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Alexander Marriage Records

Alexander Items from Virginia Book at LDS Library

From the Alexander Newsletter

Andrew Alexander: md 1800 to Isabelle Paxton, daughter of Wm. & Eleanor Hays

Andrew Alexander: md 8 Nov 1792 to Elizabeth Black, Bedford Co.

Andrew Alexander: of KY, brother of Dr. Archibald Alexander (of NJ), md Ann Aylette

Ann Alexander: md 1) John Smith, md 2) 2 Nov 1714 to Henry Willis

Anne Alexander: md John Hoe

Anne Alexander: Charles Binns

Archibald Alexander: md 1) 1734 to Margaret Parks, md 2) 1757 to Jane McClure Res, Rockbridge Co.

Archibald Alexander, Jr.: son of Archibald & Jane McClure Alexander, md Isabel Patton (?)

Ann Alexander: md Col. Charles Minn Thurston (2nd wife)

Ann Alexander: md George West

Anne Casson Alexander: md Alexander Morson (?)

Ann Fowke Alexander: md John Hooe (?)

Dr. Archibald Alexander: md Janetta Waddell, daughter of Rev. James Waddell, Albemarle Co.

Benjamin Alexander: md 26 Aug 1798 to Betsy Williams, Shelby Co., KY

Charles Alexander: son of John & Susanna Pearson Alexander, b 20 Jul 1737, d 1806, md Frances Brown

Charles Alexander: son of Charles & Frances Brown Alexander, md Mary Bowles Armstead

David Alexander: md bef. 1698 to Ann Morgan

Eleanor Alexander: md Samuel Wilson

Elizabeth Alexander: md John McClung

Elizabeth Alexander: md Samuel Tate

Elizabeth Alexander: md John Burnsides

Elizabeth Alexander: md John Paxton

Elizabeth Alexander: md James Paxton (repeat ?)

Elizabeth Alexander: md William Page

Elizabeth Ashton Alexander: md Col. Gerrard Alexander

Esther Alexander: md John Austin

Frances Alexander: md John Stuart

Frances Alexander: md Wm. Thomas Swann

Col. Gerrard Alexander: md his 1st cousin, Elizabeth Ashton Alexander, daughter of Capt Wm. Gerrard Alexander, son of Gerrard Alexander; "is said to have md Eliz Ashton, b 22 Dec 1773, d/o Col Wm & Sigismunda Mary (Massey) Ashton"

Hugh Alexander: md Jean Kindead, daughter of Joseph, (d 1774) Albemarle Co.

James Alexander: md 1793 to Mary Depew, Botetourt Co.

James Alexander: son of Archibald & Jane McClure Alexander, md 1794 to Martha Telford

James Alexander: md 1776 to Jerusha Townsend, Orange Co.

Jane Alexander: md Alexander Dunlap

Jane Alexander: md Henry Ashton

Jane Alexander: md Charles Yancey (2nd wife)

Jane Alexander: md Col. John Field Slaughter (1st wife)

Jane Alexander: md John W. Doak

John Alexander: son of Robert & Ann Fowke Alexander, he was b 26 Jul 1771, d 1764, md 15 Dec 1734, St. Paul's to Susanna Pearson, daughter of Thomas

Capt. John Alexander: md Eliz. Barnes, daughter of Richard

Joseph Alexander: md 12 Nov 1767 to Esther Daniel, daughter of Samuel of Charlotte Co.

Lawrence Alexander: md Elizabeth Harrison, b 8 Apr 1797, daughter of Rev. Thomas & Sarah (Harrison) Harrison

Lucy Alexander: md William Quarles

Lucy Alexander: md John Taliaferro

Margaret Alexander: md Edward Graham

Margaret Alexander: md William Scott

Mary Alexander: md William Carson

Mary Alexander: md George Thornton

Mary Alexander: md 1) Col. Thornton, md 2) Gen. Thomas Posey

Mary Alexander: md John Trumble

Mary C. Alexander: md James G. McClung

Mary Frances Alexander: md William Cole

Mary G. Alexander: md William Garland Pendleton

Parthenia Alexander: md 1) Dade Massey, md 2) Townshend Dade (??)

Peter Alexander: md 1787 to Jenny Steele, Rockbridge Co.

Phoebe Alexander: md William Caruthers

Philip Alexander: b 22 Jul 1704, son of Philip & Sarah Ashton Alexander, md 11 Nov 1726 to Sarah Hooe, daughter of Rice

Philip Thornton Alexander: md Lucy Brockenbrough

Phoebe Alexander: md John Paxton

Robert Alexander: son of Robert of Stafford Co., b 1688, d 1735, md 1710 to Ann Fowke, daughter of Gerrard of MD

Robert Alexander: md Esther Beard, daughter of Thomas (d 1769) Rockbridge Co.

Robert Alexander: md 10 Mar 1774 to Ann Austin (Wm Austin), Bedford Co.

Robert Alexander: son of Gerard, will dated 1788, pr 1793, md Marianne Stoddert (?)

Samuel Alexander: son of Archibald & Jane M. Alexander, md 1790 to {blank} McCroskey, Rockbridge Co.

Sarah Alexander: md 24 Sep 1751 to John Fendall

Sarah Alexander: md Seymour Hooe

Sarah Alexander: md Baldwin Dade

Sarah Alexander: md John Wilson

Sarah Ashton Alexander: md Needham Langborne Washington

Susanna Alexander: md Pearson Chapman

Susan Pearson Alexander: md George Chapman

Thomas Alexander: md 18 Jul 1791 to Eliz. Buckner, John Mason, surety

William Alexander: md 27 Aug 1782 to Brancky Rucher, Culpeper Co.

William Alexander: son of John & Susanna Pearson Alexander, d 1802, md Sarah Bruce Casson

William Alexander: md 21 Feb 1778 to Jean Ferguson, Henry Co.

William Alexander: md 18 Apr 1765 to Sigismunda Mary Massey, St. Paul's

William Alexander: md 7 Apr 1755 to Sarah Dupree, John, surety, Norfolk Co.

William Alexander, Jr.: d 1738, son of Wm. who d ca 1749, md Agnes A. Reid

Wm. Brown Alexander: son of Charles & Frances Brown Alexander, md Susan Brown, daughter of John

SOURCE:  Alexander Newsletter, Vol. 1, #2, pgs 3-4. Submitted by: Vera Andrews, editor of the Alexander Newsletter. Online transcription by Susan Shields Sasek

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