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Brightwell Marriage Records

Prince Edward County, Virginia

Copied by Avlyn Dodd Conley

Day Mo Yr Bond/Bk # Surname Name Sex Spouse Name Spouse Surname Parent, guardian, consent, surety Avlyn Dodd Conley's Notes


6Aug1807marr.BrightwellAlexandermSallyCarteris widow of Joseph Carter
(23)(Oct)18721-24BrightwellArabelle M.; age 56fJerman (age 62)Gilliamsingle & widower"This is my great aunt, according to family tradition. Both b. P. E. Co."


(9)(Dec)1806BondBrightwellAmy; age 21fRobertMartinReynold (decd) & Drucilla Brightwell
14Dec1786BondBrightwellAndersonmNancyBrightwellRunald consents for both"Anderson was in Rev. War. Nancy's Pension app. W18643. Lots of printed sources here."
19Jan1835BondBrightwellArchbald (R.)mHarriet H.HillReuben Brightwell, Sur.



15Nov1815marr.BrightwellBarnett, Jr.mNancyMathews


(15)(Jan)1789BondBrightwellBetseyfWilliamGuilldau. of Reynold Brightwell"

18661-10BrightwellCamilla F.fWilliam R.Taylor

18Nov1811BondBrightwellCharlesmHopy W.Boatwright

19Jan1843marr.BrightwellCharles W.mMartha V.Apperson

18691-16BrightwellCharles W.mMary E.Wilkerson

18741-30BrightwellE(lla) M.fR(obert)Harris

18821-50BrightwellE. T. (Thomas ?)fW. (Buck) H.Walden
"see chart of Ruth Porter Wright."

18571-3BrightwellEdwardmMartha R.Beach

1840BondBrightwellEliza JanefJoseph H.GlennBarnett W. Brightwell

1826BondBrightwellElizabethfJosiahSheppardWm. Brightwell, Sr.

1818BondBrightwellEliz. AnnfWm. M. JenkinsChas. Brightwell

18591-4BrightwellEliz. M.fJohn T.Carter

18951-85BrightwellEllafSam E.Warriner

18941-80BrightwellElla A.fA. D.Brydone

18781-41BrightwellE(lnora ?) N.fGeo.Warriner

28Dec1835BondBrightwellEnochmMaryBaldwin? Brightwell

18691-16BrightwellFannie E.fWm. M.Johnson

18721-23BrightwellFlora L(ee)fWm. C(oleman)DavisAlbert Gallatin Brightwell"see chart of Ruth Porter Wright."

19302-41BrightwellFrances C.fRobert AnthonyVaughn

18861-60BrightwellHenry (Hunter M ?)mIda (Iva ?)Brown

20Dec1843marr.BrightwellHenry B(arnett)mEliz. F(orrestt)MooreWm. Brightwell, Sur.

18661-9BrightwellHopy E.fJoseph R.Chick

18761-35BrightwellJ(ohn) A.mF(lora) A.Rice
"Also see cemetery records"

18911-72BrightwellJ. A.mLucy (Swan)Gilliam
"See cemetery records"

18761-34BrightwellJ. C.mN. N.Walden

18961-89BrightwellJ. F.mMattieWoodall






18841-55BrightwellJ. (Virginia ?) H.m ?M(iller ?) A.Campbell
"see chart of Ruth Porter Wright."

19181-158BrightwellJohn MasonmDoraEast

18631-7BrightwellJohn T.mMary E.Young

15Dec1819marr.BrightwellJosiahmJane P.Hill

24Dec1847marr.BrightwellJosiahmBelindaBrightwellHenry Brightwell, Sur.; Wm. Brightwell, consent

1834BondBrightwellJulia AnnfMercerBrightwell

18821-50BrightwellK. B.fA. D.Brydone

18881-64BrightwellL. B.fN. D.Hancock

18911-73BrightwellLola J.fE. M.Glenn


19242-19BrightwellLouise N.fWm. AbnerWatson, Jr.

1811BondBrightwellLucyfSamuelThaxtonReynold Brightwell, decd.

1843BondBrightwellLouisa JanefWilliam H.CarterChas. Brightwell

18811-47BrightwellM. C.fB. W.Agee

18771-36BrightwellM. F.fJ. H.Jamison

18541-1BrightwellM. M.fStephen L.Parrott

18681-15BrightwellM. M.fWm. M.Woodson

18701-18BrightwellM. R.fJ. H.Mottley

18961-88BrightwellMaggie E.fHunter W.Glenn

(1)(Feb)1831BondBrightwellMarthafClaiborneHillWm. Brightwell, Jr."This is my great aunt, according to family tradition. Both b. P. E. Co."

1818BondBrightwellMartha (Patsy)fHenry Y.JenkinsBarnett Brightwell


1819BondBrightwellMaryfWilliam D.MorganChas. Brightwell

1826BondBrightwellMaryfAndersonLovern (?)widow of Nath'l Brightwell

1827BondBrightwellMary AnnfJamesHillWm. Brightwell

19081-123BrightwellMary E.fJ. S.Giles

18971-92BrightwellMary PearlfT. H.Cralli

18721-24BrightwellMattiefEd D.Berkeley

15Dec1834BondBrightwellMercermJulia AnnBrightwell

18661-10BrightwellMollie H.fR. N.Wilkerson

(14)(Dec)1786BondBrightwellNancyfAndersonBrightwell(dau. of) Reynold Brightwell"VA Marriages by Cecil D. McDonald, Jr., Seattle" {date 14 Dec}

1804BondBrightwellNancyfWm.Brightwell(dau. of Barnett Brightwell"Some of their children moved to MO. See Bassett chart."

18721-23BrightwellNannie B.fW. H.Glenn
"see chart of Ruth Porter Wright."
(15)(Dec)18681-13BrightwellNannie H.fRobt. Wash.Brightwell
"See Bassett chart."
16Feb1824BondBrightwellNathanielmMary B.Williams

19272-29BrightwellOla GertrudefChas. WilfredHarris
"Talked with this couple. Have some bible records and misc. info. here. Think she now decd."

18711-20BrightwellPattie W.fJoseph A.Carter
"see chart of Ruth Porter Wright."

1819BondBrightwellPeggyfJohnBuchananChas. Brightwell
(14)(Aug)1804BondBrightwellRachelfSamuelRoberts(dau. of) Chas. Brightwell; Wm. Brightwell, Sur.
22Nov1822marr.BrightwellReubenmMary J.Hill

(14)(Apr)1808Bond (m.)BrightwellRhodafObediahLumpkin(dau. of) Chas. Brightwell
10Jul1847BondBrightwellRobert H.mMartha AnnGilliam

19282-32BrightwellRobt. HenrymViola LouiseMcNamee

(15)(Dec)18681-13BrightwellRobt. W.mNannie H.Brightwell
"See Bassett chart."
(4)(Jun)19021-105BrightwellRoberta E(liz.)fJames S(tone)Nunnelle

(ca 16)(Dec)1841BondBrightwellSaluda A(nn)fJames M.Gilliam

25Apr1803BondBrightwellSamuelmBetsy A.Moore or Moon(d/o Pleasants Moore, dec'd)

1846BondBrightwellSarahfJames R.Colly

6Dec1804marr.BrightwellWilliammNancyBrightwellBarnett Brightwell, consent
20/30Dec1800BondBrightwellWilliammMaryYoungBarnett Brightwell, Consent(Mary Young, d/o Henry Young, dec'd) (Knorr gives 30 Apr 1800)

19131-138BrightwellWm. E.mLeah C.Coleman
"Spoke with Leah in the 1970s and corresponded with son in Richmond."

( ) denotes gathered from another source.
? denotes "could be" or absent from record
marr. denotes this is date of marriage

Copied & submitted by Avlyn Dodd Conley [ADC]
Online transcription by Susan Shields Sasek.

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