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Brightwell Marriage Records

Brightwell Marriage
Newspaper Articles



One of the happiest and most interesting events of the season took place Sunday, Nov. 13, in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank P. Brightwell, Prospect, Va., when they celebrated the 50th anniversary of their marriage.  The house was filled with many friends and relatives adn the heartiest congratulations and best wishes were extended to them and also many compliments on their young looks.  It was almost unbelievable when it was told that Mr. Brightwell was 75 years old and his wife 70.

Their faces beamed with in {sic} happiness of 50 years of married life.  Mr. Brightwell looked as young and spry in his suit of blue, while Mrs. Brightwell was charmingly dressed in black satincrepe and wore the same calm look and pleasant smile that always accompanies her.

Miss Anne Hillsman of Farmville, registered each guest and served delightful punch.

Miss {"Anne Hillsman" marked through & "___ Carter" -- ? Elsie ? Carter -- written over it} of Farmville, the pleasure and enjoyment of the afternoon with her vocal and piano selections, which were rendered at intervals.  Popl {sic s/b People} that had hard {sic s/b heard} Miss Carter sing before said they had never heard her sing quite so sweetly as when she sang, "You've been a Wonderful Sweetheart."  It was so touching that it brought tears into the eyes of many of the loved ones.

"Musical Romance" directed by their youngest daughter, Mrs. C. W. Harris was much enjoyed.

The presents were numerous and beautiful.  Their daughter, Miss Myrtle Brightwell of Washington, D. C. presented them with a chset {sic s/b chest} of gold consisting of $100 -- a dollar for each year of married life for each of them.

The expression that was on the faces of this "young married couple" as they sat beneath the "Golden Wedding Bell" and opened the many presents as they were placed in their laps is inexpressible.

Later in the afternoo wile {sic s/b while} the wedding march was being played the crowd assembled in the dining room where delicious refreshments were served.  The room was neatly but artistically decorated with yellow chrysanthemums and crepe paper.

As they stood there in the stillness of the hour and in the dim light of the candles, a most beautiful prayer and blessing was offered by the 12 year old grandson, Jackson Brightwell who stood beside his grand parents at the head of the table.

Miss Carter sang, "When You and I Were Young Maggie" while the {peo}ple were being served.

The table was beautiful with the large wedding cake encircled with small wedding bells with the bride and groom in the center.

Among the close relatives present were -- Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Harris, Farmville; Mr. and Mrs. V. F. Murray and two children, Norfolk; Miss Edna Brightwell, Norfolk; Miss Myrtle Brightwell, Washington; R. H. Brightwell, Farmville; Mrs. W. E. Brightwell and two sons, Prospect; Mrs. Minnie Brightwell, Roanoke; Mrs. F. L. Green, and son, Norfolk; Mrs. Iva Brightwell, Prospectt {sic - s/b Prospect}; Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Allen and Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Woelffer and two children, Petersburg; Mr. and Mrs. Willie Watson, Farmville; Mrs. Annie Hurt and son, Pamplin; Mrs. John {_}ook, Prospect.

Other relatives and friends -- Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Gilliam, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Wilkerson, Willie Chick, Aubrey Warriner, Mrs. Ida Lane of Lynchburg; Mrs. Luther Glenn, Lee Glenn, R. Lee Price, Jr. and Mrs. James Glenn, Mrs. T. P. Cobb, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Glenn, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Fore, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Fore, Allen Davis, Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Carter, Miss Elsie Carter, Miss Anne Hillsman, Mrs. C. O. Harris, and Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Vaughan.

{no date}

Miss Nannie Ophelia Webb, whose engagement to Edgar Platte Brightwell is announced.

Miss Webb,
Mr. Brightwell
Are Engaged

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Ferdinand Webb, of Cloucester, announce the engagement of their daughter, Nannie Ophelia, to Edgar Platte Brightwell, of Norfolk, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Brightwell, of Prospect.

Miss Webb is a graduate of Farmville State Teachers College, and a member of the Kappa Delta Pi Sorority.

Mr. Brightwell is a graduate of Hampden-Sydney and of New York University.  During the war he served in the Army Air Forces as a meteorologist for four and one-half years, 25 months of which were spent in China and India.

Submitted by:  Avlyn Dodd Conley
Note on 1st page of copies "From Mrs. C. W. Harris notebook"

Online transcriptions by Susan Shields Sasek.

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