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Alexander Census Records

1850 Texas Census Extracts

Alexander Families

HOH Surname HOH Name B Yr B Pl Spouse B Yr B Pl # Children Others Notes
AlexanderReuben W.1829NCMary C.1814GA3 (2 b MS)

AlexanderW. B.1805TNSusan1808TN4 b TX

AlexanderRobert1811TNElvira1828NY2 (1 b TX)1, 19 yrs
AlexanderPleasant D.1811TNMargaret1815TN


"Another house, James b 1829/GA"
AlexanderJames H., Jr.{not listed}{not listed}


AlexanderM. J.1826Eng

AlexanderWm. F.1813NCnone

sons: John b 1834, James b 1836 NC

AlexanderE. T. M.1795VAF.1799VA3 sons

AlexanderE.1822ILR. J.1830IL1 b 1849


AlexanderE.1811KYMary A.1812KY5 (b IL, 2 in IA, IL & TX)

AlexanderL. C.1827KYMary J.1834TN

AlexanderJ. R.1817MOMary1822MO2 b TX


Soldier, 8th Inf Co. K

5 (3 b MO, 2 b TX)

AlexanderA. M.1820KYJ. B.1831KY1 b 1850 TX

AlexanderW. R.1810TNnone

2 (b 1825, 1823, TN)

AlexanderSilas1796TNM. 1803KY10 b TN

AlexanderS. G.1813TNN.1818KY6 (1 b mS, 5 b TX)

AlexanderD. 1809SCS.1820SC6 b SC


1 son b 1829 TN

AlexanderVincent T.1816MSAraminta1822MS3 (2 b MS, 1 b TX)

AlexanderT. K.1823TNJosephine1834LA0

AlexanderJames L.1815TNMinerva1820MO3 b TX

AlexanderDaniel T.1812TNFrances1817TN6 (1 b AR, 5 b TX)

AlexanderClinton C.1821KYMary1827KY3 (2 b KY, 1 b TX)

AlexanderBull F.1822KYnone

AlexanderJames1824ALSarah Ann1824LA3 b LA

AlexanderJohn M.1818TNDrucilla1822AL4 b TX


3 (b 1830, 31, 34, NC)

AlexanderCharles M.1825GADiddenia1823TN3 (2 b AL, 1 b TX)

AlexanderJoseph W.1819TNViolet1819AL0Jos. A. Wells, b KY
AlexanderJ. S.1828TNnone

AlexanderH. G.1778PAMary1802MS4 (3 b TN, 1 b TX)

AlexanderCaleb P.1794NCMary L.1804NC3 (1 b MS, 2 b TX)

AlexanderC. H.1817NCnone

AlexanderChristopher C.1811TNMargaret1813NC1 b 1838 TN

AlexanderS. S.1814NCE. M.1825NC2 (1 b TN, 1 b TX)

AlexanderP. 1818GAM. 1823GA1 b GA1 adult
AlexanderW.1825MSR. G.1826AL2 b MS

AlexanderMatthew1790SCB.1790SC0Isaac, b 1820 MS
AlexanderJ.1822MSC.1821AL6 b MS

AlexanderThomas1825MSDied (sp ?)1830MS1 b MS

AlexanderL.1819MSC.1821MS1 b MS

AlexanderBaskart1808GerCaroline1824Ger1 b 1849 TX

AlexanderJames1824ARNancy1824NC2 b TX1 adult
AlexanderC. M.1817ALC. A.1824AL3 b AL

AlexanderWm. F. S.1824VAnone

"also John Culton, b 1827 VA"
AlexanderSamuel1804NCThurza1808TN11 b AR

AlexanderIsaac1829KYS. M.1824AL3 b TX

AlexanderM. F.1813TNS.1818TN5 b TX"+ X family"
HOH Surname HOH Name B Yr B Pl Spouse B Yr B Pl # Children Others Notes

Alexander Families Living in Other Households

HOH Surname HOH Name Name Surname B Yr B Pl
BectonF. C. B. & MaryAlexander1824NC
HolmanJohn T.JeromeAlexander1843TX
AchesonDaniel D.WilliamAlexander1820KY
BroomeC.J. S.Alexander1816NC
(at Hotel)
AustinNorrisWhitson C.Alexander1830TN
CrainLewisC. (wife of James)Alexander1823AL
CrainLewisM. J. (daughter of James)Alexander1837MS
MartinWm. B.Wm. F.Alexander1792TN
CaldwellThos. J.Joseph B.Alexander1822AR
GildenA. J.JohnAlexander1825TN
McCrocklinL. J.JamesAlexander1820TN
HOH Surname HOH Name Name Surname B Yr B Pl

Source: Alexander Newsletter, Vol. 1, #3 (Sep 1990), pgs 2-3; Vera Andrews, editor (LaVerne Parsons contributed this to the Alexander Newsletter).
Online transcription by Susan Shields Sasek

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