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Brightwell Death Records

Brightwell Obituaries

From Avlyn Dodd Conley
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{typed transcription:}



DIED -- At his residence near Good Hope church, on Tuesday morning, Mr. Frederick Brightwell an old citizen of the county, the remains were interred at the Good Hope cemetery the following day.

{handwritten transcription:}

Mr. German Gilliam, father of our townsman, Mr. W. P. Gilliam, died on Tuesday morning last at 5 o'clock.  He had been in feeble health for many months and on account of his extreme age, being in his 91st year, there had not been entertained any idea of his improving.

His funeral took place Wednesday afternoon, the interment being made in the family burying ground.  Owing to the sudden illness of Mr. W. P. Gilliam, his son, he was unable to attend the burial.

From:  Farmville Herald, 21 Apr 1899, Friday

{handwritten date: "1936"}

Mrs. F. P. Brightwell,
Dies of Heart Attack

PROSPECT, Feb. 5 -- Mrs. Gertrude Gills Brightwell, 78, wife of F. P. Brightwell died at her home five miles west of Prospect, Saturday, February 1 at 3:45 a. m., after an illness of a few weeks of heart trouble.  She was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Gills and was born in Appomattox county, July 12, 1857.  She married F. P. Brightwell on November 14, 1877, and moved to Prince Edward county.  She was a faithful member of Olive Branch church, and was favorably known and loved by a large circle of friends in the Prospect section.

She is survived by her husband F. P. Brightwell, four daughters, Mrs. C. W. Harris, Farmville; Miss Edna Brightwell and Mrs. Vincent Maury, Norfolk; Miss Myrtle Brightwell, Washington; and two sons W. E. Brightwell, Prospect and R. H. Brightwell, Bristol.  A brother James Gills, and a sister, Mrs. Ola Greer, of Norfolk survive her.

Funeral services were conducted Sunday afternoon, February 2nd, at Olive Branch church, by Rev. G. D. Coffey.  Miss Elsie Carter sang two of Mrs. Brightwell's favorite hymns.  Interment was made in the Olive Branch cemetery.

Active pall bearers were G. C. Clements Bascomb Price, R. H. Wilkerson, Robert Harris, Aubrey Wa{rr}iner, W. W. Vaughan.  Honorary, W. C. Chick, Dr. J. F. Alsop, Joseph Allen, Emory Chick, Jesse Hurt, Edward Fore, J. D. Carter, W. H. Glenn, J. H. Wilkerson, W. W. Watson, Jr., and J. Hugh Gilliam.

{handwritten date: "1938"}

Frank P. Brightwell
Dies at Home Here

Funeral services for Frank P. Brightwell, 85, of Prince Edward county, who died at the home of his youngest daughter, Mrs. C. W. Harris, of Farmville, after several months illness, were held at Olive Branch church, near Prospect, Tuesday, May 24, with the Rev. J. W. Gee, pastor, officiating.  He was assisted by the Rev. E. A. Potts, pastor of Farmville Methodist church.

Active pallbearers were W. C. Chick, Robert Wilkerson, G. C. Clements, J. D. Carter, Morton Elam, and W. W. Vaughan.  Honorary pallbearers were Bill Lewis, T. S. Tweedy, Henry Glenn, Lee Price, J. H. Wilkerson, Aubrey Warner, Henry Moore, M. H. McNamee, Joel Watkins, Joe Allen, W. A. Watson, Dr. F. R. Crawford, Dr. Joe Smith, Willie Swann, H. B. Phillips, R. G. Burnett, Robert Harris, John Covington, Everett Cook, Jesse Hurt, Morton Marshall, Willie Hix, Tom Hix, S. H. Ferguson, Bascom Taylor, Charlie Crawley, Bascom Price, and Emery Chick.

During the service Miss Elsie Carter sang "The Old Rugged Cross".

Mr. Brightwell was a son of the late Henry Brightwell and Elizabeth Moore Brightwell, of Prince Edward county.  He was one of the oldest members of Olive Branch Methodist church and took a great interest in all the activities of the Sunday School, church, and the community.  His wife, Mrs. Gertrude Gills Brightwell, died January 31, 1936.

Surviving are the following children:

Mrs. C. W. Harris, Farmville; Mrs. V. F. Murray, and Miss Edna Brightwell, of Norfolk; Miss Myrtle Brightwell, of Washington; W. E. Brightwell, of Prospect; and R. H. Brightwell, of Bristol, Tenn.  There is also a sister, Mrs. Minnie Agee, of Buckingham county.

Six grandchildren survive:  Jack and Platte Brightwell, of Prospect; Miss Leah Brightwell, of Lynchburg; Elizabeth Harris, of Farmville; and Alice Murray and Vincent Murray, Jr., of Norfolk.

Mr. Brightwell served in the War Between the States with faithfulness and zeal.  Too young for enlistment, he was put in service by his father who was sheriff of Prince Edward, and he distributed government provisions to isolated needy families throughout the county.  His work was recognized with a Confederate soldier's pension.

He will be remembered for his genial disposition, optimistic outlook, and fortitude during months of suffering.  His gentleness and thoughtful kindness made him beloved by many as was attested by the large attendance at the final rites and the profusion of floral tributes.

{handwritten date: "1938"}


FARMVILLE -- Frank P. Brightwell, 85, died here last night at the home of his daughter, Mrs. C. W. Harris.

Mr. Brightwell, a life-long resident of Prince Edward County, is survived by one sister, two sons and four daughters.  Funeral services will be held at Olive Branch {word "Presbyterian" marked through} Churche {sic} at 10:30 A. M. Tuesday.  Burial will be in the church cemetery.


DIED: -- At the family home in Slater, Missouri, Saturday, January 25, 1947, at the age of 84 years, 7 months and 23 days.

The funeral services, conducted by Rev. Lynn T. Richardson, will be held at the First Baptist Church Monday afternoon, January 27, at 2 o'clock and burial will be made in the Slater City Cemetery.

The body will be taken from the Jones & Salzer Funeral Home to the church at 12:30 o'clock Monday where the casket will be opened for friends until the hour of the services.

{handwritten date: "1950"}

Mrs. Minnie C. Agee
Dies in Buckingham

A funeral service for Mrs. Minnie Clay Agee, 95, who died Saturday, Sept. 29, at the home of {next line is a repeat of previous line "urday, Sept. 29, at the home of" & then goes to:} Buckingham county, was held yesterday afternoon at the home.  Burial was in the family cemetery.

She was the widow of B. W. Agee.

Besides her son {handwritten note: "Tom"}, she is survived by five daughters, Mrs. Russell S. Gilliam, and Mrs. R. M. Gilliam, both of Lynchburg, Mrs. James Brown, of Madison Heights, Va.; Mrs. John Glover, of Andersonville, and Mrs. George Cook, of Appomattox, one stepdaughter, Mrs. John Cook, of Prospect; and 45 grandchildren, 56 great-grandchildren, and 20 great-great-grandchildren.


PASSED AWAY -- At the Johnson Nursing Home, Marshall, Missouri, November 18, 1959, at the age of 90 years, 8 months, and 20 days.

Funeral services, conducted by Rev. Harry Higgins, Jr., will be held at the First Baptist Church, in Slater, Missouri, Friday, November 20, 1959, at two o'clock p. m.

Interment will be made in the Slater City Cemetery.

Remains will be at the Haines Funeral Home until the hour of the services.

{ca 1960 -- born 1868, died age 92}

Mrs. J. W. Hopkins, 92, Dies;
First Graduate of Longwood

Mrs. Carrie Brightwell Hopkins, one of Bedford's oldest residents, died Tuesday night, May 17, at the Bedford County Memorial Hospital, where she had been a patient for about a month.  She was 92, the widow of the late John Walter Hopkins.

She is survived by two daughters, Mrs. J. T. Parkinson of Richmond and Mrs. G. H. Summerson of Bedford; one son, J. W. Hopkins, Jr., of Bedford, with whom she lived; one sister, Mrs. R. L. Quarles of Roanoke; eight grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren.

Her funeral will be held today (Thursday) at 3:30 p.m. at the Main Street Methodist Church and burial will be in Longwood Cemetery.  Her body will be taken from Carder Funeral Home to the church one hour before the service.

Mrs. Hopkins held a unique place in the life of Bedford, where she came to live and teach in 1890.  Enroute to teach in Vinton, she stopped off in Bedford, bought a house, and brought her two brothers here to enroll in Randolph-Macon Academy, which opened that year.  She had been the first to enroll and to be graduated from the State Teachers College at Farmville, now Longwood College, back in 1884 at the age of 16.

She was born April 6, 1868, at the family home, "Hickory Grove," in Prince Edward County, the daughter of the late Henry C. and Elizabeth Pollard Platt.  She taught four years at Radford before her marriage and two afterward before returning to Bedford to live.

She was a charter member of the Garden Club of Bedford and had been a member of the Thursday Club here since 1897.  She had been a member of the Woman's Society of Christian Service at the Main Street Methodist Church for 57 years, and she was one of the most widely read women in the town.

Submitted by:  Avlyn Dodd Conley
Note on 1st page of copies "From Mrs. C. W. Harris notebook"

Online transcriptions by Susan Shields Sasek.

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