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Brightwell Military Records

Thomas Brightwell of Memphis, TN

Documents Relating to His

1917 Pension Application
for Civil War Service

dealer in
Groceries, Fresh Meats, Oysters,
Bread, Hides, Furs and Country Produce.
Market on Third Street
Phone 230

FARMVILLE, VA., {___} 12, 1917

This is to certify that  T. H. Brightwell was a member of and served with me in Co. D, 18th Va Reg.

{paper folded over -- writer is J. H. Young as per last page of pension application}

Civil War,
Thos H. Brightwell, Co. D. 18, Va. Inf.

State of Virginia, County of Appomattox: ss;

On this 21st. Day of May, 1917 personally appeared before me a Notary Public within and for the County and State aforesaid, Samuel R. Franklin, age 74 whose Post Office address is Pamplin, Appomattox County Virginia, who being duly sworn by me according to law, declairs {sic} as follows;

I have known Thos. H. Brightwell all of my life and know that he served in the 18th. Va. Inf. Vol. Company D.

This fact I have by reason of being in Co. H. in the same regiment and saw him often.

{signed} Saml R Franklin

Sworn and subscribed to, before me this 21st. day of May 1917

{signed} W R Brightwell
Notary Public.

My Comm. expires April 12th. 1920


No 15.225

{names across top of letterhead:}

W. H. Coley, President
Frank A. Moses, Special Examiner
Hon. Jno. B. Thomason
W. L. McKay, Vice President
Atty. Gen. Frank M. Thompson
John P. Hickman, Secretary

Tennessee Board of Pension Examiners

Nashville, Tenn. June 11 1917

Adjutant General,
Washington, D. C.

Dear Sir:

Thos. H. Brightwell who is an applicant for Pension under the Tennessee Pension Law, claims to have been a member of Company D. 18 Miss Inf Regiment C. S. A., and to have been Captured and released from Point Lookout, Md, June 25.65

Please give us the record of this soldier.
{signed} W H C{o}ley

10 {82}


The Adjutant General's Office,
Washington June 15, 1917


Respectfully returned to Tenn Board Pen. Exrs. Nashville with the information that the name mentioned within has not been found on the rolls, on file in this Department, of the organization to which reference is made, which rolls partly cover the period from May 24, 1861, to Aug., 1864, and that nothing has been found in the official records concerning the service, capture or parole of a man of that name and organization.

H. P. MCain
The Adjutant General.
Per {?}

June 21, 1917.

Mr. Thomas H. Brightwell    No.

Mr. Thomas H. Brightwell,
    945 New York St., Memphis, Tenn.

Dear Sir:

In examining your application for pension I failed to find any record of your service, or how you got out of the army on the rolls of the Company you claim to belong to.  It will be necessary for you to make proof to your service, and how you got out of the army by the affidavit of someone who was with you and who can swear to his own knowledge as to how you got out of the army.

Yours truly,

Special Examiner.

Camp Grand Confederate Veterans
Department of Virginia

{rubber stamp}

Ass't Inspector General
4th District Grand Camp of VA.
C. V.

{handwritten correspondence}

Farmville Va
June 26 1917

This is to Certify that Thos. H. Brightwell Entered the Confederate Service in 1861 as a Member of Co. D. 18th Va Regt Army Northern Virginia and served Faithfully to the End.  He was Captured in the battle of Sailor Creek Virginia April 6th 1865.  He was paroled from Point Lookout Md prison some time after Genl Lees surrender Apl 9 1865.  I served in Co F same Regt and can Vouch for Brightwell as being a good soldier.

{signed} S. W. Paulett
{rubber stamp}
Ass't Inspector General,
4th District Gand Camp of VA.
C. V.

State of Virginia
County of Prince Edward to wit:

Subscribed and sworn to before me this 26th day June 1917 --
{signed} F. T. Wootton Notary Public.
My commission expires Dec 18th 1918.

{seal} Frank W. Wootton
County of Prince Edward, VA
Notary Public

{handwritten correspondence}


Memphis Tenn.
6/29 1917

Mr. John P. Hickman
Nashville Tenn.

Dear Sir

You will find inclosed {sic} affidavit of S. W. Paulett in regard to my discharge from Confederate Army of Northern Virginia

Hastily yours ob{l}.--

T. H. Brightwell

P. S.

The Board required it of {me}

July 23, 1917.

Mr. Thomas H. Brightenell {sic s/b Brightwell}, No. 15235.

Mr. Thomas H. Brightenell {sic s/b Brightwell},
945 New York St.,
Memphis, Tenn.

Dear Sir:

I find no record of this man on the rolls of the Company which he claims to belong to, although he sends me a manuscript record dated June 26th, 1917 certificate of membership in Company D of the 18th Virginia Regiment.  We will have to have it in different shape.  It is not any record.  If it is intended as certificate as membership in that command we would like to know how the person that furnishes it gets his authority.  We cannot accept it as it is now.

Yours truly,

Special Examiner.

Submitted by Avlyn Dodd Conley.
Online transcription by Susan Shields Sasek. My notes are in curly brackets { }

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