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Alexander Wills and Probate Records

Ezekiel Alexander of Onslow Co., NC

12 April 1786 Will

In the Name of God Amen

I Ezekel {sic} Alexander of Onslow County & State of North Carolina {planter} being weak in body but of perfect Sound Mind and memory & Calling to mind the Mortality of man that it is appointed for all Men Once to die Do make and Ordain this to be my Last will and Testament Revoking all Other wills by me made at any time and Declares this only to be my Will and Testament in Manner and forme {sic} following That is to Say First I Will my Soul into the hands of God that gave it and my body to be buried in a Decent manner at the Discration {sic} of my Executors hereafter Mentioned Imprimis I give & Bequeath unto my Loving Wife Esther all that is now in being that was her {own} the Day before I Maried {sic} her both household goods & Stock to her her Heirs or afsigns Likewise one White Horse {with all} my Hoggs & two {plows} & tow {sic} hoes & two axes a Sixty Gallon Cask one barrell & half barrel Likewise one Womans Saddle Seven Table Chairs & one Tea kettle Likewise I lend to my beloved Wife one third of my Land whereon I now live with timber and wood for the use of the pl{e}ntation During her natural Life
Item I Give to my Son Joseph Alexander the other two thirds of my land where I now live and at my Wifes Deceas {sic} the third of {the} land lent to her with all the ap{er}tunances {sic} there unto belonging Likewise one feather bed and f{urnetu} {sic} one {Large} Chest one Small Do the Shoe makers tools Likewise three pewter basons {sic} to him his Heirs & afsigns for {___}
Item I Give to my two Daughters Ann & Catharine Alexander one horse five head of Cattle with there {sic} increse {sic} two feather beds & furnitures {sic} one flax wheel one frying pan one Skillet one pot Rack Six pewter plates one Dish

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{___} Chests Likewise the money Arising for the land I Sold at {Topsall} all the above mentioned articles to my two Daughters to be Equally Divided between my two Daughters Ann & Catharine to them there {sic} Heirs and afsigns forever and further if one of my Sd Daughters Should Die before She is maried {sic} for the other to injoy {sic} what is wild {sic} to both
Further my Will is that all the Rest of my Estate be Sold and Eaqually {sic} Divided between my Wife and my three Children and further I Constitute and apoint {sic} my beloved wife Esther Executrix and my Son Joseph Alexander Executor to this my last Will and Testament
Signed Sealed and Delivered this 12 Day of april 1786 in presents {sic} of us

Ezekell {sic} Alexander {seal}

Joseph M{a}fhborne
Wm Noble
Lewis Mumford

this Will proved by the oaths of Joseph Marshborn and Easter {sic} Alexander the Executrix and Joseph Alexander the Executor appeared in open Court and w{as} duly Qualifyed {sic} {ord___} they have letters Testament{___} {_____ing} by July Term 1786

Coppy {sic} for the {_____}


{typed SIC -- w/ all spelling errors, etc. See copy of will below.}

Source: Onslow County Wills 1746 - 1934, unbound; Ezekiel Alexander 1786
Submitted by: Vera Andrews
Online transcription by Susan Shields Sasek. My notes are in curly { } brackets.

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