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Brightwell Wills and Probate Records

Frederick A. Brightwell

1887 Application for Administration of Estate


Frederick A. Brightwell Deceased.

Affidavit and Application
Addison E. Brightwell


Letters of Administration.

Filed, March 24th A.D. 1887
    J. {O} Wagner Judge

Recorded in Book No. 1 for Recording Administrators'
Affidavits and Applications, at Page 197


Affidavit and Application for Letters of Administration

In the Matter of the Estate of }
Frederick A. Brightwell Deceased. }


Addison E. Brightwell makes application for Letters of Administration
upon said estate says that to the best of his knowledge
and belief, the names of the heirs of the said Frederick A. Brightwell
deceased, their places of residence, and their relationship to said deceased, are respectively
as follows:

NAME                                                COUNTY        STATE        RELATIONSHIP

Mary J. Brightwell                                  Saline        Missouri        Widow
Emma O. Lucas                                        "                  "             Daughter
Addison E. Brightwell                                 "                  "             Son
Josiah W. Brightwell                               Mc{___}        Texas          "
James D. Brightwell                                Saline        Missouri         "
Berta A. Brightwell -- Minor -- (16 years)       "                  "             Daughter
Samuel M. Brighwell -- " --  (14 ")                 "                  "             Son

That the said Frederick A. Brightwell died without a will;
that he will make a perfect inventory of, and faithfully administer all the estate
of deceased, pay the debts as far as the assets will extend and the law direct, and
account for and pay all assets which shall come to his knowledge or possession.

            Adison E. Brightwell

Subscribed and sworn to before me, this 24th day of March
A. D. 1887

        J. {B} Wagner
            Judge of Probate

Submitted by Avlyn Dodd Conley
Online transcription by Susan Shields Sasek.

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