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Alexander Wills and Probate Records

Abstract of NC Wills, 1760 - 1800

NC Co. Yr Surname Name Wife Others named
{probably heirs; not necessarily all others named}
Tyrrell1758Alexander Anthony
Anthony, Elizabeth, Sarah
Tyrrell1760Alexander Christiian {sic}
Martha, Sarah, Ludford, Isaac, Thomas, Joshua, William, Michael, Benjamin, Joseph
Mecklenburg1763Alexander ArthurMargaretElias, Mary
Tyrrell1763Alexander Joseph
Sidney, Martha, Samuel
Tyrrell1763Alexander William
Joseph, Susannah, Thomas
Tyrrell1770Alexander Ludford
Abram, Nancy, Ludford, Elizabeth
Mecklenburg1771Alexander Aaron
David, Mary, Aaron, John B.
Mecklenburg1772Alexander WilliamAgnes
Mecklenburg1775Alexander Catharine
Sophia Sharpe, Araminto Sharpe, Joseph Alexander
Mecklenburg1776Alexander DanielPrudenceMargaret, James, William, Steven Mother, Josiah, Hezekiah
Mecklenburg1776Alexander JosiahElizabethJosiah, Deborah, Mary, Elizabeth, Squire
Tyrrell1777Alexander Isaac
Anthony, Sarah, John, Joshua, Joseph
Mecklenburg1779Alexander JamesRachelMoses
Tyrrell1780Alexander Isaac
Ezekiel, Benjamin, Mary
Tyrrell1780Alexander IsaacLilphiaJohn, Joseph, Abner, Jesse, Mary, Ann, Sarah, Jemima, Lilphia, Milly, Clarca
Tyrrell1781Alexander Joseph
John, Abner, Jesse, Zilphia
Tyrrell1781Alexander Michael
Christian, Michael, William, Abram, Martha, Mary
Mecklenburg1782Alexander AndrewSarah
Tyrrell1784Alexander Anthony
Mary A., Joshua, Zephaniah, Joanna, Ann, Milly
Tyrrell1784Alexander Benjamin
Martha, Ludford
Mecklenburg1784Alexander SamuelSarah
Mecklenburg1784Alexander ZebulonJanePhineas, Abel, Zebedee, Hannah McRee, Hannah Grier, Zenas, Mary Ivrin, Ruth McRee
Mecklenburg1786Alexander Abraham
Dorcas, Joab, Cyrus, Isaac, Elizabeth, Abraham, Nathaniel, Ezra, Marcus
Onslow1786Alexander EzekielEstherKatharien, Ann, Joseph
Onslow1789Alexander JosephSarahJames, Sarah
Onslow1790Alexander Esther
Anna, Katharine, Hannah Pickett, Mary James (daughters), John James (son)
Mecklenburg1796Alexander DavidElizabeth
Mecklenburg1796Alexander NathanielJenny
Mecklenburg1798Alexander Ezra
Eleazar, James, Dorcas, Abdon, Augustus, Polly, Ann, Paris, Redempta
Tryon1802Alexander Wallace
Henderson, Lawson, Sallie, Caroline
Tryon1802Alexander William
John, James
Tryon1813Alexander Robert
Elliza, Evaline, Charity, Amanda
Tryon1818Alexander Margaret
Eliza, Evaline, Charity

Source: Alexander Newsletter; Vol. 1 (Feb 1990); pg. 2; Vera Andrews, editor
Online transcription by Susan Shields Sasek. My notes are in curly { } brackets.

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