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Alexander Wills and Probate Records

Samuel Alexander
Cecil Co., MD


[Page 706]

In ye Name of God Amen The 29th Day March 1727 --

I Samuel Alexander of Cecil County in Maryland being in health of body And of Sound and perfect Memory praise be Given to God for the Same, and knowing the Uncertainty of this life one [sic] Earth and being Defirous to Setle [sic] things in order do make this my last Will and Teftament in maner [sic] and form following -- that is first and principally I commend my Soul to God my Creator hopeing [sic] that I Shall receive full pardon & Remifsion of all my Sins and be Saved by the precious Death and Merits of my blefsed Saviour & redeemer the lord Jefus Christ and my Body to the Earth whence it was taken believeing [sic] and hopeing [sic] for a Gloryous [sic] refurection [sic] at ye last Day. and touching Such Worldly Efstate as it hath pleased the lord to bestow upon me my will is that it Shall be imployed [sic] and beftowed as followeth

Item. I Give and bequeath unto my well beloved Wife Mary Alexander my house and plantation whereon I now Dwell Caled [sic] Sligo -- Dureing [sic] her Naturall [sic] Life and after her Death I bequeath the Said Plantation to my Son in law Thomas Creig and my Daughter Mary his Wife to them & theires [sic] for ever they with what Afsistances & my Said Wife Can give them paying my prefent Debts.

Item. I Give unto my Sd Son in law the Crop of Wheat that is now upon the Ground toward the payment of my Debts and my Will is that my Said Son in law Shall have the use and occupation of all the Ground Cleared and to be Cleared and one of the Houfes that is now built upon the Sd Plantation from this Day forward Except So much as will maintain me and my Sd Wife Dureing [sic] our Naturall [sic] lives.

Item, I bequeath unto my loveing [sic] Wife all my perfonall [sic] Eftate and also make and Conftitute her my Sole Executrix of this my last will and Teftament as Witnefs my hand and Seall [sic] the Day and Year above Written

Sam: Alexander (seal)

Witnefses prefent --
Francis Alexander
Martin Alexander --

On the back of the aforegoing Will was the following Probate thus Written

Cecil County fst June 14th 1733.

Then perfonally Appeared Martin Alexander One of the Subscribing Evidences to the within Written Will and Declared on the holy Evangelists of Almighty God that he Saw Samuel Alexander the therein named Teftator Sign & Seal the Said Will and heard him publish and Declare the Same as his Last Will & Teftament, and that at the time of doing

[Page 707]

Doing the Same he was of Sound and disposing Mind Memory and Underfstanding to all Appearance & to the best of his knowledge and farther [sic] Declares that he and Francis Alexander the other Evidence did Subfscribe the Same in the Prefence and at the request of the Said Teftator -- Sworn before me

Wm Ramsey [_____]

4 [___] Sides

Source: Cecil County, MD Prerogative Court Wills 20, pp. 706-707


[Page 586]

A true Inventory of the Goods Chattles & Credits of Samuel Alexander Late of Cecil by us the Subscribers

Two Cows and one Steer Calf 4= 8= :
One Steer 1= 10= :
One Yearling := 13= :
Three Pots := 13= :
Fourteen pounds of Pewter := 18= 7.1/2

[Page 587]

Eleven Sheep 2= := :
One Table Cloth := 4= :
A parcel of Lumber := 3= :
One Jarr := 1= 6
Two old [R]undle[ls] := := 9
A parcel of old Iron := 9= 8
A Glafs bottle := := 3
Wearing Cloaths 1= 2= :
A pair of Stilliards := 5= :
A pair of Stirrip Irons := 1= 6
An old Bench and Chair := 2= 10
Maul Rings wedges and hammer := 2= 6
One Chest := 8= :
Old Books := 16= :
More Lumber := 1= 3
One Bed bedstead and bedding 1= 10= :
Eleven pounds of Woole := 10= :
Two hogs := 7= :
More old Iron := 1= 4
A Bill from William Boulding 2= 10= :
  18= 19= 3.1/2

Richard [his RN mark] Nash (seal)
Robert Peterton (seal)

Kin {Martin Alexander
       {Francis Alexander

Approv'd of by
Wm Rumsey Cred.

The Adm. Says he is a principal Cred. himself

Cecil Counds [sic] fsP. Novemr. 9th 1733 Andw. Alexander makes Oath on the Holy Evangelists of Almighty God that this is a Just & perfect Inventory of all and singular the Goods and Chattles which were of Samuel Alexander Deced that came to his Hands at the time of making thereof And that what hath since of [sic] shall hereafter come to his hands or Pofsefsion he will return in an additional Inventory that he knows of no Concealment of any part or parcel thereof by any Person whatsoever and that if he shall hereafter discover any Concealment or suspect any to be he will acquaint the Commifsary General for the time being or his Deputy with such discovery or cause of Suspician [sic] that it may be Enquir'd into and that he will well and truely [sic] give an Account of all and every part of the Deceased's Estate Personal that shall hereafter come to his hands Pofsefsion or knowledge Sworn before me

Wm Rumsey D Comy.

3.1/2 Sides

Cecil County fs

[following this Inventory is the inventory of John Macknit]

Source: State of Maryland, State Archives, Hall of Records Commission, Certificate #2163, dated 28 May 1986: Prerogative Court Inventories 17, pp. 586-587.

Transcribed by Susan Shields Sasek.

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