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Anderson Documents, Manuscripts, Reports, etc.


in part, of the

Anderson -- Owen -- Beall


Grant James Anderson

Westminster, TX
October, 1909
Whittet & Shepperson, Printers.
Richmond, Va.

{Dedication Page}

To my dear father,

Doctor James Anderson,

who was so fond of kindred, and loved them so well, who, while in life, kept in touch with them, and was so much interested in the Genealogical History of his Antecedents and their Descendents, this volume is most respectfully and affectionately dedicated. I have ever cherished the memory of my sainted father and mother along the checkered scenes of life, and now in old age, the memory of them is a solace and comfort to me.

Grant James Anderson.

Westminster, Texas, October, 1909

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{Page 11}

Anderson Ancestry.


The father of Jourdan Anderson (Christian name unknown) was born in England about 1695 or 1700; married a Miss Jourdan, and emigrated to America about 1733. There were five children by this union:

1. James Anderson, born about 1720.
2. Thomas Anderson, born about 1721.
3. Jourdan Anderson, born May 5, 1723.
4. John Anderson, born about 1725.
5. Faith Anderson, born about 1727.

JAMES ANDERSON, their first born, married and settled in, or near, Savannah, Ga., the names of his wife and children unknown. However, we hear of a grandson of his, T. W. Anderson, of Twiggs County, Ga.; also a granddaughter, who married Mr. Murvain.

THOMAS ANDERSON, their second son, settled in Dinwiddie County, Va., was twice married: first, to Miss Kehrenhappuck. There were two sons by this marriage, Robert Anderson and Jourdan Anderson, both of them deaf-mutes, who moved West.

His second wife's name unknown, by whom there were three children:

1. Lucy Anderson, twice married; first, Gibbs, second, Harod.

{Page 12}

2. Lydia Anderson, also twice married; first to Mr. Elder, by whom she had one son, Robert Elder; second marriage to Mr. Neuman.

3. Jackson Anderson, their youngest, married Miss Boone.

JOHN ANDERSON, their fourth and youngest son, was born about 1725; married ---. There were twelve children born to them, three sons and nine daughters, who lived in Nottoway County, Va.

1. Armstead Anderson.
2. William Anderson.
3. Allen Anderson.
4. Sylla Anderson, who married Mr. Hawk.
5. Polly Anderson, who married Mr. Nichols.
6. Katie Anderson, who married Mr. Vaughan.
7. Susan Anderson, who married Mr. Vaughan.
8. Sallie Anderson, who married Mr. Harpe.
9. Patsey Anderson, who married Mr. May.
10. Hannah Anderson.
11. Lucy Anderson.
12. Bettie Anderson.

FAITH ANDERSON, only daughter of Mr. Anderson, Sr., and his wife, Miss Jourdan, married Peleg Fergurson, by whom she had six children:

1. Mary Fergurson.
2. John Fergurson.
3. Delphy Fergurson.
4. Betsey Fergurson.

{Page 13}

5. William Fergurson.
6. Lucy Fergurson.

Mr. Anderson, Sr., had by second wife (name unknown) a son, William Anderson, and a daughter, who married Mr. Moss.


JOURDAN ANDERSON, third son of Mr. Anderson Sr., was born in England, May 5, 1723; married in Virginia, September 15, 1748, to Mary Watkins, daughter of Edward Watkins, who was born March 22, 1725. Issue ten sons:

1. Edward Anderson, born June 12, 1749.
2. Charles Anderson, born October 28, 1750.
3. --- unnamed, born December 22, 1751; died an infant.
4. John Anderson, born March 18, 1753.
5. James Anderson, born November 3, 1754.
6. David Anderson, born July 16, 1756.
7. Doctor Anderson, born June 22, 1758. Never married.
8. Jourdan Anderson, Jr., born June 29, 1759.
9. Thomas Anderson, born April 1, 1762.
10. Nathan Anderson, born June 23, 1764.

EDWARD ANDERSON, their oldest, married Susan Oliver. Issue eight children:

1. Oliver Anderson
2. Rebecca Anderson

{Page 14}

3. Thomas Anderson, their third, married Miss Brock, later, Miss Bibb.
4. Watkins Anderson, married Miss Branch.
5. Nancy Anderson, married Mr. Blankenship.
6. Lucy Anderson, their sixth, married Mr. Maxey.
7. Sarah Anderson, married Mr. Hughs.
8. Betsey Anderson, married Mr. Browder.

CHARLES ANDERSON, second son of Jourdan and Mary Anderson, married Ann Allen. Issue six children:

1. Carey Anderson, married Miss Hamlett.
2. Daniel Anderson, unmarried.
3. Nancy Anderson, married Mr. Hightown.
4. Polly Anderson, married Mr. Slaughton.
5. Elizabeth Anderson, married Mr. Hamlett.
6. Sarah Anderson, married Mr. Hamner.

JOHN ANDERSON, fourth son of Jourdan and Mary Anderson, married Miss Fergurson. Issue seven children:

1. William Anderson, married Miss Rudd.
2. James Anderson.
3. Jourdan Anderson.
4. Patsey Anderson.
5. Lucy Anderson.
6. Lydia Anderson.
7. Faithy Anderson.

Lydia and Faithy Anderson, quite wealthy for old maids, offered to give to any one of the relatives who

{Page 15}

would live with them, at their death, all their property. No one accepting, they left their estate to a gentleman, who had cared for them till death.

DAVID ANDERSON, sixth son of Jourdan and Mary Anderson, married Lucy Hosley. Issue six children:

1. Tarleton Anderson, married Miss Ledbetter.
2. Sarah Anderson, married Mr. Davenport.
3. Thomas Anderson, married Miss Bradley.
4. William Anderson, unmarried.
5. Catherine Anderson, married Mr. Leigh.
6. James Anderson, unmarried.

JOURDAN ANDERSON, JR., eighth son of Jourdan and Mary Anderson, married Margaret Easter. Issue four children:

1. Thomas Anderson, married Fannie Shaw.
2. Matthew Anderson, married Bettie Johns.

3. Mary Anderson, married Mr. Bailey. Issue son:
1. Benjamin.

4. Betsey Anderson, their youngest, married Mr. Blankenship; later, married Mr. Tucker.

NATHAN ANDERSON, tenth and youngest son of Jourdan and Mary Anderson, married Marianna Mayo. Issue ten children:

1. Polly Anderson, their oldest, married Mr. Watkins.
2. John Anderson, married Miss Davis.
3. William Anderson, unmarried.
4. Peyton Anderson, unmarried.
5. George Anderson, married Miss Rowe.

{Page 16}

6. Beverley Anderson, married Miss Sturdivant.
7. Philip Anderson, married Sallie Sparrow.
8. Martha Anderson, married Mr. Woodfin.
9. Maria Anderson, married Mr. Williams.
10. Lucerne Anderson, married Miss Harrison.


JAMES ANDERSON, fifth son of Jourdan and Mary Anderson, was born in Virginia, November 3, 1754; married about 1792. Issue several children, we only know five of them:

1. Charles Anderson, their oldest, born about February 1793.
2. James Anderson, Jr., born about December 1794.
3. Richard Anderson, born October 28, 1786.
4. Rebecca Anderson, born about August, 1788.
5. Mary Anderson, born May 12, 1800.

I give the following record of Richard Anderson, third son of James and Susan Anderson, being the best I can do, from the best information I have been able up to the present to obtain.

RICHARD ANDERSON was born near Savannah, Ga., whither his parents removed from Virginia; married May 2, 1816, to Mary Macklin, who was born about 1799. Issue two children:

1. William M. Anderson, born March 8, 1817.
2. Joel L. Anderson, born February 14, 1819.

{Page 17}

After the death of his wife, Mary, which occurred about 1820, he married, about 1821, to Huldah Simmons, who was born about 1803. Issue three children:

3. Lewis B. Anderson, born about 1822.
4. William C. Anderson, born about 1824.

5. Eliza Anderson, their youngest, was born about 1826, and married about 1843, to David Hutton Cohron, who was born about 1823. Issue four children:

1. Emily F. Cohron, born 1845.
2. Sarah E. Cohron, born 1847.
3. Richard Anderson Cohron, born about 1850.
4. Eliza Cohron, born about 1853; died, age 8 years.

EMILY FRANCES COHRON, their oldest, married Elias Calvin Ely. Issue Eight children:

1. Daniel C. Ely.
2. Sallie E. C. Ely.
3. Eliza Ely.
4. Thomas Ely.
5. Emmie Ely.
6. Huldah Ely.
7. Richard Coleman Ely.

SARAH E. COHRON, the second daughter of David H. and Eliza Cohron, married John W. Gaines. Issue eight children:

1. Henry Gaines.
2. Emmie Gaines.

Pages 11 - 17 Pages 18 - 24 Pages 25 - 31 Pages 32 - 38 Pages 39 - 46 Pages 120 - 125 Pages 150 - 151

Source: Genealogy, in part, of the Anderson - Owen - Beal Families, Genealogy, in part, of the Anderson -- Owen -- Beall Families, by Grant James Anderson, October, 1909, Whittet & Shepperson, Printers, Richmond, VA.

Transcription of pages 11 - 46, 120 - 125, and 150-151 by Susan Shields Sasek, 13 Feb 2004.
My notes are enclosed in curly brackets { }.

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