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Arthur Military Records

Greenville Arthur -- Civil War Discharge Papers


Hd Qr 12[5]d Cong. District

Salem Aprl 27th 1864

Greenville Arthur a conscript from [blank - not filled in] State of Virginia, having been examined by us, is hereby declared to be exempt from military duty on account of Excessive [can't read] & imperfect vision
We furthermore declare this disability to be permanent and that the said Greenville Arthur shall not be liable to further examination (unless specially ordered by the Examining Board.)

[can't read signature]
Peter Winston Board of Examination.
acct Surg P.A.C.S.

Recd of Greenville Arthur a member of Capt A J Deyerle's company 42 Va Vol 1 Flintlock Musket (& catride Bo[n]) Check No 23. March 12/62

W H Johnson
in charge of Armory
at gen, Hospital Staunton Va

En Off 12th Con Dist

April 26th 1864

Alen [T.] Mathews
Lt & En Off 12th Con Dist

E. O. Franklin Co
Feb 28'/53

The with in named Conscript will report without delay to Geo C Cabell Inspector of [can't read] Danville Va

[can't read signature]

Ens off Roanoke [can't read]
Mch 5th 1865

Under Par IV Circular No 79 Conscript Office 1864 - Granville Arthur being a Reserve is not liable to inspection under Genl Order No 81 [as I]GO 1864.

Wm. W. Lewis
[can't read] Roanoke

Submitted & transcribed by Susan Shields Sasek.  Items in brackets [ ] are my notes or words/characters I had difficulty reading. 

These papers were previously owned by Elmira Byrd Corell (daughter of William Tazwell Bird and Sarah Elizabeth Arthur; granddaughter of Greenville Arthur and Frances Dakin; wife of Caleb Andrew Corell). Myrtle Corell Myers (daughter of Caleb Andrew and Elmira Byrd Corell) sent me the documents to copy (which I returned to her) and I was given the original documents again after her death.

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