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Alexander Research Notes and Misc.

Alexander Newsletter

Miscellaneous Records & Articles, Part 1

Shiloh Church,
St. Clair Co., IL

The Shiloh Church of 1871 is third one to stand on "Shiloh Campground."  The first was a log house, is said to be first Protestant Church in Illinois Territory.  The second church of brick was build ca 1819.  The original subscription paper preserved.  Among the names published were:  Risdon Moore, son of Elizabeth Alexander Moore, Solomon Teeter, Hugh Alexander, David Alexander, Wm. Alexander.  All these old pioneers have passed away, many buried at Shiloh Cem. (St. Clair Co., IL).

Note:  taken from "Christian Advocate", published 29 Apr 1871 describing "Shiloh Church."

SOURCE:  Alexander Newsletter, Vol. 1, #1, pg 2

Some Alexander Extracts from Tennessee Cousins by Worth S. Ray

Martha E. Alexander:  md John Leming (Greene Co.)

Eliza J. (Morrow) Alexander:  b 1842, d 1921 (Greene Co.)

John Alexander:  old letter never claimed  (Greene Co.)

James Alexander:  on first grand jury (Jefferson Co.)

Jane Alexander:  md Vardry McBee, 5 sons named (Jefferson Co.)

Winnie Alexander:  b 1808, d 1889 age 81 (Jefferson Co.)

Jane Alexander:  md 1) Morrow, md 2) Jos. Walker; daughter of Archibald Alexander (Anderson Co.)

Jane H. Alexander:  md John Whitfield (Sullivan Co.)

Sarah Alexander:  md Calvin Wheeler, son of Joel & Ruth (Campbell Co.)

Rhoda Alexander:  md James Rogers, 1793 Wash Co., son of John (Claiborne Co.)

William Alexander:  case with Adam Meek filed (Knox Co.)

Miss Alexander:  daughter of John McKnitt Alexander, md. Francis A. Ramsey (Knox Co.)

Ebenezer Alexander:  md Margaret Ann White, 15 Oct 1829 (Knox Co.)

Abner & Paris Alexander:  witnesses to will of David Morrow (Knox Co.)

Francis Alexander:  in 1830 census (Blount Co.)

Oliver Alexander:  "justice/court/pleas & qtr" (Blount Co.)

John Alexander:  included on first grand jury {Blount Co.}

Joseph Alexander:  Justice of the Peace at marriage of Wm. King & Eleanor Keller (Blount Co.)

Ann Eliza Alexander:  md Nathan Thompson, 5 Feb 1839 (Blount Co.)

Agnes Alexander:  md James Edmiston, 2 Oct 1797, Jas. Ewing, surety {Blount Co.}

Burials at New Providence Old Churchyard Cemetery  (Blount Co.):
    Martha Flora Alexander, wife of Rev. James H. Alexander, b 16 Oct 1836, d 5 May 1861
    Sarah M. Alexander, wife of Dr. James H. Alexander, b 9 Mar 1850, d 25 Oct 1869

SOURCE:  Alexander Newsletter, Vol. 1, #1, pg 3

More Alexander Extracts from Tennessee Cousins by Worth S. Ray

Robert McGhee:  buried with Wallace & Alexander families.  Robert McGhee (2nd one) of NC buried in Sugar {sic -- ? s/b Sugaw} Creek Church which was moved to another site leaving the old cemetery as it was.  Gaves of Wallace and Alexander families all around as was Gemimah and Ezekiel Alexander. (Blount Co.)

Col. Robert Alexander:  8th to sign the Tryon Declaration of Independence, NC. (Blount Co.)

L. D. Alexander:  md Mary Ann Fowler. (Monroe Co.)

Thomas Alexander:  among York Records in Yorkshire, England, 1443. (Warren Co.)

Priscilla Alexander:  b 1821, md William Taylor, son of Edmund Taylor of VA. (Lincoln Co.)

Archibald Alexander:  erected 1st court house in Pulaski, TN & Jail. (Giles Co.)

James & William Alexander:  "It is fairly safe to assume that William Burton of Upper {sic} was same as Wm. Burton who settled in Accomack Co., and whose widow Mary became the wife of James Alexander, brother of William Alexander of Somerset Co., MD, known as the ancestor of all the Alexanders who settled in Mecklenburg Co., NC." {Maury Co. ?}

Richard & Capt. Wm. Alexander:  b Cecil Co., MD; among the 1st settlers on Cumberland; of the Rowan & Mecklenburg Co., NC Alexander's.  Wm. d 1830 at age 84, wife Mary Brandon, of Rowan Co., NC, d 1834, age 86. (Smith Co.)

Andrew Alexander:  buried on Dan Carr place on Middle Fork of Goose Creek. (Smith Co.)

David Alexander:  of Mecklenburg Co., NC; lived Sumner Co., 27 Sep 1813; has son, James Alexander. (Sumner Co.)

William Alexander:  Samuel Jackson & the Wynne family & others from Isle of Wight were neighbors of Wm. Alexander who migrated to Cecil Co., MD. (Davidson Co.)

Hester Alexander:  md Daniel O'Harris, 2 Apr 1838 (Montgom. Co.)

B. G. Alexander:  & others settled on S. side "of the river". (Haywood Co.)

J. M. Alexander:  was on the 1st Court of the 1st Grand Jury (Lake Co.)

Alexanders of Mecklenburg Co., NC:  had representative, Washington L. Alexander, son of Samuel B. (b 1794 Mecklenburg Co., NC) & Mary Sloan (b 1797) Alexander.  Samuel B. Alexander moved to MO, then to Middle TN, then to Miss., then to Gibson Co., TN & Lake Co. (Lake Co.)

Washington L. Alexander:  b 1832, md to Jennie Wall {Lake Co. ?}

Tabitha Alexander:  b 1810, Sumner Co., TN; md Horace Lawson (Obion Co.)

Adam R. Alexander:  "lived here in 1823" (Weakley Co.)

Adam Alexander:  First Congressmen, along w/ David Crockett (Henry Co.)

Caroline Alexander:  md 25 Aug 1841 to Barrum B. Ray

SOURCE:  Alexander Newsletter, Vol. 1, #4, pg 5
{Vera notes that these are just some of the Alexander extracts from this book -- there are many more}

Origin of the Alexanders in Scotland

In ancient times the Norwegian Viking, Coon Chead Chatt, of the hundred battles, invaded Scotland and established a settlement in Arrann and Bute and other islands in the west of Scotland.  His descendant, the renowned Somerlad, in the middle of the twelfth century exercised powerful authority in western Isles, disputing the sovereignty with King David, I.

In 88 y {sic} this somerlad entered the Firth of Clyde to usurp the Scottish crown: he was defeated and slain at Renfrew.

Somerlad's second wife was Effrica, daughter of Olave the Red King of Man (md in 1140) by whom he had three sons, Dougal, Roland, and Angus.  Roland inherited from Somerlad, Isla and Kintyre.  Roland had two sons, the second of whom was Angus, who inherited the sovereignty of the Isles, and resisted the King of Scotland, who finally yielded his allegiance.

Angus had a grandson, John, Lord of the Isles, who married Margaret, daughter of the Scottish King Robert II.  John's third son by the marriage was Alexander, Lord of Locabar, from whom the Alexanders of Scotland are descendants.

The sons of this Alexander founded the house of Mac Alexander, but in time the name changed to just Alexander.

{from another story in the same article:}

Five brothers, descended from Alexander, Lord of Locabar found that their pastor was jailed for some offense in the religious friction between the Scotch and the English.  The brothers, together, took him out of jail forcibly, and at once embarked on the high seas for America.  By the time the jail delivery was discovered, the Alexander brothers were well on their way to America.  It is claimed that all Alexanders in America, of Scotch descent, are descendants of these brothers. (Note from Vera:  This is an old article, theory may be outdated).

These 2 stories taken from an article "deposited in the McClung Collection at the Lawson McGhee Library, Knoxville, TN.  A Family record by Rosa Naomi Scott of the Alexander Family connected to the Ramsey, Scotts and Simmonds of Knoxville, TN."

SOURCE:  Alexander Newsletter, Vol. 1, #1, pg 4

Kentucky Pioneers, by Ila Earle Fowler, pub. 1951

{Taken from the Bayles Bible}

Hiram Winburn Alexander, b 8 Nov 1830 - d 24 Feb 1903
Mary E. Bayles Alexander (wife of Hiram), b 14 Nov 1852 - d 5 Jun 1927
John Madison Alexander (son of Hiram), b 26 Jul 1871 - d 11 Oct 1935
Nancy Winburn Alexander (daughter of Hiram), b 8 Nov 1875
Elizabeth Buckner Alexander (twin of Thomas), b 23 May 1880 - d 7 Apr 1931
Thomas Mayhen Alexander (twin of Elizabeth), b 23 May 1880 - d 6 Oct 1908
Cratis Bowles Alexander (twin of Mary), b 9 Sep 1883
Mary Prescott Alexander (twin of Cratis), b 9 Sep 1883
Margaret Elizabeth Alexander, b 22 Aug 1902
John Thomas Alexander, b 16 Oct 1908
Francis Winburn Alexander, b 9 Jan 1911

Hiram W. Alexander md Mary E. Bayles, 19 Oct 1870
Nancy W. Alexander md James McLeod, 2 Nov 1899
John M. Alexander md Sarah C. Cropp, 27 Nov 1901
Thomas M. Alexander md Mary E. Burgess, 15 Oct 1904
Elizabeth B. Alexander md James I Patterson, 5 Jun 1912


Robert V. Alexander: recorded deed 1814, Hardin Co. (E219)

Rowland Alexander: named in deed book A-1, deed of Jacob Reed, Fleming Co., KY, 1799; also wit: James Alexander

{in Maysville, KY Cemetery - Old}

Sarah Bell Alexander: 1896
J. R. Alexander: 1859 (Mason Co.)
Joseph Alexander: 31 Dec 1897
Joseph M. Alexander: 9 Aug 1899
J. W. Alexander: Sec. L., Lot 74, 4 Aug 1905
Mrs. Ann C. Alexander:  Sec. L., Lot 74, 2 Apr 1905
William Alexander:  Sec. L., Lot 74, 19 Sep 1908
Mary B. Alexander:  Sec. L., Lot 74, 5 Feb 1915
George Alexander: Sec. L, Lot 55, 30 Dec 1926
Taylor Alexander: Sec. 7, Lot 316, no date
Margaret Alexander: Sec 7, Lot 316


Archibald Alexander:  Ministers Bond, Jan 1809, Mason Co., KY Court

Martha M. Alexander: md John Elder, 12 Mary 1818, Caldwell Co., KY; John H. Chelyn & Samuel Brown (witnesses ?)

Dobbs marriage, 24 Mar 1849 by Wm. Alexander, M.P.

Davis marriage, 17 Sep 1849 by Wm. Alexander, M.P.

SOURCE:  Alexander Newsletter, Vol. 1, #2, pg 2

Extracts from a biography & footnote in "Old Tryon/Rutherford Cos., NC":

Elias Alexander, b 1746, d 1818, md Nancy Agnes McCall, d 1826. (Rev War Patriot who emigrated to NC from MD before the Rev War)
     1.  Francis Alexander, 1776-1852, surveyor in Rutherford Co., NC
        A.  Jane McBee Alexander md Francis Coxe 1823
        B.  Margaret Rebecca Alexander md Rev. Campbell Smith
        C.  Ross Alexander md Charlotte Hill
            a.  J. F. Alexander, Forest City, NC lumberman
            b.  Hon. A. C. Alexander of GA
     2.  Major Ross Alexander, killed by horse, 6 Jul 18{4}9
     3.  Anne Alexander md Stephen Camp
     4.  Jane Alexander md Vardry McBee of Lincolnton, NC
     5.  Margaret Alexander md Col. David Reinhardt
     6.  Patsy Blanton Alexander md Jacob Fisher
     7.  William Alexander, d 1821
     8.  Elias Alexander, State Senator in 1823, in SC 1875
     9.  James Taylor Alexander
    10.  Thomas Alexander, d young
    11.  Alston Alexander, d young

SOURCE:  Alexander Newsletter, Vol. 1, #2, pg 7

History of Beaver Co., PA, pg 662 {author unknown}

Post-Office and Postmasters -- Population

In the early references to the county-seat its name is often given as "Beavertown", or "Beaver Town" and the latter was the style by which it was known to the postal authorities until 1829, when it was changed to Beaver.  Following is a list of the postmasters of the place from the beginning:

James Alexander, 1803;
Joseph Hemphill, 1803;
James Alexander, 1804;
John C. Weiser, 1816;
James Alexander, 1818;
Andrew Logan, 1832; "(after April 24th)"
Charles Carter, 1838;
James Lyon, 1841;
Elvira D. Carter, 1855;
Miss Margaret J. Anderson, 1861;
Mrs. S. J. Mc Gaffick, 1866;
Miss M. A. McGaffick, 1869;
Miss N. B. Imbrie, 1875;
Mary E. Imbrie, 1883;
Daniel M. Donehoo, 1887;
A. G. White, 1891;
L. W. Reed, Esq., 1895;
Michael Weyand, 1900.

The population of Beaver borough for 1900 was 2348, showing an increase over 1890 of 794.

Naming of the Public Squares

On this 24th day of November, 1903, the council of the borough of Beaver, at the suggestion of John M. Buchanan, Esq., passed a resolution naming the public squares within that borough as follows:

James Alexander, the first postmaster, great-grand-uncle of W. B. Cuthbertson, Esq., of New Brighton, came to Beaver County in 1792.  He went to Carlisle, PA in 1795, where he married Lydia Davidson in the year and returned to Beaver County immediately after his marriage, for permanent settlement.  He was one of the first county commissioners and held other county offices; was several times postmaster, holding that office at the time of his death in 1832.  He was a merchant and probably held the office of postmaster for accommodation and not for profit, as the business of the office was certainly not very lucrative at that time.  In 1797 Alexander bought a farm on Brady's Run, which he conveyed to his brother-in-law, William Beacom, in 1830, in whose family it has since remained . . . "End of page"

SOURCE:  Alexander Newsletter, Vol. 1, #3, pg 4

Submitted by: Vera Andrews, editor of the Alexander Newsletter. Online transcription by Susan Shields Sasek

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