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Arthur Correspondence

Thomas Arther {Arthur}

Correspondence to Parents, 9 Jun 1864

June 9, 1864
Camp near Richmond

Dear Father and Mother,
I take it (upon) myself to write you a few lines to let you know
how I am. I am about well. I thinck (sp) I will be able ____
duty in a few days period. The company went to _______ Bridge
last Friday. All but the sick and some for camp guard. They
said that the Yankees threw ________ over them. They have now
gone to Danville to take prisoners. I have heard the cannons and
musket near every day since I have been here. ___________
I hope it will soon settle and we can come home. On last
Thursday and Friday they had very hard fighting. The Yankees
charged on our battery seven times and our loss is estimated at
1,000 and the Yankees about (1,500) (15,000) {15000} took a great
many prisoners and they all had whiskey in their canteens. I
guess that is reason we killed so many. We have plenty to eat
at this place and have had all the time. We get corn bread and
bacon sometimes rice and peas. They put one of the Bolelourd {Botetourt}
boys in Castle Thunder today for trading with the Yankees.
Write soon and let me hear how you are getting along with the
crop. I have written home this is the third time and have not
received an answer. Write soon and send me some paper as I have
nothing much to say and paper is scarce. I will come to a close.
From your affectionate son,
Thomas Arthur (Arther) {Arther}

Direct to Richmond in care of Captain Miller, Company B, Roanoke Reserves.

19 Jun 1864 Correspondence from Thomas Arther {Arthur} to his parents, Page 1

19 Jun 1864 Correspondence from Thomas Arther {Arthur} to his parents, Page 2

Submitted & transcribed by Pat Peckenpaugh.
Susan Shields Sasek note: Items in curly brackets { } are my notes.

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