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Alexander Military Records

DAR Application of
Carol Ann Alexander

Amos Alexander
(b. ca 1750 Somerset Co., MD - d. ca 1813 Mecklenburg Co., NC)

Page 1

Application for membership to the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution, Washington, D. C.

State: Pennsylvania

City: Franklin

Name of Chapter: Venango

National Number: 605705

Carol Ann Alexander

Application verified and approved: 11 Feb 1976, Annis Mann Richardson, Registrar General

Page 2

I, Carol Ann Alexander being of the age of eighteen years and upwards, hereby apply for membership in the Society by right of lineal descent in the following line from Amos Alexander who was born in [Cecil marked through] Somerset County, Md. on the ___ day of [word "Before" marked through] ca 1750 and died in Mecklenburg Co. N.C. on the 7 day of December, 1813 (will filed on that date)

His place of residence during the Revolution was Mecklenburg Co., N.C.

[instructions for completing form not transcribed]

I am the daughter of

1. [omitted parents for privacy]

2. The said [omitted for privacy] was the child of John Lee Alexander born 15 Jan., 1888 at Croft, N.C. died at V.A. Hospital, Pittsburgh, Pa. on 31 July, 1973 and his first wife Ivis Leola Wood born 15 Dec., 1892 at Canal Twp. Venango Co. Pa. died at _____ on _____ married on 17 Nov., 1917

3. The said John Lee Alexander was the child of William Eli Alexander born 15 Oct. 1854 at Mecklenburg Co. N.C. died at Huntersville, N.c. on 8 March, 1940 and his 2nd wife Janie Sarah Knox born 31 May, 1866 at Mecklenburg Co. N.C. died at Huntersville, N.C. on 19 Aug., 1936 married on 2 Feb., 1882

4. The said William Eli Alexander [handwritten note "marr cert"] was the child of Ezekiel Alexander born 1 Sept., 1812 at Mecklenburg Co. N.C. died at Mecklenburg Co., N.C. on 15 July, 1875 and his 2nd wife Elizabeth Mary Ann McGeachey born 16 Sept., 1826 at Mecklenburg Co. N.C. died at Mecklenburg Co., N.C. on 18 Apr., 1912 married on 3 Feb., 1848

5. The said Ezekiel Alexander [handwritten note "will"] was the child of Eli Alexander born 6 Dec., 1784 at Mecklenburg Co. N.C. died at Mecklenburg Co., N.C. on 26 July, 1834 and his (first or ) wife Margaret C. Alcorn born 1 Feb., 1786 at Ireland or Mecklenburg Co. N.C. died at Mecklenburg Co., N.C. on 3 Aug., 1873 married on 21 Dec. 1808

6. The said Eli Alexander [handwritten note "580958"] was the child of Amos Alexander born Before [handwritten note above word Before "ca"] 1750 at Cecil [handwritten note put parentheses around & "Somerset" above the word Cecil] Co., Md. died at Mecklenburg Co., N.C. on Will filed [word filed marked through & "dated" written instead] 7 Dec., 1813 and his (first or ) wife Susanna Johnston born _____ at Cecil Co., Md. died at Mecklenburg Co., N.C. on Living 1813 [handwritten note "d. before 1830"] married on _____ [handwritten note "ca 1771"]

Page 3


[instructions for completing form not transcribed]

2nd. Copy of birth certificate and certification of marriage.
3rd through 6th generations from "The Genealogical and Historical Sketch of Alexanders." by Media Research Bureau, Washington, D.C.
4th through 6th generations - The Family Album of John Milton Alexander and Nancy Jane Fullwood, by Minnie and Janet Alexander. Printed in U.S.A. by Brooks Litho, Charlotte, N.C.
Mecklenburg Co. marriage Bonds, Typed by Genealogical Society of Utah.
5th. Eli Alexander's Will recorded in Mecklenburg Co., N.C. book G, page 181. July71834.
6th. Amos Alexander's Will recorded in Mecklenburg Co., N.C. Book A page 63 Dec. 7 1813.
National Number DAR 580958 Sarah Westmoreland Frederick. I believe she is a third cousin of my father.
Enclosed also are the copies of the families of Eli and Ezekiel Alexander.

Give, if possible, the following data: My Revolutionary ancestor was married

(1) to Susanna Johnston at Cecil Co., Md, 1771



(By each marriage, if married more than once)

Names Dates of Birth To Whom Married,
noting if Married more than once
Josiah Martin    
Eli 6 Dec., 1784 m. 21 Dec 1804 Meck Co N.C. Margaret C. Alcorn

Page 4

[did not transcribe the Eligibility Clause]


The said Amos Alexander is the ancestor who assisted in establishing American Independence, while acting in the capacity of soldier

My ancestor's services during the Revolutionary War were as follows:

Soldier, Salisbury District of N.C. Voucher 2950
Mecklenburg Co., N.C.

Give references by volume and page to the documentary or other authorities for -- MILITARY RECORD: Where reference is made to unpublished or inaccessible records of service, the applicant must file the official copy.

Roster of Soldiers from North Carolina in the American Revolution. Genealogical Pub. Co. Baltimore, Md. 1967 page 315.
DAR Patriot Index Page 8 National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution, Washington, 1966

Transcription by Susan Shields Sasek. This has been in my Alexander file for years & I'm not sure who sent this to me -- will give credit as soon as possible.

I have enclosed my notes in brackets [ ].

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