and hand hea{rin}g how I am in my Eighty Second year and unable to work consequently with out money I will ask if the papers inclosed {sic} will admit me to the Soldiers Home

Hoping to hear soon from the Board Pin{clse}

Respectfully your obt.-- Svt --

{signed} T H Brightwell

Thos. H. Brightwell

{rubber stamp:}

T. H. Brightwell #15225


Certificate No. 1725

SEPT. 1, 1925.

BE IT KNOWN that I, 65{9} -- T.H. BRIGHTWELL, MEMPHIS, TENN. hereby certify that I am the identical person whose name is inscribed on the rolls of the Board of Pension Examiners at the rate of $75.00 per quarter, and that I am in the same condition, financially, as when pension was first granted.  I am a bona fide resident of the State of Tennessee.

My present postoffice address is 945 New York St Memphis Tenn County of Shelby, Tenn.  This 7th day of Sept 1925

WITNESS (who can write)
{signed} Frank Thompson
Address 257 Adams { ? }

Pensioner's signature:
{signed} T. M. Brightwell

{down left margin:}
This voucher cannot be certified to out of the State.

{rubber stamp: "DEAD" twice on front of voucher}

{reverse side of voucher}



{signed} Edgar J. Graham
Comptroller of the Treasury

SEP -- 9 1925

Prior endorsements guaranteed
Nashville Branch
Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

Submitted by Avlyn Dodd Conley.
Online transcription by Susan Shields Sasek. My notes are in curly brackets { }

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