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Brightwell Wills and Probate Records

Reynold Brightwell of Prince Edward Co., VA

15 Aug 1804 Will

In the name of God Amen I Reynold Brightwell of the county of prince Edward Being th{r}ow the a Bundane Murcie and goodnefs of god. Tho Weake in Body yeat of a Sound and pirfect understanding And Membry Do constitute this my last Will and Testament and Desier it to Be Recievd by all as Such Which as follows to Wit after all my Just Debts is paid I give the Ballance of my Estate To my loving Wife as long as she lives or as long as She livs a Widdow and If She Marreys a gaine for Hur to have what the law a lows hur and no moor And I give my hole track of land to my Sun William Brightwell in conciquine of his finding Me a Negro Boy by the name of grig Which Belonges to William to Serve me and my wife as long As We Bouth live and after Both of our Dearths The Said Boy to Decend to my Sun William a gain. And I give to my younge Daughter my corner cubbard at our Dearths and all the Balance of my Estate that Remains at our D{ece}sts to be Equelly Divided Between all my children and I constitute and Appoint my two Suns Charls and Barnett Brightwell Whome I Make Sole Exeutors to this my last will And testament in witnefs wheare unto I have Set My hand and affixed my Seale this fifteenth Day of August 1804

Reynold X Brightwell {seal}

David Thaxton
John Goode
Benjmen X Shepard

{typed SIC -- w/ all spelling errors, etc. See copy of will below.}

Source: Copy of will from Avlyn Dodd Conley. She notes it was probated 21 Aug 1806, 3-456 {Book 3, pg. 456 ?}
Online transcription by Susan Shields Sasek. My notes are in curly { } brackets.

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