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Brightwell Wills and Probate Records

Charles Brightwell, Sr.
Prince Edward Co., VA

Will, Appraisement & Inventory, & Executor's Settlement


In the name of God Amen. I Charles Brightwell Senr being of sound mind do make this my last will hereby revoking all others. 1st It is my desire that at my death that all my just debts should be paid. I also wish that all my estate remain in the hands of my beloved wife Nancy if she chooses to keep it during her life if she survives me. 2nd I wish to give to the children or bodderly [sic] heirs of my daughters Rachel, Rhoda & Polly that may be liveing [sic] at my death fifty dollars each. 3d I wish the ballance [sic] of my estate both real and personal to be equally divided amongst the ballance [sic] of my children except my daughter Elizabeth A. Jenkins which I desire to have one hundred dollars [_____] to be given to her and the lawful heirs of her boddy [sic]. 3d The negroes which I have before given to my children at valuation say to my son William one Negro boy Pleasant at one hundred & fifty dollars to my son Barnett U one negro girl Crecy at one hundred and forty dollars, to my daughter Peggy one negro girl Mahaly at Two hundred and seventy five dollars. to my daughter Elizabeth A one negro girl Cely at one hundred and fifty dollars (carred [sic] over) each to have them at the valuation as above in making a division of my estate. I appoint my sons William & Barnett U. Brightwell my executors with orthority [sic] to sell all my lands for a division.

Given under my hand this the 19th January 18 hundred & thirty seven.

Charles [his X mark] Brightwell Sr.

signed in the presents [sic] of
by his marke

Robert Venable
Charles Brightwell
John B. Davis

At a court held for Prince Edward County February the 15th 1847. This last will and testament of Charles Brightwell Senr decd. was presented in court, and Robert Venable and Charles Brightwell witnefses thereto, being both dead, and John B. Davis another witnefs thereto, having removed from this state. Henry B. Brightwell and John J. Brightwell being sworn, each said they were acquainted with the hand writing of the said Robert Venable and Charles Brightwell the witnefses thereto, and that their signatures are in their proper hand writing and that they are both dead, ordered that the said will be recorded. On the motion of William Brightwell executor herein named, he with Thomas H. Venable, Anthony W. Gilliam and Henry Hubbard his securities entered into and acknowledged their bond for the purpose in the penalty of six Thousand dollars conditioned according to law, and Took the oath required by law. certificate for obtaining a probat [sic] Thereof in due form is granted him.


B [___] Worsham CC

Source: Prince Edward Co., VA Will Book 9, Page 177.

Appraisement & Inventory

Inventory of the Estate of Charles Brightwell Senr. decd. taken by William Brightwell Exor and appraised by Samuel [L] Venable, Joel Elam & Anthony W. Gilliam after being sworn according to law. This 18th day of December 1847.

Negro Woman Polly $00.00
do do Anaka 175.00
negro man Jack 550.00
do do Archer 600.00
one woman Jane & two children, Florance & Mary 850.00
one boy Peyton 600.00
do do John 700.00
do do Wyatt 575.00
one tract of land 170 acres $1.25 pr acre 212.50
one feather bed, two pair sheets, yarn cover, blanket, bedstead & cord 11.00
one small trunk .75
one chest & two small boxes 1.00

Pursuant to an order of May court 1847. to us directed we have this day viewed and appraised the estate of Charles Brightwell Sr decd. and find the same to amount to the sum of four Thousand two hundred and seventy five dollars and twenty five cents as for above inventory. Given under our hands this eighteenth day of December 1827

Joel Elam
A. W. Gilliam Commrs

At a court held for Prince Edward County December the 20th 1847. This appraisement of the estate of Charles Brightwell Senr decd. was presented in court. ordered that the same be recorded.


B. Worsham, CC

Source: Prince Edward Co., VA Will Book 9, Page 226.

Executor's Settlement

[Page 312]

William Brightwell executor of Chas Brightwell Sr decd. in account with the estate of [_____]

1848 To amt of Sale of nine negroes, two of them small children, 23d Sept. 1848 3843.  
To 169-half Land at $1.05 per acre 177.98  
To amt due by William Brightwell for negro hire 175.39  
To amt due by Wm M. Jenkins for negro hire and rent of plantation 217.05  
To amt. due from Barnett U. Brightwell after giving him credit for board of Father and servises [sic] as overseer 242.43  
To bond on John Dillon with Interest 17.12  
To hire of woman by do from 1st Jany 1848 to 23d September same date 11.54  
To amt of sale Jany 1847 11.00 4695.51
By amt paid Dr Thos H. Venable 21.33  
By amt paid G. O. Scott & Co pr acc[_] 12.89  
By do do William Ligon 9.16  
By Shffs receipts Taxes & Tickets 4.47  
By amt. paid cryer for negroes and land 10.00  
By [J.] C. Andersons fee in Mackles suit 5.00  
By amt. paid Wm Gregory 1.25  
By tax of 1846 2.97  
By amt. paid for waiting on woman Jane twice 4.00  
By amt. paid for making pr of pants 1.50  
By lawyers advice of distribution of estate as pr will 5.00 77.57
Amt. of special legacies willd [sic] $50: each to the children of Rachel Roberts, Rhoda Lumpkin & Polly Morgan supposed to be ten   500.00
amt. of advances made:    
To John Backannon one negro girl Mahala $275 275.00  
To Wm Brightwell one boy Pleasant $150 150.00  
To Elizabeth A. Jenkins one girl Cely $150 150.00  
To Barnett U. Brightwell one girl Crecy $140 140.00 715.00
off for commifsions agreed upon and allowed executor   100.00

[Page 313]

We the undersigned legatees of the estate of Chas. Brightwell Senr. decd. do consent to the above report and respectfully request the worshipful court of the county of Prince Edward to confirm the same amt. of estate as stated above $4732.94 to be equally divided between 4 legatees except Elizabeth A. Jenkins which is to have $100 lefs as follows To John Buckhanan $1208.23-half off for advances $275. which leaves him nett [sic] $933.23-half. To Barnett U. Brightwell $1208.23-half off for debt and advances $382.43 nett [sic] to him $825.80-half. To Wm. M. Jinkins $1108.23-half off for debt and advances $637.05 nett [sic] to him $471.18-half, To Wm Brightwell $1208.23-half add his comifsions allowed $100 which makes $1308.23-half off for debt and advances $1053.37 nett [sic] to him $254.86-half. The subjorned report is by us respectfully and requested to be confirmed and recorded. Given under our hands this 16th day of March 1849.

Wm. Brightwell Exor and legatee
for himself and as power of
atto [sic] for

John Buckanan
Wm. M. Jinkins

There is $500 retained in my hands to pay Special legacies as pr. Will, that is to say $50. to each of the Children of Rachel Roberts formerly Rachel Brightwell, Rhoda Lumpkin formerly Brightwell, and Polly Morgan formerly Brightwell, and from the best information received there is ten to recieve [sic].

Wm Brightwell exor of C. Br. decd.

We the undersigned comifsioners appointed by the county court of Prince Edward at March term 1849, to examine, State, settle and report to said court the account current of William Brightwell executor of Charles Brightwell Sen. decd., and to divide the same agreeable to his will, respectfully report to the worshipful court of Prince Edward county that the commifsioners being first duly sworn, after a strict examination of the settlement of the accounts of the legatees and the consolidated account current, and the report made by the exor. and signed by three of the legatees, to which this report is attached, do fully concur thereon and believe the same to be correct except a claim brought in by exor for $4.32 for tax paid since the account current was ma[de] out, and the sum of $3. left in the executors hands to defray the expences [sic] of the [ord]er for, and the recording of this report, which being deducted proportionally from each legatees part $1.83 from each will leave as the amount due to John Buckanan $931.40, to Barnet U. Brightwell $823.97-half, to William M. Jinkins $469.35; to Wm. Brightwell $253.03. They would further state in explanation of the exors report that the sum of $637.05 deducted from William M. Jinkins' share consists of advances $150: debt due the estate as per settlement $217.05, and a negro woman bought at sale $270: and the amount of $1053.37 deducted from William Brightwells share consists of advances $150: debt due estate as per settlement $175.39 and of $550 for negro bought at sale, and $177.98 for land bought of the estate all which is respectfully submitted this 13th day of April 1849.

Silas Biglow
James G. Woodson
Anthony W. Gilliam

At a court held for Prince Edward county April the 16th 1849. This account current and [Report] of the division of the estate of Charles Brightwell senr decd. was presented in court [ordered] that the same lie one Term. At a court held for said county May the 21st 1849, this account current and report of the division of the estate of Charles Brightwell, Sr. decd was again presented in court, ordered that the same be recorded


B. [J] Worsham CC

Source: Prince Edward Co., VA Will Book 9, pages 312-313.

Virginia State Library Archives, Prince Edward County, VA Microfilm reel #17. Transcribed by Susan Shields Sasek (25 Aug 1988).

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